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SuzCrew Membership

Suzanne's free membership with a free resource hub, super secret Facebook group, insights, discounts, and more!

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The Facebook Disenchanted Girl's Guide to Marketing

Suzanne's guide for women who can't stand Facebook marketing.

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Crickets Crusher Workbook

Suzanne's workbook to help you narrow down why you are getting crickets in your business.

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How to Make That (Im)possible Goal Possible

Suzanne's worksheet to help you tackle those goals that seem so unreachable.


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Visibility Assessment

The first step in upping your visibility game and getting eyeballs on what matters.


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30 Days to Visible

Suzanne's Signature program to get your booty visible and attracting clients and customers in 30 days.

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Confidence Ease Impact 1:1 Coaching

The 1:1 coaching program for motivated women in business and human resources.

Courses & Programs

5 Day Client Attraction Accelerator

$57.00 USD
30 Days to Visible Regular Enrollment

$797.00 USD

Masterclasses & Training

Create an EPIC Lead Generating Challenge

$17.00 USD
How I Tap Into LinkedIn to Reach a New and Highly Engaged Audience

$17.00 USD
Client Attraction Bundle

$111.00 USD


Crushing It With Chronic Illness Summit

$77.00 USD
Elevate Inspire and Build an Empire Summit VIP

$77.00 USD


Health Coach Toolkit - Pay in Full

$497.00 USD
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