A Summit for those of us who aren't about to let some pesky chronic illness hold us back from our dreams and our passions.


You are passionate about building a business that gives you freedom, lights up your dreams, and brings stability for your family.  But...you have chronic illness.

You have the drive.  You have the ambition.  You have the smarts and the creativity.  You know what needs to be done.


Brain fog is real.  Days when you are too tired to lift a finger to a keyboard are real.  Moments when you don't want to talk to another human...even on social media...are real.  Days when you get escorted to the hospital or the clinic or the doctor (who let's face it...is not much help) are real.


I know because I do it every day.

This Summit is a heart centered project of mine.  I want every single woman out there with big dreams and a pesky chronic illness (or 5) to know that you CAN have a thriving business while successfully managing a chronic illness at the same time.

It's time for all of us to rise and show that we are just as badass...just as determined...and just as worthy as our counterparts who brag about "slaying" day and night.  And we can do it in far less time with far less negative impact on our health.



How to Plan a Launch When You Can Barely Plan Your Day Because of Chronic Illness

Planning a launch is hard enough when you aren’t dealing with a chronic illness.  Add chronic illness to the mix and it can feel like a marathon times 100.  In this presentation, Suzanne will cover launch basics, how to create a launch strategy that you can actually keep up with that yields results, and where to spend your time when you know you’re going to have a lot of downtime.    Bring your notebooks.  You're not going to want to miss any of this!

Suzanne Proksa is a Business Strategist and Coach specializing in client attraction, building an unstoppable mindset, and online marketing. She helps driven female entrepreneurs with online service and product based businesses become client magnets and marketing ninjas with innovative strategies that get them seen as a leader in their field.

Suzanne is on a mission to help thousands of women take their businesses from fledgling to flourishing with her signature client attraction and marketing systems. Suzanne's heartfelt passion is helping women get out of their heads so they can get ahead.

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Surefire Strategies to Bring Productivity Sky High with your Chronic Illness

Surefire Strategies to Bring Productivity Sky High with your Chronic Illness will be all about simple tricks and methods you can bring into your daily life that will maximize your potential to get things done each day. I'll also teach you my system for making sure a sick day is still a good day, as well as loads of ways you can keep your health a priority and still run a blossoming business!

Lisa Cipkar is a certified integrative and brain health coach, specializing in Lyme disease, POTS, dysautonomia and chronic illness. She teaches patients how to obtain a clear diagnosis and then how to overcome that diagnosis by implementing simple, actionable steps that allow the patient to get back to living their life. By providing creative and confident guidance, Lisa has helped dozens of people regain their hope and break free from the limitations of labels and disease. Lisa’s practice is centered around a bio-individual approach to healing because one size does not fit all. She is dedicated to walking alongside her clients as they navigate the overwhelming world of chronic illness, inspired by her own 7-year, 22-doctor, international health battle that led to a diagnosis of Lyme disease. In addition to being partnered with several medical doctors as an adjunct to their practices, Lisa strives to create a ripple effect of abundant life for each person she meets. Lisa’s work has been featured on ProHealth.com, The Mighty and several other publications. She is a frequent guest on podcasts and runs a private Facebook group focused on holistic support for long term illnesses. Whether you are newly diagnosed or ready to start edging back out into the real world again, Lisa has something to offer you no matter where you are in your journey. When she isn’t working with others you can find her exploring nature, reading, traveling or having a dance party with her son.

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How to Re-frame Your Thoughts to Create The Ultimate Lifestyle You Desire

Do you believe that you have to wait until the stars align to live your dream life? There are specific things you must do in order to manifest your dream life NOW! This is done by re-framing your thoughts and overcoming mindset blocks that are preventing you from living the life you desire and deserve. Today, you're going to learn simple daily practices to gain a greater sense of power, purpose, and confidence to design the life of your dreams.

Stacie Walker is an International Best Selling Author, Award-Winning Podcast Personality, and Business Strategist. She helps high achieving online coaches and healers unleash their brilliance, accelerate the growth of their business and create more cash flow using uncomplicated marketing strategies. Stacie's expertise has been featured in The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Small Business Trends, Killer Startups, Ambitious Entrepreneur Network, Women on Business, Evan Carmichael, and Morpheus just to name a few.

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You - The Superhero

Learn what the superpower that you already have is, and how you can access it to change the world.

