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Raving fans = cash in the bank


Coaching Program

Pull up a seat and grab your tacos

 Let's chat about where you are and where you want to go

 Let me preface by saying I'm not going to try to woo you with stodgy professional or a bunch of fancy copy that you could care less about.  Quite frankly that's not what you need right now.  If you want to hire the guy whose only influence is the 100 business books he has read, have at it.  If you want to work with someone who understands people and sales in the real world...I'm your girl.  Online business does REALLY well because we have been doing for YEARS what Mr. Books is just figuring out.

You're a business and that is built on PEOPLE.  People don't like boring.  For heaven's sakes, people glued themselves to the set to watch Honey Boo Boo and Tiger King.


Your current situation likely fits into one of the following:

You're amazing at what you do but you have NO clue how to get people to pay you for it.

You hear people talk about how to market in 2020 and your head spins.  I mean ... what the Tik Tok?

You WANT to put yourself out there but your time and energy are limited and quite frankly social media is not your fave.

You spend all of your time marketing on Facebook and let's be real sis....nobody sees you or they have you snoozed for DAYZZZ.

You struggle on the daily with where to focus and put your content.

You find yourself In a state of complete upheaval with NO cash coming in.

Your dreams sometimes feel too big for you to achieve.

.....or all of the above.


How I can help you achieve those big dreams

 I ran a successful Etsy business from 2004-2014ish and developed a system for the customer experience that created raving fans and led to a featured seller weekend.  I started my coaching business as a health coach in 2015 and transitioned over to business coaching in 2016. 

 I have delighted product and service based customers and kept them even through tough financial times. Social media pro - check.  Relationship building phenom - check.  Creative outside of the box marketing mind - check.

I put this package together to help people like you in online business, Etsy business, and small business cut through all of the confusion and muck and get out there in a way that reaches your IDEAL customers and makes your their GO-TO even when they have choices.

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That looks like:

🔥 Helping you create strategies to get into the right places so you get seen by your ideal customers.

🔥 Being there to help you get past the mindset hurdles that are holding you back from TRUE publicity for your business.

🔥 Working with you to create strategies to help make you a STANDOUT in your space so that your dream people flock to you rather than your competition.

🔥 Walking you through what your brand REALLY is (you may be surprised that you've been doing it wrong).

🔥 Coaching you through creating messaging that doesn't feel like a root canal to create and has your people falling in love with you!

🔥 Guiding you to create outside of the box strategies and thinking to survive and thrive even when the economy is in turmoil. 

This is where the game changes for you.

Ready to change the game?

Check out the current options and schedule a call to see if working together is a good fit.


Who is this chick with this epic program?

I'm Suzanne Proksa.  Business Strategist and Life + Wellness Coach for impact driven women who refuse to let their dreams slide down into some black hole never to be seen again.  #cubiclesareprisons

In my 4 years as a coach, I've helped hundreds of women gain confidence, establish clarity in their businesses, get visible, create simple strategies and automation to grow their businesses, crush their tech challenges, and start making cash.

The "Official" Bio:

Many women struggle with standing out in the online space especially if their time and creativity are limited.  Suzanne Proksa is a shenanigans-loving Busiiness Life and Wellness Coach who helps powerhouse women design creative visibility and biz strategies (with a side of laughs) that get them seen as THE in demand expert with ease so they can get more eyeballs on what matters and make an impact and cash.

Suzanne uses her creativity, tech savvy, and marketing experience combined with her 20+ years of Human Resources to help her clients uncover their secret sauce and convert that genius into sales.

Suzanne has had her hands in business nearly her entire life from when she was a kid selling her creations in her neighborhood to when she was a Featured Seller on Etsy making over $8k in one weekend selling soy candles.  Suzanne started her online journey as a Certified Health Coach and Holistic Health Practitioner in 2015 and quickly transitioned to the love of her life - business coaching.

Suzanne’s work has been published and featured in the Huffington Post, Medium, Thrive Global, the Amazing Women of Influence Summit, and on her beloved podcast, The Suzanne Proksa Show where she deploys real talk about all things business, health, life and Etsy.

When Suzanne isn’t loving on her business she is obsessing over dogs, tacos 🌮, Marvel movies, dancing, friends, country music and anything light pink.

The time is always now...never later.

Check out the current options and schedule a call to see if working together is a good fit.


The Options

Select the option that works for YOU.


✔ 9 - 1:1 Coaching Calls on weekends where we laser focus on YOUR strategy (this gives you one implementation week per month)

✔ Access to Suzanne via Messenger or Voxer (your choice) evenings and weekends for questions - responds within 24 hours

Materials as needed.

Access to Suzanne's courses and materials during your program.

🔥 Get started for $7,997.


✔ 3 - 1:1 Coaching Calls on weekends where we laser focus on YOUR strategy (this gives you one implementation week per month)

✔ Access to Suzanne via Messenger or Voxer (your choice) evenings and weekends for questions - responds within 24 hours

✔ Materials as needed.

✔ Access to Suzanne's courses and materials during your program.

🔥 Get started for $2,997.


Don't just take it from me


Last chance to tell fear and hiding to take a hike.

I take limited clients.  If you want in, now is the time sister.

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