Facebook Disenchanted Girl's Guide to Marketing


Get your booty off of Facebook and market in a way that you actually enjoy that gets results so you can get that financial freedom you're feenin' for.  Grab this FREE guide and let's get you started.

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I know why you are here.   

You're spending night and day on Facebook and it CRUSHES your soul and I'm willing to bet that you're getting nowhere following that old school advice about posting in groups.

But those experts making 6 and 7 figures tell you that you MUST be on Facebook 24/7 because that’s how they did it.

You can't stand one more minute of it and believe me it shows and that’s no bueno.

You feel in your gut there has to be a better way but you don't know what options are best and your time is limited.

Sit down sister. Grab your favorite snack (hopefully a healthy one). I’ve got some knowledge to drop on you.

You can make a marketing strategy without Facebook whatsoever if you really want to.

This guide will show you the techniques you need no matter what platform you are on – whether it be social media, publicity platforms, or a search engine like YouTube and Pinterest.

Then we will dive into each platform, who it’s best suited for, and some techniques you can use to create raving fans with less angst and not having to see Aunt Margaret’s bunion that she just HAD to post on Facebook.

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