Jessica Hansen is an Efficiency Expert and Productivity Professional, turning chaos into order, overcoming obstacles, and creating resilience in life and business. Jessica is a sought-after keynote speaker, leads engaging workshops, and is the leader of the Portland Chapter of an International Women’s Empowerment Organization. Jessica has spoken on stages across the nation with her commitment to see passionate women succeed by removing blocks holding them back. She knows a thing or two about balance as a mother of 4 kids, 20 chickens, and 2 dogs. In her free time, you'll find her in the garden or the forest, reading books, taking classes, or volunteering in the community. She recently founded Jubilee Collective, a Coworking and Community Collaboration space in Scappoose, OR. She's passionate about helping women succeed with their unique dreams by creating efficient systems and strategies for running their businesses, saving time and money. Her book will be published mid-year 2018.

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How to Shift From Imposter Syndrome to Expert

Many of us suffer from imposter syndrome. Never feeling like we know enough, can keep up with others, or are truly and expert. This leads to feeling as though we have nothing to share, especially when we are having a rough day with our own health. Imposter Syndrome is a part of comparing yourself to others but it also is fed by the whole act as if and fake till you make it mentality. I say enough! It's time to let all of that go and be here today, honoring and embracing the beautiful magical being you are. We do this by reframing the idea of acting as if into the idea of acting as though. A recognition of who we are and of the gifts we have to share with the world. A shifting of our focus to embracing today rather than looking to the future.

Stephanie Smart is a spiritual mentor, author, speaker, energy medicine Instructor, and founder of the Truth Speakers Movement. An experienced corporate business trainer, intuitive, and wellness professional, Stephanie incorporates the wisdom she has learned as a survivor of childhood abuse, raising gifted special needs kids, and being a recovering alcoholic and drug addict into her speaking engagements, workshops, and in working with private clients. Stephanie’s clients learn to recognize their Soul Songs, gain clarity on the paths they want in life, develop actions steps, and begin the process of creating a life of YES! They become Truth Speakers who are embodying the notes of their Soul Songs in their words, actions, and beliefs.

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How to Get More Done in Less Time While Fighting Fatigue

You probably don't need to be convinced how important it is to rest. You already know you are exhausted. At times you're not sure how you made it through the day. You're not alone. You're like most women today. One thing is for sure - women are out of rhythm. If you suffer from fatigue, no matter your reasons, this presentation is for you. We will explore why as a culture fatigue is so common and options available to you to use throughout your day to combat this once and for all. After all, you need to regain your health. Your family needs you, and we need you energized and ready to impact our world!

Maureen Lake, MA is a Holistic Wellness Expert and the Best Selling Author of “Being Happy Raising Happy”. She is a graduate of the Integrated Medicine Institute, lead by Dr. Aviva Romm, and received her certification in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University. She is also certified in holistic nutrition and special education. She specializes in thyroid and adrenal difficulties, insulin resistance and sleep issues. Maureen’s work has appeared on Fox News, Thrive Global, Bustle, Healthy Moms Magazine, Additude, SheSpeaks, Sixty and Me, and more.

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90 Day Strategy for the Boss Babe With Chronic Illness

Using a 90 day strategy is a great way to break down what you are working to accomplish in your business and help you achieve success. It can help with clarity, financials, task management, launches, and more. But when you have chronic illness, sometimes tasks have to get pushed aside…even for weeks. Suzanne will cover the basics of creating a 90 day strategy and how you can make sure that roadblocks don’t get you derailed. We will talk about the mindset piece and how to make sure tasks still get done when you’re down and out.

Suzanne Proksa is a Business Strategist and Coach specializing in client attraction, building an unstoppable mindset, and online marketing. She helps driven female entrepreneurs with online service and product based businesses become client magnets and marketing ninjas with innovative strategies that get them seen as a leader in their field.

Suzanne is on a mission to help thousands of women take their businesses from fledgling to flourishing with her signature client attraction and marketing systems. Suzanne's heartfelt passion is helping women get out of their heads so they can get ahead.

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Finding Center: Mindfulness, Chronic Illness, and You

Mindfulness has as many definitions as there are people that practice it. I like to look at it as simply being aware of the current moment. Because when dealing with chronic illness, many of us find it very hard to live in the now. We spend our time thinking about the future, mourning the past, and wondering what else life could be. Mindfulness brings you back. You take observation of what is happening in this moment alone and only in your sphere of life. When you do this, you are able to have better control over how your body reacts to your illness. I saw it described once like this, “The waves are still there but you are more calmly riding them.” Being in the moment gives you a deeper sense of balance and this can lead to a more fulfilled life with chronic illness. In this presentation, I will share with you the steps that you must take to start your journey to wellness. A journey that will help you find balance and restore the vital amazing light inside us all.

