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Welcome Home Sister

 *Opens door*

 Hey lady….I am so glad you made it!

I’ve been waiting for you to take that BIG step and come visit.

Grab some tacos and your beverage of choice. Let’s chat.

I’ve watched you over there for some time (not creepy-like I swear) doing that whole “wishing” and “hoping” thing and digging my slightly cray vibe.

 From what I’m told…

You’ve been at this thing for a bit and while it’s going “okay,” you aren’t making that IMPACT and CASH you dream of quite yet.

You’ve got some MASSIVE goals and dreams for yourself and you are finding that holding yourself back with things like comparisonitis, imposter syndrome, craptastic stories on replay, and the like are SOOOO 2017.

You’re done with the excuses you KNOW you are making that are holding you back but you need support to do it because that entrepreneurial island can be lonely and (you’re only telling me this big secret)… get sucked into woe is me and it all goes to shit.

You’re getting exhausted from doing all of the things and being in all of the places and at least half the time you are about *this far* from saying F it….peace out.

You are here because you are looking for help standing out with marketing that doesn’t feel like a damn root canal. All of that follow my 10 step system and do some backflips to make it stick isn’t for you. I mean seriously, when is the last time you could even DO a backflip???? Hence, you dig my marketing is as natural as Taco Tuesday vibe.


My Purpose, Vision and Mission

 My love is working with driven women who will never take no for an answer and will work their tails off (within reason) to make their dreams a reality and have a significant impact at the same time, whether that be on the world or their beautiful families.  I think women are the most amazing and strong creatures on the planet and I can’t believe I get to lift them up every single day. #isthismylife

I’ve been where you are and I know how important support is and I don’t take it lightly.  The joys and the frustrations – it isn’t all unicorns and rainbows, is it?

I ran a successful Etsy business from 2004-2014ish and developed a system for the customer experience that created raving fans and led to a featured seller weekend.  I started my coaching business as a health coach in 2015 (wrong niche….complete shit show) and transitioned over to business coaching in 2016.  I know the struggle very well including trying to run a business with chronic illness, raging depression, and working a 9 to 5.  Never once did I give up and I found workarounds for EVERY single obstacle in my path.

I help my clients find freedom, success, and make an impact.


The Perfect Match

 This could be a match made in heaven if:

You are looking for a coach who is going to push you but understands that you are also human.

The thought of creative and strategic marketing that stands out in the marketplace and gets you visible AF excites the daylights out of you.

You will not back down because your dreams are non-negotiable.

You don’t utter self-defeating phrases like - I can’t afford it, I wish, I would but, I hope I can or I can’t because.  (Or you are ready to ditch them so you can move forward….I’ve got you on that if we work together)

Strategy gets you a little excited….like Channing Tatum, Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, Luke Bryan or Robert Downey, Jr in your living room kind of excited. 

You realize that the freebies and following ten coaches is a long road to nowhere and are ready to invest now so you get that 1:1 attention that you need.

Having FUN during this process is a non-negotiable for you.  If you can laugh at my jokes and realize that a woman can be smart AF and also hilarious, you’re in.

It's Your Time My Friend

I know exactly how you feel looking at this.  You know you need coaching.  You are terrified to click that button.  You aren't 100% convinced that you can do this and you don't want to disappoint me.  

You can and you won't.



Current Opportunities

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Confidence Ease Impact

My signature 3 or 6 month coaching package. 


Women online have no shortage of issues with confidence and mindset that leave them hiding and stalled leading to invisibility and unachieved dreams. I work with you to uncover what’s keeping you from shining your light as brightly as you can and give you tools to work through and prevent these pesky dream stealers so you can get seen as the leader you are.


Marketing and getting visible in the busy online space online have many a female entrepreneur throwing up their hands in confusion and exhaustion. I work with my rockstar clients to create simple strategies and systems that get them seen in the right places and forge a path for them to be called out as THE go-to person in their space. Side Effect Warning: No more spending hours at a keyboard in tears with gallons of coffee at midnight.


