27 Constructing The Life You Want By Leveraging The Life You Have with Mika Kinney

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In this episode, Suzanne talks with civil engineer and food blogger Mika Kinney for an in depth look at what it really means to build the life you want. Mika shares her journey to engineer and food blogger and how success in one has lead to success in the other. Mika discusses how to flip common limiting beliefs that lead people to feel as though they are "stuck" in the life they have into opportunities so they can build the life they want. Whether that means leaving an industry or growing from within, Mika will help you find success and opportunity by using what you already have.


Mika Kinney is one of the founders of Joy to the Food, a food blog that is all about making the kitchen joyful, not stressful! Mika's passion for cooking began at a young age when she could be found rummaging the kitchen for spices and utensils to make whatever her brain had dreamt up that day. Mika later became a civil engineer and currently manages multi-million dollar road construction projects as well as her food blog. Mika has been nominated for Top Women in Construction for 2023 and will be featured in the April issue of Twin Cities Business Notable Women in STEM. While construction is an everyday challenge that she very much enjoys, she pursues her creative endeavors through Joy to the Food while simultaneously tackling the challenge of both being the outlier female in one industry while being a female in a sea of other badass and supportive females in another industry.




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This podcast conversation with Mika Kinney, founder of Joy to the Food, discusses the concept of leveraging the life you have to construct the life you want. It is suggested that if one has a certain degree of freedom, whether it be time-wise or financially, they should take advantage of it. Additionally, utilizing skills developed in one's current life can help them build onto their skill set and reach their goals faster.

The conversation shifts to discussing what might be holding women back from taking on other opportunities and using their talents such as limiting beliefs or financial support. It is suggested that setting goals and creating tangible steps towards achieving them can help people reach their goals.

Finally, Mika provides insight on how to approach pivoting in one's career or life path including finding the confidence to follow through with it by having someone who believes in you and being okay with failing.

She also emphasizes listening to your inner voice and recognizing at least one good thing you did each day as important steps for gaining confidence. In this podcast conversation, Suzanne Proksa and Mika discussed how to access the resources available on her website,

Mika shared her advice for listeners which includes utilizing what you already know and have to get to the next step, being okay with changing your mind and failing as it can help you learn twice as much in half the time.


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