Marin is a Wellness and Mindset Coach, writer, and chronic illness warrior living in Denver, Colorado with her her husband, daughter, and fur-babies. She has multiple invisible illnesses including Lyme, Degenerative Disc Disease, and Dysautonomia. She has spent the last 3 years guiding, helping, and advocating for women with chronic illnesses and sharing the story of her own diagnoses and daily journeys. She specializes in helping other warriors restore balance in their lives through mindfulness.

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Self-Care for the Chronically Successful Entrepreneur

Let’s face it running a business and balancing self-care is hard enough for a healthy person. Throw a chronic illness in the mix and you’ve got a recipe for flares, and likely a complete burnout! Each of us are unique, with a message that someone is waiting to hear. That’s why it’s so important to build your business while caring for you! I’ve created Self-Care for the Chronically Successful Entrepreneur to share a few tips with you! Walk away with simple natural tools to implement self-care throughout the work day. Experience an increase in energy, focus, clarity, and quality of sleep with short “self-care snack breaks.” Join me to learn how to create your perfect self-care schedule and download 7 of my favorite self-care snacks!

Jenn Hyla is a certified Pranayama Yoga instructor, speaker, author, and wellness coach. Holding a B.A. in Environmental Science, a 200-hour certification in Hatha yoga, and a 500-hour certification in Pranayama yoga. A long journey with late-stage Lyme disease, led her to create a business educating and empowering others. Jenn’s clients gain traction over emotions, awaken their intuition, create and conquer goals more efficiently, increase energy and mental focus, and sleep better! Jenn offers a variety of private and group wellness classes and talks near the Seattle area, and online. Passionate about introducing you to the body’s resilience with proper breathing, meditation, and other natural healing modalities. Jenn lives in Poulsbo, Washington offering classes, workshops, and talks on the Kitsap peninsula and Seattle. When she’s not inspiring others, she can be found enjoying nature, writing, practicing yoga, and painting.

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From Inspired to Action Taker

The one thing that made a difference in my business was creating a plan. When you plan, you are setting your business up for success in ways you can't imagine. It gives you direction and you know the things you need to work on to move your business forward, which is important in any business but especially when you are dealing with a chronic illness. Even with a plan, you can feel overwhelmed. I can totally relate, can you? Well I am here to show you the planning strategy I used that helped me go from a struggling business owner who seemed to be always working but making no progress in my business to a productive as hell entrepreneur checking things off my list like nobody's business!

Lindsey Aleson is a graphic designer and tech strategist for female infopreneurs and content creators who want to conquer their fears of tech and design, feel empowered and stand out online. As a graphic designer and tech strategist who’s been designing for more than half of her life and blogging since 2010, Lindsey believes that everyone can create a thriving business they love – the real challenge is figuring out how to be visually unforgettable online.

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Energize Your Body, Energize Your Life

Do you constantly feel exhausted and drained? Do you wake up tired, struggle through the day, and count the hours until you can crawl in bed at night? I know the feeling VERY well. I struggled with fatigue for years and it was HARD! I lacked focus with my work and the energy to fully enjoy my life. I was just “getting by.” At the time, I thought what I was feeling was “normal” and just the side effect of being busy. But I eventually learned that I could be busy and STILL have plenty of energy. Believe it or not, your energy levels are within your control. While you may think you’re destined to live with fatigue forever and that it’s just part of who you are – this is NOT the case. There are likely some key ways that you’re unknowingly sabotaging your energy. I saw this with myself and I see it with most of my clients. While in the short term it might be a bit of a bummer to learn, you’re getting in your own way, in the long term, this is great news! It means your problems are fixable, and who doesn’t want to hear that? Imagine what would be possible if you felt energetic from the time you woke up… to the time you went to sleep.

Jaime is a Certified Health + Life Coach and Personal Trainer, she's spent a lot of time teaching people how to eat healthy and exercise. But neither of those things will last if you don’t have the right mindset in place first. Jaime helps busy women reach their health goals by shifting mindset and using simple nutrition and fitness strategies. Through her one-on-one and group coaching she empowers women to reclaim their energy, restore their confidence and lose weight along the way. Jaime’s mission is to support women to reach their health goals and discover the hidden blocks that get in the way of success. She enjoys cooking, hiking and talking long walks on the beach near her home on the Central Coast of California.

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How Learning to Rest Can Create More Opportunities in Business + Tips to Create Restful Routines that Inspire Peace & Creativity

It may seem that creating a longer to do list and engaging in work for long periods of time will produce more results, but what if, just like taking care of our health by rest and restoration to reach our goals, we could do the same in our business. It is counter-cultural and unnatural to consider that slowing down can help us speed up achieving our goals, but it can be true. As women who have already been “warned” by our bodies already through health challenges, we have an advantage of knowing the power of self-care and intention. Health challenges are an opportunity for growth and for doing things differently. As women who want to thrive, even with health challenges, we cannot wear our bodies out to build our businesses up. We must learn how to do more with less. It takes intention and belief. Join me as we discuss the meaning of rest, the power of rest & tools to incorporate the right amount of rest and work into our daily lives & businesses for optimal success.