Most of the women I know online are looking to make an impact while they make a life. I work with women with a strong why and mission to make those powerful missions a reality and create a strong foundation to lead and improve the lives of others while they create a vision board life for themselves at the same time.

Investment:  $5,997 / 3 Months or $9,997 / 6 months

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Visibility Assessment

Get my eyes on your visibility efforts and honest feedback on what you might tweak and what's going well.

Investment:  $497

Don't just take my word for it...



"Have you even felt like you were doing all the things to make your business grow and hearing crickets? Like you are going 1000 miles an hour on a hamster wheel on the verge of falling off in exhaustion. Trust me, I know the feeling I was there. I was showing up everywhere, quit my job with the notion I would be making 6 figures in no time.

Sadly, running in circles this was a pipe dream. All of a sudden, Suzanne ends up on my radar. I stalk her quietly for a while learning, but knowing I need more structure. So, I sold my stuff on eBay and signed up for her Magnetize Mastermind Coaching. I have to say it was what I need both in business and in my health (those long hours were kicking my chronic illnesses into overdrive).

Over the last few months, I have seen so many changes in visibility in my business and having a plan gave me more time to focus on my own health. Suzanne helped me find brand clarity and helped me narrow down on my real passion, Energy! Now we have a plan for all things energy and to be honest, there’s no freaking stopping me now.

Without coaching, I would still be on that hamster wheel, running 1,000 miles an hour! Thank you Suzanne, for not only helping me get the heck over myself and my limited beliefs and using my story to show how much of a Rockstar I am. She also helped me create a plan of attack to become the next household name in Energy and making Health and Wellness a Party!

I can’t say enough about how working with Suzanne has changed my business, my mindset, and my overall happiness in life! I’m on fire and she definitely lit my match!"

Jennifer Dragonette-Jacobsen

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"Suzanne is not the first coach I have invested with but she is the coach that brought me the most results.

She is extremely approachable and doesn’t make you feel like she is a level above you. I’ve had several types of sessions with her and the latest, her mastermind, has been fantastic for me. Before joining the mastermind, I had already experienced my best sales days ever ($1200+ in one day, $850+ another), gotten super clear on my mission and strategy (a first! Even in all my work with others) and went through a whole rebrand to show my upleveling and worthiness as a certified health coach. I knew what I was worth but the tech side of things continued to hamper me.

With Suzanne’s guidance in the mastermind, I hired my first VA, developed my signature program, raised my prices and began getting visible. She allows me to stay true to my values and audience’s needs of super simple and clear and came up with creative solutions any time I got stuck. She is always just a call or email away and constantly showing up for her tribe in all ways, emails, videos, value posts in her group.

Not only is she fun and easy to relate to, she shows the good, bad, and ugly of entrepreneurship while being the leader we aspire to be.

My biggest roadblocks when beginning the mastermind were confidence, money mindset and strategy creation. I wasn’t sure where to focus my time each day and as a single mom, I needed that framework!

Suzanne helped me perfect my copy for value posts and sales pages, streamline my content, blow up my Instagram and live with the confidence that I am worthy, deserving and capable of creating a business that supports my family and truly saves lives at the same time."

Lisa Cipkar

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I worked with Suzanne Proksa because I needed to change my mindset about my business to get visible.

Suzanne helped me by motivating me to try something new and different. She steered me toward where my people were.

The result was that I stepped out of my comfort zone and started a YouTube Channel! This allowed me to reach so many more people and do something that I never thought I would do.

One thing that I liked was Suzanne's no-nonsense approach to working with her clients. She will let you know what your business needs with solutions that you never thought were available.

I found the experience amazing and just the shift that I needed in my business. I would recommend Suzanne Proksa to people who need help with motivation and mindset to get your business to where it deserves to be.

Flippin Fanchers

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Wouldn't it be amazing to get unstuck from the muck?

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