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Pull up a seat and grab your tacos


Your current situation likely fits into one of the following:

You're amazing at what you do but you have NO clue how to get people to pay you for it.

You hear people talk about how to market in 2021 and your head spins.  I mean ... what the Tik Tok?

You WANT to put yourself out there but your time and energy are limited and quite frankly social media is not your fave.

You spend all of your time marketing on Facebook and let's be real sis....nobody sees you or they have you snoozed for DAYZZZ.

You struggle on the daily with where to focus and put your content.

You find yourself In a state of complete upheaval with NO cash coming in.

Your dreams sometimes feel too big for you to achieve.

.....or all of the above.


How I can help you achieve those big dreams

 I ran a successful Etsy business from 2004-2014ish and developed a system for the customer experience that created raving fans and led to a featured seller weekend.  I started my coaching business as a health coach in 2015 and transitioned over to business coaching in 2016. 

 I have delighted product and service based customers and kept them even through tough financial times. Social media pro - check.  Relationship building phenom - check.  Creative outside of the box marketing mind - check.

I put this package together to help people like you in online business, Etsy business, and small business cut through all of the confusion and muck and get out there in a way that reaches your IDEAL customers and makes your their GO-TO even when they have choices.


That looks like:

πŸ”₯ Helping you create strategies to get into the right places so you get seen by your ideal customers.

πŸ”₯ Being there to help you get past the mindset hurdles that are holding you back from TRUE publicity for your business.

πŸ”₯ Working with you to create strategies to help make you a STANDOUT in your space so that your dream people flock to you rather than your competition.

πŸ”₯ Walking you through what your brand REALLY is (you may be surprised that you've been doing it wrong).

πŸ”₯ Coaching you through creating messaging that doesn't feel like a root canal to create and has your people falling in love with you!

πŸ”₯ Guiding you to create outside of the box strategies and thinking to survive and thrive even when the economy is in turmoil. 

This is where the game changes for you.

Current Coaching Options

Polarize and Profit 1:1

My Polarize and Profit Coaching Packages are tailored to your needs and where you need help so you can start focusing your valuable limited time in the right places with the right message and get cash in your pocket.


Clarity and Messaging

  • Get clear on who you are talking to
  • Leverage your brand to create ease in your messaging
  • Deliver the exact message your future ideal clients and customers need to hear


Visibility Strategy

  • Determine where you need to spend your time getting visible so you can stop throwing content at a wall with no results
  • Develop a time budget and where you can make the most significant impact in the least amount of time
  • Create a plan for repurposing your genius across platforms so you don't feel like you are on a hamster wheel


Leveraging Tech and VAs

  • Generate a plan to leverage technology so you aren't living online 
  • Create a strategy to leverage help from VAs or family so you aren't self-sabotaging by doing things that don't move you forward (*cough...Canva)


 Creating Offers and List Building

  • Narrow down the offers that will have your audience begging to pay you
  • Create a strategy with the perfect lead magnet to attract ideal clients to your offer with ease



βœ” 9 - 45 minute 1:1 Coaching Calls on weekends where we laser focus on YOUR strategy (this gives you one implementation week per month)

βœ” Access to Suzanne via Messenger or Voxer (your choice) evenings and weekends for questions - responds within 24 hours

βœ” Materials as needed.

βœ” Access to Suzanne's courses and materials during your program.

πŸ”₯ Get started for $3,997.

Clients who re-sign every three months will receive a discount on current rates.


βœ” 4 - 30 Minute 1:1 Coaching Calls on weekends where we laser focus on YOUR strategy

βœ” Access to Suzanne via Messenger or Voxer (your choice) evenings and weekends for questions - responds within 24 hours

βœ” Materials as needed.

πŸ”₯ Get started for $1,297.


Visibility Assessment


Get my eyeballs on your visibility efforts and walk away with actionable suggestions on how to make improvements and start creating groupies (aka people who will whip out those wallets to pay you for your genius)!

How it works:

βœ” Complete a simple questionnaire.

βœ” I personally review your social and other outlets.

βœ” I take a look at your brand and messaging.

βœ” I ask more questions to help create a very laser focused review for you.

βœ” Hop on a 30 minute call with me to review the suggestions.

βœ” Get the results with suggestions emailed directly to you! 

πŸ”₯ Get started for $197. Click below!



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Lisa Cipkar

Ladies if you have been on the fence about working with Suzanne as your business coach, JUST DO IT.

I just had the best two weeks of my business career all because of simple strategies and tips Suzanne gave me in order to make my practice run smoothly behind the scenes and maximize my visibility.

-My FB group and following on my business page grew organically

-I had my best launch yet totaling just under $1k on my new group program

-New and potential clients came to ME, not the other way around

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Kimberly Patton Peek

What is measured and inspected improves.  While in Suzanne's course,I focused on my online presence and posted consistently.  The visibility I gained contributed to an improved social media presence that led to a book deal later that year.  I'm a published author, which wouldn't have been possible without growing my audience base.

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Jennifer Jacobsen-Dragonette

If you are thinking of jumping on the coaching bandwagon Suzanne is your coach.  Fresh ideas that don't burn your candle from both ends while getting results! #winning

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