Join me and 18 other speakers for inspiration and that toolbox that you need to reach those ambitious goals you have to create an empire that has an impact and creates that vision board life that you so crave.


Women have become a force to reckon with in the business world, both online and offline.  However, the journey isn't all unicorns and tacos and the margaritas to get through the hot mess certainly aren't free.  It takes a village, a LOT of self-improvement (not easy), and a treasure trove of tools and knowledge to get there.

Introducing the online Summit for women who have a greater purpose and absolutely refuse to fail. 

Day 1

How to Change the Scripts that are Blocking Your Success and Happiness

Presented By:  Suzanne Proksa, Business Strategist

Join Suzanne as she sheds light on how scripts and narratives you may be playing are impacting your life and business as well as how you can flip the script to achieve success and happiness like you never imagined you could have.

Converting Your Ideal Client with a Website + Email Funnel

Presented By:  Ashley DeLuca, Web & Email Marketing Strategist

You can have a pretty website, but if that’s all it ever is…no wonder you can convert your ideal client. Ashley is going to be showing you how you can link two powerhouses together to gain an evergreen referral machine. Through the power of websites and email marketing, Ashley will be sharing the why, how, and actions you need to get started today!

Stir the Fire with Stories

Presented By:  MelAnn Morales, Story Narrative Professional

Discover the power of your every day stories. There are six ways to harness the power of stories in your life to build your business. MelAnn will teach you simple methods to bringing the power of stories to heal, teach, inspire, celebrate, honor both you and your clients while connecting you to the world around you. Sharing your stories is an invitation for your audience to come in closer and accelerates your KLT (Know, Like, Trust) factor.

Systems Sanity: Prospect & Client Management with Asana

Presented By:  Wendy Breakstone, Business & Systems Coach

Building a strong foundation to your business may not “seem” sexy. But its that strong, essential foundation that holds your marketing and brand so that you can attract, serve and continue to grow your business. One of the most essential systems is managing Prospects and Clients so that nothing slips through the cracks.

In this presentation, Wendy Breakstone walks you through setting up a simple, manageable prospect and client tracking system in Asana. (This can also be used for Trello or other Kanban/board style project tools.)

Brand Your Brilliance with Video & Up-Level Your Visibility!

Presented By:  Eve Voyevoda, Business & Brand Creator

In this presentation, you will find out what a brand is and what it’s not.
Why video is the most extreme, quick and effective way to brand your brilliance.

Three ideas to up-level your visibility (Mindset, Audience, Visual storytelling).

Day 2

No Kids. No Pets. No Problem. How You Can Still Attract People Online Without Fur Babies, Kids, and Other Adorable Things

Presented By:  Suzanne Proksa, Business Strategist

When you peruse social media it’s obvious that a lot of people are using those kiddos and grand adventures to attract and build community. What do you do when you’ve got none of that? Suzanne dives into this rarely covered topic and talks about ways you can still build community and relationships when all you’ve got is you and a couple taco pics.

How to Turn One 15 min Facebook Live Into a Month of Content!

Presented By:  Michael Moreno, Owner of Much More Media, Content Strategist

Use the power of Facebook Live to not only showcase your expertise and leverage the attention grabbing algorithm, but to also create content that can be used in a variety of ways across all your platforms and channels in one day. Your business needs to stay top of mind with fresh, relevant content as often as possible but you can’t spend hours or days pounding away at your computer. The process and techniques shared in this presentation will give you a TON of content without taking valuable time a way from running your business.

Branding That Makes You Bank!

Presented By:  Lindsey Aleson, Graphic Designer and Tech Strategist

Branding is so much more than your logo, colors and fonts. It goes WAY beyond the visuals (though they are important as well!). In this presentation, I will walk you through the elements you need to have in your branding that makes you bank. A brand that feels like you and also serves you.

Inner to Outer: Transforming your Mind and Business

Presented By:  Shareen Rivera, Ghostwriter

My presentation will address specific daily rituals they can implement into their daily life that will literally rewire their brain to think in a more confident and positive way naturally so that they can manifest the life they want and grow their business. I believe a transformed business all starts with a transformed mind.

Making Massive Money with Business Design

Presented By:  Diana Mundkowsky, Brand Consultant & Logo Designer

In this presentation, we discuss leveraging your business design to establish a firm presence, give your clients more trust when considering purchasing with you, attracting your ideal audience, and making MORE money as a leader in the business world.

Day 3

Tips for Consistency When You Are Time Strapped and Mindset Challenged

Presented By:  Suzanne Proksa, Business Strategist

Consistency is key.  Consistency is king (or queen).  We have all heard this on replay over and over and over.  When you are time strapped with a mindset that keeps tanking (because we are time strapped) it can be a real struggle to gain that consistency.  This frustration is why a lot of women just give up on their dreams.  Suzanne discusses how to turn that mindset around and explore opportunities to maintain that consistency so you are front and center for your audience every day.

Four Keys to Lead Generation Success on Pinterest – for Coaches, Course Creators & Service Providers

Presented By:  Jana Osofsky, Pinterest + Content Systems Strategist

When set up strategically, Pinterest can get you seen by ideal clients, send traffic to your content and funnel, and net you leads! But, if you don’t plan your profile correctly (and just start pinning with no plan), you’ll end up with a pretty profile – but it won’t actually serve your business. In this talk, Jana shares the four key success factors for a Pinterest strategy – one that will get real results for a coach, consultant, course creator, or service provider.

How to Develop Your Brand Story

Presented By:  Reesy Floyd-Thompson, The Digital Wonder Woman

Learn how to take your life story and weave it into a business narrative to create binge-worthy content and raving fans. It’s a class for Wonder Woman 2.0 — the woman (men are welcome) who wants her business to be as unique as she it and who is ready to tell the truth about her life and her brand. No lasso required.

