I'm OVER the old school marketing tactics.  It's gross. 


Here is what you can expect by joining my SuzCrew:

  • Emails with tips and valuable insights that will actually make a difference for you.  *You're not landing in some 20 email funnel.  WHY does anyone think that's a good idea????
  • Invite to access my FREE SuzCrew HUB on Kajabi where you can find my free resources.
  • Invites to my online business and personal development  communities on Kajabi, Facebook, and Clubhouse.
  • Invite to my community for HR professionals - the HR in Blue Jeans Lounge.
  • Invites to my Weekend Expert Panels on topics related to business, mindset, and health.
  • Free trainings + masterclasses ONLY for SuzCrew Members (make sure you opt in for my groups to get access).
  • Notice of new podcast episodes, lives, and blog articles
  • SuzCrew Member ONLY special tools and discounts to help you achieve those big and little goals in life and business


Let's get this party started! 🎉


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