Is there one little thing keeping you from those vision board dreams?


If you are invisible, you are going nowhere fast.

I bet I know exactly why you're here.  You have a dream as BIG as life.  You have a product or service that you just know deep in your soul that people need.  Either it has helped you or someone you love and it's something you HAVE to share.  As in it's not optional in your master plan.  Gifts should be shared after all!

But you're either a newbie or you're established and nothing seems to be working.  You feel lost.  You don't know why it's not working.  You don't know where you should spend your limited time.  You may even be about to give up because you're exhausted and feeling deflated.

I know all of this because I've been there and I've studied and observed marketing practices for well over 15 years as both a SUPER successful Etsy seller and an online coach.

I wish someone had offered an assessment this low cost when I was struggling.  The "big guys" wanted to charge thousands for this - just getting on a call cost that much.  It could have been a game changer.  That is exactly why I'm offering it now at a fraction of what I should charge.

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Are you ready to get serious about this visibility thing?


The skinny on what's included.

Time to make that business presence unmistakably you and profitable.

Get my eyeballs on your visibility efforts and walk away with actionable suggestions on how to make improvements and start creating groupies (aka people who will whip out those wallets to pay you for your genius)!

How it works:

✔ Complete a simple questionnaire.

✔ Suzanne reviews your social and other outlets.

✔ Suzanne takes a look at your brand.

✔ Hop on a 30 minute call with Suzanne to review.

✔ Get the results with suggestions emailed directly to you! 

✔ You take the suggestions and make improvements and a plan.


Wouldn't it be amazing to get unstuck from the muck?


If you walk away, here is what you are saying "no" to...

FINALLY ending the struggle bus of trying to figure it all out on your own.

I spent many nights crying and feeling "less than" because I just couldn't figure out what to do in order to get all of the raving fans everyone talks about.

Let's get real.  Everyone is selling systems and they have been for a while.  

I don't know about you but I've never fit in those "systems."  I'm a rebel.  I clear my own path.  And quite frankly, I've found common sense strategy FAR more valuable than trying to squeeze into someone else's box.  That's why you don't often hear me regurgitating something I got from someone else's business book (plus that's just not cool).

If you say "No" to this assessment, you are saying no to an experienced set of eyes on your business.  A set of eyes that may see the one SMALL thing that could make the difference between that dream going down the toilet and your telling your boss to shove it.  

Or maybe you will be saying "No" to the revamp your business needs to bring you to 6 figures and beyond.  

And honestly, you could be saying "No" to some hard advice that will save you from putting hours and hours into something that isn't going to work.  I'm going to give you some real deal honest advice and contrary to what a lot of coaches do, I'm not going to BS you if what you're doing may never work.

It's time.  Tell fear to take a hike.

Is it time for you to take steps toward your dream?

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