30 Crush the Glass Ceiling and Limited Beliefs with Sandra Cooze

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There is no limit to what we can achieve. However, we often feel stuck, unable to move forward. Those are limiting and conditioned beliefs. Once we release them, the glass ceiling will break, and the road ahead will be clear. In this episode we will discuss how it feels when we have hit that glass ceiling and how we can push through, as well as why there will always be a next glass ceiling to break through in order to grow and evolve in life, love, and business.

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Sandra Cooze is an Intuitive Mentor & Coach, Certified Trauma Healer, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Published Author. She created the Full Circle Trauma Healing Method. A multi-modality approach that supports healing not only the trauma, triggers, PTSD, and limiting and conditioned beliefs her clients had to experience, but also the trauma they carried on from their ancestors and generations past. Her recently published book ‘Journey to Your Self - How to Heal from Trauma’. takes the reader on a journey through the mysteries of trauma, and the effects it can have on body, mind, and spirit. While unraveling the concept of trauma she lists helpful tools, leaves room for notes, and encourages her readers to work through the unique exercises she lists to support them on their healing journey.

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In this episode of The Suzanne Show, host Suzanne Proksa interviews Sandra Cooze, an intuitive mentor and coach, certified trauma healer, Reiki master and teacher, and published author. Sandra shares her story of overcoming trauma from molestation, sexual harassment, bullying, sexual assault and rape. She explains how she hit rock bottom but chose to climb up and heal from her trauma.

They discuss limiting beliefs which are often created from our upbringing or people around us. The conversation then shifts to discussing the glass ceiling for women in the workplace and how it is up to each individual to choose whether or not they believe they can do something.

The speaker encourages listeners to never say "I cannot do it" and challenge themselves by pushing through their own glass ceilings in order to grow and develop self-confidence.

Lastly, the speaker talks about divine flow which can help people achieve success in their lives. In this podcast conversation, Sandra Cooze discussed the importance of making decisions and allowing the universe to help you. She shared her own experience of how her business has evolved over the last four years and how it is still focused on trauma healing but has expanded into generational trauma, ancestral trauma, and soul healing.

She also discussed procrastination as an excuse for something we don't want to do and encouraged listeners to ask themselves why they are procrastinating when they feel stuck. The key takeaways from this conversation are: make decisions; allow the universe to help you; understand why you are procrastinating; reach out for help if needed; and learn how to release emotional triggers.

Sandra emphasized that trauma is not a life sentence and that individuals have the power to heal through self-care.

Lastly, she reminded them that the only thing limiting them is their own limited mindset and urged them to push through any glass ceilings they face without fear.

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