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The Busy Girl’s Facebook Method Grow Your Business Without Living There


Even though many of us aren't the biggest fans, the truth is that Facebook is still one place that can be very beneficial for your marketing plan.  In this training I will cover how to set up your Personal Page and Business Page to get interaction and build critical relationships for your business.

What you will know and be able to take ACTION on after this training:

✔ How to optimize your personal page for your business and avoid landing your booty in Facebook jail

✔ Develop a strategy for using your personal profile to boost your business efforts

✔ Rock a FUN strategy to make your business page like the party that everybody wants to be invited to and creates a CONNECTION with your audience


In this training, I will show you how to leverage your own group, other groups, and ads to market your business without the yuck factor (or spending 24 hours there with a gallon of coffee) so you can make sales with ease. 

What you will know and be able to take ACTION on after this training:

✔ Considerations for starting a group (and even closing one)

✔ How to prevent your group from becoming a crickets zone or revive one that’s already there

✔ Develop systems and strategies for leveraging the power of other people’s groups without exhausting yourself or giving up after a week  #guiltyascharged

✔ When Facebook Ads are a good idea + a few basics to get you started (I will take you behind the scenes for show and tell)


You know I'm all about full disclosure so here is a reminder with love for you: 

Per the terms, there are no refunds on coaching and programs.  While a refund policy may feel like it would be a great safety net, refunds are not available for this or any coaching programs offered by most coaches. My experience is that refunds are only requested when someone hasn't done the work. If you find you need additional help because something doesn't make sense, reach out. I want you to succeed!