How to Easily Create a Masterclass Challenge or Freebie

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How to create a Masterclass or freebie

Online business is an odd duck. I remember as a newbie struggling with the whole give away the farm for free thing. Yes, yours truly had the BIG mindset issue around giving away free value. Now I LOVE it!

When people say that people will still work with you even if you give tons of free value, it’s true. One major theme I’ve noticed in all of the sales books I’ve read lately is even they say to be of service, provide value, overdeliver, etc.

What’s in it for you?

You get to show your stuff (think shake what your momma gave ya only in a business sense)! My favorite ways to do this are through masterclasses (aka training, webinars, etc), challenges and PDF freebies. I’m also a huge fan of free calls to help people with a problem they are having. Huge opportunity there to show what you’re throwing down.

I know a lot of people have a hard time figuring out how to put something like this together so I’m going to give you a super simple formula to do just that.

1. Ask people what they want.
2. Figure out what result you want people to get. It’s usually a first step but sometimes it can be a full fledged major outcome.
3. List out 3 to 5 steps they need to take to get there. Pssstt….you just created your outline.
4. Develop an intro/overview to start with.
5. Fill in the details within the 3 to 5 steps. Boom. You ‘ve got your content!
6. Put together any files, landing pages, and emails you need and you are done!

**Oh…and repurpose the daylights out of that shit.

What masterclasses, challenges or freebies can you put together that will allow you to show your stuff?

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