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5 Steps to Get Over Your Fear of Facebook Live

blog business and marketing personal development and mindset Jun 17, 2018

Fear of doing Facebook Live…well the struggle is real for many people.  Whether it be because we are afraid of what others might think or feeling like we need a diva light and some crazy ass white or green curtain thing because an expert told us so, it can be a real barrier to growing our businesses.  Here are 5 steps to help you get past that fear:

1. Embrace your expertise.

This alone will boost your confidence.  In the beginning, focus on what you are an expert on and what lights you up so that you can give your very best presentation which will leave you feeling like a boss!

 2. Stop worrying about what other people think.

Comparisonitis can be the killer of dreams.  Listen.  If you are comparing yourself to other people in your field who have been doing it a lot longer, there is little room for you to expand.  Sure you might be like them in a couple years but right now, your best asset is YOU and what you have to offer.  Stop looking over the fence…you don’t belong there.

Exhibiting comparisonitis can freeze you in your tracks…I’m talking inability to create content, looking like a sweaty shaky mess when you’re on live, and looking completely incapable of helping anyone.  Don’t do it!

Most people don’t give a shit what you look like as long as your message is good and you are helping them (aka solving their problem).  Silence your inner critic and show these people what you’ve got!

3. Journal your affirmations every day until you believe 100% in what you are writing.

This stuff is not some woo woo that doesn’t work.  It does work. 

Tell yourself in your journal every day how amazing, successful, rich, badass, gorgeous, happy, healthy and outstanding you are.  Get detailed as hell.  Own this shit like you are living the dream today until you feel like you are living it.  You are a powerhouse.  Embrace that shit!

4. Get the experts out of your head…until you are comfortable.

I’m gonna get some haters on this but while you are just starting out, forget about the $200 light (free sunlight works great!) and the professional equipment.  For the love…you do not need an effin microphone and a fancy camera that hooks up to your phone (how the f…?). 

Yes, there is some solid advice there to use when you are comfortable, making money, and established.  Some day, I will jump on that bandwagon myself – I like my stuff to look good just as much as the next person but on my list of things to do that is the least of my problems.  The truth is, there are people out there getting multiple views with shitty lighting, ratty ass t-shirts, and a background that consists of piles of whatever they are working on in the background. 

5. Ease your fear with notes.

Even the big dogs are using notes.  I know they are looking straight ahead and looking all smart just rattling stuff off but you know what you don’t see?  A whiteboard or flip chart or something reminding them what they need to cover.

Listen ladies…as someone with a horrible case of ADD, I need to keep that shit reigned in and notes are a necessity.  There is no shame in that game!  And the bonus is…it helps boost your confidence when you are starting out and beyond. 

You can get a sweet setup for $50 or less.  A drop in the bucket for peace of mind and your dream clients swooning over you and begging to whip out their credit cards!


Tell me....what is (or was) your biggest fear when it comes to Facebook Live?

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