How to Create a Truly Transformational Conscious Business

Presented By:  Leslie Ng, Mindset and Business Coach

What does it mean to create true transformation and change? You’re here to create a purpose-driven conscious business and to make an impact but how do you do it successfully? Learn how you can design deep transformational change and create a successful business that amplifies your income and impact.

Day 4

Running a Business on a Budget: Strategies for Building an Empire When Your Bank Account is Busted

Presented By:  Suzanne Proksa, Business Strategist

Many women are attracted to the idea of freedom and starting a business but they think they can’t because they don’t have a budget or a coach.  

In this talk, Suzanne will talk about the things anyone can do regardless of their budget to kick off and run a thriving business.

Seductive Self-Care Practices for the Over-Extended Entrepreneur

Presented By:  Jenny Berk, Eating Psychology Coach

You want to kick-ass in your business but to do that you need to feel energetic and kick-ass in your skin. Learn my top self-care practices that will allow you to create real balance in your life and still epically succeed in your biz and grow it like crazy.

9 Secrets of Designing an Irresistible Homepage that Converts

Presented By:  Shannon Mattern, Web Designer & Digital Marketing Strategist

Discover 9 secrets web designers use to design homepages that convert. Learn how to put together a homepage that creates an instant connection with your visitors and compels them to take action. And we’ll bust some common web design myths so that you can be confident that you’re doing it right when it comes to your homepage design.

There’s No Such Thing as Failure: Elevate your Self-Limiting Mindset

Presented By:  Kathryn Mussell, Elevated Consciousness Coach

Failure is GOOD! Radical personal transformation can’t exist without it.

Once you master the fear of failure you get really good at being able to reinvent yourself in the most divinely aligned ways.

With a few mindset tweaks, you can learn how to frame your “failures” as valuable learning experiences. You gain wisdom and insight into what gifts and strengths come natural to you when you re-frame your perceived setbacks in life as your greatest moments of self-realization.

Pinterest for Business: How to Easily Grow Your Website, Email List, and Income

Presented By:  Jenny Suneson, Pinterest Strategist

In this presentation, Jenny will share how to grow your website traffic, email list, and income with Pinterest with ease. Once you’ve got your Pinterest set up for success, you’ll only have to spend 1 hour a week on maintenance for your account.

Day 5

Is The Money Really in Your List?

Presented By:  Suzanne Proksa, Business Strategist

Join Suzanne as she discusses the whole, "the money is in your list," debate and uncovers where the money REALLY is.

Intimacy and Me – How Your Relationship with Your Self Impacts Your Business

Presented By:  Anza Goodbar, Intimacy Coach | Retreat Host | Speaker | Best Selling Author

Anza will address how our internal self-talk impacts our performance in every aspect of our lives from our relationships to growing a business. Mindset matters more than we think. Getting to know ourselves on an intimate level and getting to the root of self-sabotaging behaviors can take our relationships and businesses to the next level. Find out how…

How ‘Acting As If’ is Keeping You From Being a Powerful Change Maker

Presented By:  Stephanie Smart, Business Alchemist

In this workshop we will delve into understanding the energy of setting intentions and then aligning that energy with your goals so that you fully embody your power.

Explode Your Visibility

Presented By:  Debbie Cromack, Emerge Empowerment, LLC

In order to have a thriving, successful, profitable business, we need clients. In order to get clients, we need to GET VISIBLE. Learn the why, who, where, when and how of visibility so you can explode your visibility and help your dream clients find you and hire you!

Tech: The Best Hire in Your Business to Support Your Goals

Presented By:  Jaime Slutzky, Virtual CTO

Reaching for your goals means having a solid foundation. There is no better time than now to double down the best right tech for your business. The most valuable tools are the ones that help you make the $$ and impact you want… not the ones who have the best affiliate program, the right spokesperson or the lowest price.

This session will help you take an objective look at your tech foundation, learn how to cut the redundant, optimize the gems and pave a smoother path towards your goals.

I'm Suzanne Proksa.  Business Strategist for impact driven women who refuse to let their dreams slide down into some black hole never to be seen again.  #cubiclesareprisons

In my 4 years as a coach, I've helped hundreds of women gain confidence, establish clarity in their businesses, get visible, create simple strategies and automation to grow their businesses, crush their tech challenges, and start making cash.

The "Official" Bio:

Many women struggle with standing out in the online space especially if their time and creativity are limited.  Suzanne Proksa is a shenanigans-loving Visibility Expert and Business Strategist who helps powerhouse women design creative visibility and biz strategies (with a side of laughs) that get them seen as THE in demand expert with ease so they can make an impact and dolla bills doing what they love.

Suzanne uses her creativity, tech savvy, and marketing experience combined with her 20+ years of Human Resources to help her clients uncover their secret sauce and convert that genius into sales.

Suzanne has had her hands in business nearly her entire life from when she was a kid selling her creations in her neighborhood to when she was a Featured Seller on Etsy making over $8k in one weekend selling soy candles.  Suzanne started her online journey as a Certified Health Coach and Holistic Health Practitioner in 2015 and quickly transitioned to the love of her life - business coaching.

Suzanne’s work has been published and featured in the Huffington Post, Medium, Thrive Global, the Amazing Women of Influence Summit, and on her beloved podcast, Business Mojo and Margaritas where she gets all up in your business in 20 minutes or less.

When Suzanne isn’t loving on her business she is obsessing over dogs, tacos 🌮, Marvel movies, dancing, friends, country music and anything light pink.

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