Sera is a healthcare consultant and wellness influencer on a mission to use her passion for health to inspire healthy change from the inside out. As a 10 year survivor of a rare, abdominal desmoid tumor & thyroid imbalance, Sera uses her life’s story of transforming physically, emotionally and spiritually on her healing journey to challenge the way we honor our personal health. She is the founder of Healing U. Women’s Wellness (www.healingu.org), an educational community created to empower women who have experienced health challenges to transform their lives through education, accountability and community. Healing U. offers retreats, virtual programs and workshops. Sera currently lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. Between passionately sharing her enthusiasm about wellness, you can find her sipping green tea while reading a good memoir, trying to write her own or hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Shift Out Of The "I Get Sick When I Work" Cycle

I totally get what it's like to feel like every time you work, you get sick! To move forward in your business (or your job), it's essential to shift that mindset so you can start consistently showing up, getting results, AND feeling good along the way! I'll teach you the simple and effective ways I use and I teach my clients to shift your thoughts (therefore your reality) so you can release the mindset that you'll always be sick or every time you launch, take on new clients, or do something new in your business a health fare is going to pop up. This was my #1 mindset block in creating a successful business and if I can shift it - you can to!

Liz Lockwood is a Business Coach & Mentor for The Driven + Different Entrepreneur who is ready to show up Resilient + Inspired and move forward in her business while staying true to herself. Liz has a Business Degree in Marketing and a Master's in Mental Health Counseling. She has run in-person, online businesses that have both “failed” & succeeded so she knows what it takes to build a business in a way that is going to work for her clients long-term instead of crashing and burning as soon as they cannot sustain the pace. She’s helped countless other women like you uncover what they really want to do and helps them move forward in a way that supports them + their business - so they get results AND feel good along the way!

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Battling Comparisonitis When You Have Chronic Illness

As a woman with chronic illness, it is no easy task to free yourself from the devastating effects of comparing yourself to “everyone else” out there who is hustling around the clock.  Add to that a little dose of Gary V and you have the potential for lost dreams stat.  It can leave you feeling like there is no hope for you because you simply can’t run at that pace.  Suzanne is going to take you on a real journey through these feelings and provide you with mindset and productivity tools to make sure that this -itis is one that isn’t going to stick around.

Suzanne Proksa is a Business Strategist and Coach specializing in client attraction, building an unstoppable mindset, and online marketing. She helps driven female entrepreneurs with online service and product based businesses become client magnets and marketing ninjas with innovative strategies that get them seen as a leader in their field.

Suzanne is on a mission to help thousands of women take their businesses from fledgling to flourishing with her signature client attraction and marketing systems. Suzanne's heartfelt passion is helping women get out of their heads so they can get ahead.


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Suzanne Proksa is a SHRM-SCP and SPHR certified Human Resources and Business Strategist, IAWP Certified Wellness Coach, AADP certified Holistic Health Practitioner, and autoimmune educator/advocate. Suzanne’s focus is supporting, coaching, and creating programs for people-focused organizations and online businesses so they can positively impact the lives of others.

In her time as an online strategist, she's helped thousands of women gain confidence, establish clarity in their businesses, get visible and drive audience growth, create simple strategies and automation to grow their businesses, crush their tech challenges, and start making sales.  During Suzanne's time in HR, she has launched and led multiple initiatives to enrich and improve company culture and the employee experience.

Suzanne has had her hands in business nearly her entire life starting when she was a kid selling her creations in her neighborhood. Her business Bliss Candles was a Featured Seller on Etsy, featured in the book “How to Make Money on Etsy,” and a community favorite - and also a trailblazer in online marketing for small business. Suzanne started her online coaching journey as an IAWP Certified Wellness Coach and Holistic Health Practitioner in 2015 and later transitioned to the love of her life - business coaching.  Suzanne is also a SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources), SHRM-SCP (SHRM Senior Certified Professional), and her time in HR has spanned over 23 years covering all areas of HR. 

Suzanne’s work has been published and featured in the Huffington Post, Medium, Thrive Global, the Amazing Women of Influence Summit, and on her beloved podcasts.

When Suzanne isn’t loving on her business she is obsessing over plants, technology, dogs, Marvel movies, friends, country music and anything light pink.


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