People and Purpose Blog How to Reduce Burnout by Using Days by Design with Brittany Dixon (HHR EP39)

How to Reduce Burnout by Using Days by Design with Brittany Dixon (HHR EP39)


"Set yourself up for success by prioritizing your well-being, prioritizing your business goals, and only saying yes to the things that are really going to serve you in a way that you need to be served." -Britanny Dixon



In a world where time is more precious than ever, mastering the art of productivity can be the key to success for entrepreneurs and business owners alike. But with the constant stress and overwhelming responsibilities that come with running a business, how can one navigate the path to reduced burnout and increased efficiency?

Enter Brittany Dixon, a renowned entrepreneur and productivity coach, who has cracked the code to achieving a happy, healthy, and rich life through her innovative 'Days by Design' method. In this article, we will delve into three key pillars of Brittany's approach that can transform the way you manage your time and energy, leading to a more fulfilling and sustainable business journey.

First and foremost, Brittany advocates for the power of purging and detoxing in order to declutter both your physical and digital space. By eliminating non-essential tasks and clearing out mental and environmental clutter, you can create a workspace that fosters focus and productivity. This intentional act of simplifying can pave the way for a more streamlined and efficient workflow, ultimately reducing stress and overwhelm.

The second pillar of Brittany's 'Days by Design' method is the establishment of processes and systems that work for you. By implementing automated systems, organizing your workflow, and setting clear boundaries with clients, you can create a structure that supports your business goals while minimizing burnout. Having well-defined processes in place allows you to work smarter, not harder, and empowers you to take control of your time and energy.

Lastly, Brittany emphasizes the importance of planning and strategy in achieving long-term success as a business owner. By setting clear goals, regularly revisiting your business plan, and aligning your actions with your vision, you can steer your business towards sustainable growth and impact. Planning with intention and purpose not only keeps you on track but also ensures that every task you undertake serves a strategic purpose in moving your business forward.

In a world where hustle culture reigns supreme, Brittany's approach offers a refreshing perspective on how to achieve success without sacrificing your well-being. By focusing on purging, processes, and planning, you can create a business that not only thrives but also allows you the freedom to live life on your own terms. Say goodbye to burnout and hello to a happier, healthier, and richer way of doing business with Brittany Dixon's 'Days by Design' method.

If you're ready to transform your approach to time management and productivity, reach out to Brittany Dixon and discover how you can tailor her strategies to fit your unique business needs. Embrace the power of 'Days by Design' and unlock a new level of efficiency and fulfillment in your entrepreneurial journey.


Brittany helps entrepreneurs build businesses without burnout by creating minimalist business & productivity systems to do more in less time. She organizes routines, time management & tech to work better for you! A former Event Planner & Professional Home Organizer, Brittany is now the Marie Kondo for Businesses with her Consulting, Coaching & Podcasting. As the CEO of Brittany & Co, she uses her organization skills to help business owners simplify to amplify their income, impact & influence! When Brittany is not helping business owners, she is raising her twin girls, Kenna & Layla with her Husband Steven Dixon, Camping & Learning the Art of Wine & Cheese!


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