Valued up to $1,000!

Clarity Session

At times, we encounter challenges in identifying problems, determining the next steps, overcoming obstacles, or formulating strategies to implement our business ideas. This session is dedicated to assisting you in overcoming these hurdles and propelling yourself in a forward direction.

With 24 years of experience in Human Resources and over 6 years as a business coach, this is one of my areas of expertise. The clarity sessions I offer span 45 minutes, designed to guide you out of the complexities in your mind and unravel the intricacies of your next major idea. This way, you can progress and put an end to the sensation of stagnation.

💖 This exclusive offer, valued between $300 to $1,000, falls under my "Pay What You Want" initiative, specifically crafted to empower women to succeed irrespective of their circumstances. Whether you choose to contribute $147 or more, the aim is to make this valuable session accessible to everyone.

How It Works:

Once you submit payment, you will get a couple emails (check junk...sigh). One welcoming you to the program and another with login information to get you into Kajabi to schedule your session.

During your session, we will talk through one problem. If I have any additional tools to help you, I will submit them to the coaching portal in Kajabi for you.

After our session, you are welcome to sign up for more sessions if needed or look into a coaching package.

What People Are Saying:

Thank you so much Suzanne Proksa for our first session together today - absolute gold dust! You've helped me get MEGA FOCUSED which is such a huge relief. Now I know what my next steps are and it feels sooooo good! :-) Watch this space! Thank you Gorgeous Goddess

Sally Peterson-Love

Suzanne was fabulous! I can’t believe how much she helped me even with just the first phone call. She listens to what you say, asks the right questions to make you think and then has excellent suggestions. She was able to guide me to a smarter marketing approach in just minutes. Great ideas were in front of me the whole time but I couldn't see them until she pointed them out.

Gloria Kaye