Leveraging Pinterest to 10X Your Organic Marketing Masterclass Series


In this training, we will discuss why you want to be on Pinterest and how to do initial setup on Pinterest to start attracting new leads without paying Zuck.  

What you will know and be able to take ACTION on after this training:

✔ Why you want to be on Pinterest now

✔ Develop goals and a strategy that will ignite your organic marketing

✔ Laser target to get the right eyes on your profile, boards and pins (and make it ridiculously easy for people to find YOUR content with ONE click!)

✔ The must-have inexpensive tool that will make Pinterest a breeze for you (demo included so you know how to use it right out the door)



In Part 2, we will continue where we left off in Part 1 and dive deeper into strategy and ideas you can use to promote yourself on Pinterest without shelling out a bunch of clams. In this session, you will learn how to increase your reach on Pinterest so you can get thousands of leads for your business for FREE.

What you will know and be able to take ACTION on after this training:

✔ How to claim your website and YouTube channel to get attribution and analytics for your content

✔ Enable rich pins to add more information to your pins and help you stand out

✔ *New Feature* Leverage communities to build relationships and pump up your traffic

✔ Get your pins shared and re-shared to get crazy epic traffic to your website using Tribes

✔ Create and participate in group boards to skyrocket the visibility on your pins (and get increased views on your content)


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