If the statement above makes your heart go pitter patter, I'm here to help you create visibility, marketing, and systems strategies that don't fit the mold the "influencers" try to squeeze you into.

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Which best describes you?

I'm New to Online Business

As a newbie, you have a lot to figure out.  People are throwing terms at you like email list, freebie, visibility, funnel, know like and trust, lead magnet, terms and privacy policy, contracts, discovery calls, and SOOO many more.  Then they say you have to figure out social media.  Whoa momma....that's a LOT!  We all dive in clueless but you can make this easier on yourself. 

If this describes you, this is your button to click! 👇🏻

THAT'S ME! 🙋🏻‍♀️

I Need More Eyeballs on What I Offer

You need to put yourself out there and you struggle with where and how to do that and do it in a way that doesn't give them the whole enchilada (with the guac) for free.  After all, they should pay you for that genius! 

You are quite possibly also a little terrified to share what you offer or get on video....amiright?  And when do you pitch your offers?  

If this is you, click this button.👇🏻 


I'm OVER Old School Funnels... Give Me Another Option

Funnels have made people a LOT of money and can make money while you sleep. 

But people are getting wise to the tactics and some of us are falling out of love with the luring people in like a creeper in a dark alley, ravaging their inbox, creating false scarcity (GROSS), making them feel like they HAVE to have the thing even if they are broke, etc.  You can create your own style of funnel without these tactics.

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I Want to Walk Into Clubhouse Like a BOSS

You know Clubhouse is where you need to be for your business.  You also know that you don't have time to figure it out on your own and random masterclasses aren't going to cut it.

Do I ever have something coming up for you!  Wouldn't it be great to learn how to leverage Clubhouse AND have support from me while you are learning the ropes?  


About me

Helping women just like you get more eyeballs on what matters so you can make the impact you are intended to is THE thing that keeps me going on the daily. 

I've been doing online marketing and customer experience work since 2004 when I started my soy candle biz on Etsy, Bliss Candles (Featured Seller in da house).  In 2015, I dove head first into Health Coaching and quickly moved my hiney into what my very pricey coach told me I should have done in the first place - Business Coaching.

Combine that experience with natural creativity, a Jester personality, and 20+ years in Human Resources and Training and you've got one spicey 🌶 little outside of the box marketer.