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5 Day Client Attraction Accelerator

Congratulations!  You are about discover just what is holding you back from attracting clients.

Are you a female entrepreneur whose client attraction game needs some help?

Psssttt…. If we are getting real, it's like crickets but not like the soothing sounds of a summer night.

I've got a little something to help you send those crickets packing and get those bank accounts a little love. And by love, I mean the sweet cha-ching of cash-ola.

✔ Get a solid handle on what is and isn’t working for you when it comes to client attraction so you can stop repelling and start magnetizing clients.

✔ Crush any mindset blocks and clarity issues that are keeping clients at arms length so you can start doing what you were meant to do.

✔ Analyze your current visibility and marketing efforts and revitalize your efforts for epic success.

✔ Cozy up with your tribe to get invaluable insight on what makes their Buy Now clicking finger say YES!

✔ Laser focus in on a plan to give people EXACTLY what they want and stay consistent EVERY time.


You know I'm all about full disclosure so here is a reminder with love for you: 

Per the terms, there are no refunds on coaching and programs.  While a refund policy may feel like it would be a great safety net, refunds are not available for this or any coaching programs offered by most coaches. My experience is that refunds are only requested when someone hasn't done the work. If you find you need additional help because something doesn't make sense, reach out. I want you to succeed!

What People Are Saying:

““People!! If you aren't signed up for this, DO IT NOW! I'm on day two right now, and I feel like these videos are a conversation with a fun friend. I keep wanting to shout out, "Oh my gosh, YES!)  Suzanne is hitting on so many of my pet peeves. One of her comments on money mindset made me think of pretty much every boyfriend my oldest daughter has ever had, LOL. You ain't gonna marry my daughter if you are blocked when it comes to money!!””

Kimberly Patton-Peek