Meet Suzanne

Suzanne Proksa is a Business Strategist and Coach specializing in client attraction, building an unstoppable mindset, and online marketing. She helps purpose driven women with online service and product based businesses build their dream lives with innovative strategies that get them seen as a leader in their field.

Suzanne is on a mission to help thousands of women take their businesses from fledgling to flourishing with her signature client attraction and marketing systems. Suzanne's heartfelt passion is helping women get out of their heads so they can get ahead.

Suzanne has had her hands in business nearly her entire life from when she was a kid selling stuff in her neighborhood to when she was a Featured Seller on Etsy. Suzanne started her online journey as a Certified Health Coach and Holistic Health Practitioner in 2015 and quickly transitioned to the love of her life - business coaching.

Suzanne’s work has been published in the Huffington Post, Medium, Thrive Global and on her beloved podcast, Business Mojo and Margaritas where she gets all up in your business in 20 minutes or less.

When Suzanne isn’t loving on her business she is obsessing over dogs, Marvel movies, dancing, friends, country music and anything light pink.

Suzanne can be found all over social media spreading her message of empowerment and elevating women to achieve what they thought they never could.

My Mission Statement

I want everyone who comes into contact with me and my brand to know that they can live the life of their dreams while being 100% themselves, that they are and always will be enough, and that there is an undeniable path for each of us – we just have to stay on it.

My Core Beliefs

  • Being 100% you will thrust you into a business badass.
  • Success requires slaying fear and having an unstoppable mindset.
  • Everyone has a superpower that can make them rich AF and independent.
  • Women can succeed without cutting each other down.
  • FUN should be integrated into as many areas as possible of your business.

My Life's Purpose

How I Ended Up with This Amazing Business

Prior to this, I was a Health Coach which I originally went into because I kicked some serious Fibromyalgia hiney on my own and I was pissed that doctors are drugging people when they could make a significant impact with lifestyle change instead just like I did.  I am proudly free of any drugs for Fibromyaligia.  Oh…and I am a Certified Health and Wellness Coach as well as a Holistic Health Practioner since June 2015.

Before that I spent a grueling 9 years in a government job with my spirit crushed surrounded by some of the nastiest women on the planet. I felt like a kid in a candy store when I got into entrepreneurship and found out that women CAN and DO actually support each other.  Whoop!

Overall, I’ve spent 19 years in human resources and training.  Now you know where I get my training abilities from!  During that time, I learned valuable skills helping people work through issues and see the big picture of what is truly holding them back and causing them not to achieve their full potential.  There’s no training program in the world that can give you that experience.  

And my fancy graphics capabilities and such…that comes from 30+ years of administrative work.  I am a tech savvy, software obsessed woman on a mission!

My most eye opening revelation was realizing that I’ve been a business person since I was a kid.  Making things to sell in my neighborhood to make a buck was my jam.  In 2004, I started a badass soy candle business that was so booming I actually was a featured seller on Etsy making $8,000 in ONE weekend!  You can actually still check out the feature story from WAY back for fun at

While making my way in the online world, I invested over and over in myself (after a self-admitted freebie fest).  Now I’m excited to be able to offer other female entrepreneurs the knowledge, caring, and tough love that will get them attracting their ideal clients and hearing PayPal notifications…and of course the life on their vision board! 


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