I'm not here to woo you with some freebie that only covers the basics that you're not going to use anyway. 

I'm OVER the old school marketing tactics.  It's gross. 

If you're here because you dig what I'm throwing down, welcome sister - I've been waiting for you to grab your 🍹 and roll with me!


Here is what you can expect by joining my SuzCrew:

  • Emails with tips and valuable insights that will actually make a difference for you.  *You're not landing in some 20 email funnel.  WHY does anyone think that's a good idea????
  • Invite to my private group The Visible and Profitable Female Entrepreneur ONLY for women who are serious about growing their businesses.
  • Invites to my Weekend Expert Panels on topics related to business, mindset, and health.
  • Free trainings + masterclasses ONLY for SuzCrew Members.
  • Notice of new podcast episodes, lives, and blog articles
  • SuzCrew Member ONLY special tools and discounts to help you achieve those big and little goals in life and business


Let's get this party started! 🎉


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