4 Ways to Give Value Without Giving Away the WHOLE Farm

4 Ways to Give Value Without Giving Away the WHOLE Farm

One of the most common questions I get asked is how to know how much is too much when it comes to free value. And I have to give my wishy washy answer….it depends. It depends on your business, what your goals are, what you are leading up to, and more.

What I can say is that your intuition can be a powerful tool. If you start to feel icky like I did about providing something free then it’s probably time to reign that in. Truth be told, my Instagram Famous Biz Babe Challenge, Load Up Your List Challenge and several Masterclasses I did this year ALL should have been paid offerings. Every single one. And participants told me that!

Today what I want to talk about is some guidelines to help you determine where to put on the brakes when sharing. Have you ever noticed that lately all of the posts in Facebook groups seem to be rah rah post without much substance? They are getting you excited and reeling you in without...

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