The support you need to make those vision board dreams come true.

For years my crew has been begging me to launch my membership. I’m here to deliver… with far more than just a site with no support.

I’ve created this membership for the purpose driven female entrepreneur who fits any of the descriptions below …

✔ Is a coach, consultant, Etsy Seller, brick and mortar store owner who is ready to branch out into online sales, or MLM rep

✔ Knows she needs some extra support and coaching when it comes to strategy

✔ Wants consistent training opportunities to learn about online business – strategy, brand and messaging, list building, marketing and visibility, technology and efficiencies, sales, social media marketing, funnels and passive income, and more!

✔ Digs activities and prompts that push them to create results in their business

✔ Loves having a community where they can feel comfortable asking questions and talking about their challenges

Imagine Getting to This Place

✔ Lisa went to do her taxes and realized she TRIPLED her income last year.

✔ Kimberly got her genius featured in TWO publications…one of which was Shape magazine!

✔ Jordyn started getting DMs from potential clients.

✔ Ashley landed a feature in a Summit, a Masterclass spot and shows no sign of slowing down!

✔ Leila saw tremendous growth on her Facebook page and got several people into her challenge which led to her program.  Plus she got invited to two collaborations and a podcast (without pitching).

✔ Karen Louise went from just having started on LinkedIn with a random re-purposed post getting 115 views in total…to a post hitting 400 views in under 24 hours.  She had 2 discovery calls booked from LinkedIn and 1 from Facebook ALL from attraction marketing.


And what about…


✔ Being THE person that everyone lists in those Facebook posts where someone asks for the expert in what YOU do.

✔ Finding yourself FULLY booked because you are in perfect alignment with what you were meant to do and your peeps can’t get enough.

✔ Ditching that soul sucking 9 to 5 because you FINALLY have confidence and systems that allow you to work on what is important (in the least amount of time possible) and actually make money.

✔ Getting asked to be in Summits, Facebook Groups, and on Podcasts without having to pitch because you are in such high demand.

✔ Telling your family you just SOLD OUT your first program or sold out of all of your product because your visibility game is so strong that you barely had to sell. 

✔ Paying off those student loans and debt because your business is producing results rather than tears and frustration.


Support is so important...

I can’t tell you how many times in my business I needed support and didn’t have it.  I wish this membership had been there for me.  And that’s why I’m creating it for you.


The Format

✔ Monthly Bootcamps

Bootcamps are related to the monthly theme and will take you through 3 to 5 days of focused education and prompts to get you RESULTS in your business.  (Value $97 to $997)


✔ Monthly Masterclass

Each month you’ll be invited to join me for a masterclass related to the monthly topic. (Value Up To $297)

Replays and 🎧 audio will be available in the membership site.


✔ Facebook Group for Support + Q & A

I’ve partnered the membership with a Facebook group so you can get support from me and the other ladies in the membership.  

We will do a Q&A related to the monthly theme every month.

This membership is all about making sure you feel well supported while you take those brave leaps!


✔ Guest Experts

Each month you’ll be treated to a guest expert I love related to the monthly topic.  

Replays and 🎧 audio will be available in the membership site.


✔ Membership Site

Your membership gives you access to the membership site including past masterclasses and programs and special bonuses!  (Value $997)

Things like…

✔ 30 Days to Visible Challenge

✔ Leveraging Pinterest to 10X Your Organic Marketing

✔ Crushing It in Business With Chronic Illness

✔ Create an EPIC Lead Generating Challenge

✔ Elevate Inspire and Build an Empire Summit

…and all replays and recordings of Membership only trainings and bootcamps.


Monthly themes

Note: Themes may change based on member input.

September 2019

TOPIC: List Growth for Relationship Building and Sales

Load Up Your List Bootcamp

The Secrets to Running an Online Summit for Tremendous Growth (Masterclass)

Featured Guest Expert: Ashley DeLuca

October 2019

TOPIC: Visibility and Publicity Strategy for Success

Visibility Bootcamp

Recalibrating When Your Message Isn't Creating Results (Masterclass)

Featured Guest Expert: TBA

November 2019

TOPIC: Leveraging Facebook Groups as a Funnel Strategy

Engage Grow and Monetize Your Facebook Group Bootcamp

How to Establish Yourself as a Leader Using Facebook Groups (Masterclass)

Featured Guest Expert: TBA

December 2019

TOPIC: Sizzleriffic Course and Program Creation for Epic Results

Course Creation Bootcamp

How to Create Offers on the Regular to Create Six Figure Success (Masterclass)

Featured Guest Expert: TBA

January 2020

TOPIC: Client Attraction and Management Like Wowza

From Crickets to Client Overload Bootcamp

Creating a Customer Experience that WOWS and Creates Unlimited Referrals (Masterclass)

Featured Guest Expert: TBA

February 2020

TOPIC: Non-Sleazy Sales Strategy

Selling with Social Media Bootcamp

Leveraging Yourself as the Go-To Expert to Make "Yes" a No-Brainer (Masterclass)

Featured Guest Expert: TBA

March 2020

TOPIC: Super Sexy Strategy and Planning for Success

2020 Strategy Planning Bootcamp

Keeping Strategy Simple for Six Figure Years and Your Sanity (Masterclass)

Featured Guest Expert: TBA

No more freebie fest.

