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You are full of excitement and ready to take on the world whether your business is new or a few years in.

You are still learning how to run an online business (#lifelongprocess) and are somehow missing the mark and struggling with client attraction.

Sometimes you struggle with narrowing down focus and are therefore struggling online.

Despite the fact that you are incredible at what you do, you struggle with mindset and confidence but don't even realize it much of the time and it's holding you back.

You are willing to do whatever it takes to make your business work. You're just frustrated because you don't know where to focus your efforts to make the most impact.

You consider yourself somewhat good with strategy and creative AF when it comes to your business but without an outside view, you hold back and continue to make missteps in your business.

You are not going down without a fight. Period.


If you answered "yes" to any of these, working together may be a great fit!

Suzanne Proksa is a Business Strategist and Coach specializing in client attraction, building an unstoppable mindset, and online marketing. She helps purpose driven women with online service and product based businesses build their dream lives with innovative strategies that get them seen as a leader in their field.

Suzanne is on a mission to help thousands of women take their businesses from fledgling to flourishing with her signature client attraction and marketing systems. Suzanne's heartfelt passion is helping women get out of their heads so they can get ahead.

Suzanne has had her hands in business nearly her entire life from when she was a kid selling stuff in her neighborhood to when she was a Featured Seller on Etsy. Suzanne started her online journey as a Certified Health Coach and Holistic Health Practitioner in 2015 and quickly transitioned to the love of her life - business coaching.

Suzanne’s work has been published in the Huffington Post, Medium, Thrive Global and on her beloved podcast, Business Mojo and Margaritas where she gets all up in your business in 20 minutes or less.

When Suzanne isn’t loving on her business she is obsessing over dogs, Marvel movies, dancing, friends, country music and anything light pink.

Suzanne can be found all over social media spreading her message of empowerment and elevating women to achieve what they thought they never could.

Are you ready for some help bringing those big dreams to life?


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