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The 14-Day Group Program with support every step of the way for women new or new-ish to the Clubhouse app who want to create a unique strategy using Clubhouse for their online businesses and do it without spending all day there.

We start on March 28, 2021


I am not into spending hours on copy that you are going to scroll past to get to what's included and the price.  However, I have grown my following and club to over 1k followers each in a month.  So there's that.  *wink


 Here is the rundown on what we will cover:

✔ Clubhouse Terminology - so you walk in like you're the BOSS

✔ Developing a show stopping Bio that even has you "looking in the mirror" twice like dayummmm

✔ Getting quality followers and who to follow yourself

✔ Running rooms that have people sprinting to follow you and see what you offer

✔ Creating a strategy for running and joining rooms that doesn't leave you exhausted and creates results

✔ Selecting collaborations partners that don't leave you with more regret than that old boyfriend (you know the one)

✔ Continuing the conversation elsewhere so you can build stronger relationships and get more sales

✔ Promoting your rooms with flair so you stand out in the flood of "join me" posts

✔ Creating, joining and using clubs to amp up your strategy and create an entry point into your world (call it "funnel" if you must)


Ready to ROCK?

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What's Included

Short, digestible and to the point video lessons on each topic - I take you from start to finish of being Clubhouse ready within your time constraints

✔ Facebook Group to provide support and accountability

Live Q & A Sessions with Suzanne

✔ Special Guest: ??? How to Create an Instagram Bio that Sells

✔ Special Guests:  Cristin Downs and Mike Moreno - Leveraging Clubhouse to Find and Be a Podcast Guest



About Suzanne

Helping women just like you get more eyeballs on what matters so you can make the impact you are intended to is THE thing that keeps me going on the daily. 

I've been doing online marketing and customer experience work since 2004 when I started my soy candle biz on Etsy, Bliss Candles (Featured Seller in da house).  In 2015, I dove head first into Health Coaching and quickly moved my hiney into what my very pricey coach told me I should have done in the first place - Business Coaching.

Combine that experience with natural creativity, a Jester personality, and 20+ years in Human Resources and Training and you've got one spicey 🌶 little outside of the box marketer.

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