Finally, you can end the freebie fest and get the help you need with building your business without big gaps and missing pieces.


Who is this chick with this epic program?

I'm Suzanne Proksa.  Business Strategist for impact driven women who refuse to let their dreams slide down into some black hole never to be seen again.  #cubiclesareprisons

In my 4 years as a coach, I've helped hundreds of women gain confidence, establish clarity in their businesses, get visible, create simple strategies and automation to grow their businesses, crush their tech challenges, and start making cash.

The "Official" Bio:

Many women struggle with standing out in the online space especially if their time and creativity are limited.  Suzanne Proksa is a shenanigans-loving Visibility Expert and Business Strategist who helps powerhouse women design creative visibility and biz strategies (with a side of laughs) that get them seen as THE in demand expert with ease so they can make an impact and dolla bills doing what they love.

Suzanne uses her creativity, tech savvy, and marketing experience combined with her 20+ years of Human Resources to help her clients uncover their secret sauce and convert that genius into sales.

Suzanne has had her hands in business nearly her entire life from when she was a kid selling her creations in her neighborhood to when she was a Featured Seller on Etsy making over $8k in one weekend selling soy candles.  Suzanne started her online journey as a Certified Health Coach and Holistic Health Practitioner in 2015 and quickly transitioned to the love of her life - business coaching.

Suzanne’s work has been published and featured in the Huffington Post, Medium, Thrive Global, the Amazing Women of Influence Summit, and on her beloved podcast, Business Mojo and Margaritas where she gets all up in your business in 20 minutes or less.

When Suzanne isn’t loving on her business she is obsessing over dogs, tacos 🌮, Marvel movies, dancing, friends, country music and anything light pink.

The Love ❤

More love notes...

"Suzanne helped me perfect my copy for value posts and sales pages, streamline my content, blow up my Instagram and live with the confidence that I am worthy, deserving and capable of creating a business that supports my family and truly saves lives at the same time." - Lisa Cipkar

"I worked with Suzanne Proksa because I needed to change my mindset about my business to get visible. Suzanne helped me by motivating me to try something new and different. She steered me toward where my people were. The result was that I stepped out of my comfort zone and started a YouTube Channel! This allowed me to reach so many more people and do something that I never thought I would do. One thing that I liked was Suzanne's no-nonsense approach to working with her clients. She will let you know what your business needs with solutions that you never thought were available. I found the experience amazing and just the shift that I needed in my business. I would recommend Suzanne Proksa to people who need help with motivation and mindset to get your business to where it deserves to be." - Angie Fancher

Investment Options


:: Monthly Bootcamp (Value $197)

:: Monthly Masterclass (Value $97 to $297)

:: Facebook Group (Value $1500)

:: Monthly Guest Expert (Value $197 to $297)

:: Membership Site (Value $997)

:: Discounts on coaching and programs

OPTION 1:  FOUNDER – Annual 15% OFF!  *Only 50 available

Never lose Founder pricing as long as you retain your membership!

Investment: $997 per year 


 OPTION 2:  FOUNDER – Monthly   *Only 100 available

Never lose Founder pricing as long as you retain your membership!

Investment: $97 per month 



Your Burning Questions Answered...

Suzanne, girrrllll I don’t know if I can swing it.

I’m not one to pressure someone into anything they truly can’t do. EVER. But…how easy is it to make back your very minimal investment? Pretty easy right?


Are you REALLY giving away a bootcamp each month for FREE?

Yes! Bootcamps will be sold on their own for $197. As a perk of membership, I’ve decided to gift SuzCrew Elite VIP members the bootcamps.


How much time is this going to take?

I‘ve learned well from the great Stu (membership site guru extraordinaire) and I know time is of the essence. You will have access to all content in the membership site so you can spend whatever time you would like. If you want to participate in everything, I would set aside 4 hours per month. I will vow to keep my chattiness under control in my presentations (I know you were thinking it!).


I have friends who NEED this! Can I be an affiliate?

Yes you can after the founder period!


What if I get into a bind and need to cancel my monthly payment?

You can do that. Just know that when you sign up again you will have lost founder status and will pay more.


Can I read the terms and conditions before I join?

Please do!   https://suzanneproksa.com/privacy-policy 


How are you able to charge such a low rate for this? What am I missing?

Several reasons. I expect to serve hundreds of women with the membership if not thousands. The math works out and I’m still doing 1:1 coaching. In addition, I wanted to have an offer that anyone can afford. I also wanted an offer that could provide something as simple as support. If a 7 figure business owner needs a place to chill, they are welcome to join. If a 3 figure business owner needs a place to chill, some support, education, and some mindset work – boom – done!


Last call. Are you in?

I hope so.

I can't wait to help you live those bold dreams.

This program has my heart and is my BIG heartfelt focus.  I've always wanted to help women who truly can't afford big dollar programs or who simply just want to know they have support if they need it.


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