5 Things Developing a Brand Does for Your Business

blog brand Mar 31, 2018

5 Things Developing a Brand Does for Your Business


I had the privilege to be involved in two amazing brand exercises and the result will be life changing for me and my business.


Contrary to popular belief, your brand is NOT your logo and colors.  It is what you stand for, who you help, your beliefs, and the feeling you want your potential clients to get.


Now I always tell my clients to “just be you” so they attract their ideal clients and quickly realized while doing my exercises that I was only about 70% of the way there myself.  True story.  Having come from a stodgy government job it took me MONTHS to get to the point where I felt comfortable doing what I thought was being me. 


And so, I did the work.  Revamped my one liner, created a mission statement, developed core beliefs, got more clear on my ideal client, and named my brand personality.  I now have a clear brand and mission from which I can develop every...

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