Incorporating Self-Care When You Have a Chronic Illness and a Business

For any entrepreneur, self-care is a critical piece of keeping our sanity and keeping the quality of our work top notch. But for the woman who also has a chronic illness, it’s even more critical to have a solid practice in place to take care of you so you can handle the demands of both your business and your chronic illness.

Contrary to popular belief, not all self-care is related directly to health. In this article, I’m going to hit on my five favorites for staying in this crazy game called entrepreneurship without wiping yourself out or feeling like throwing in the towel every other day.

1. Schedule in your health related must-dos.

So this one you were probably expecting. I am going to interject a little tough love here though. For a lot of us, we are trying so hard to keep up with the hustlas that we don’t give ourselves permission to slow down and execute those fancy health regiments we have set up for ourselves so we don’t go off the deep end of...

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