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How Understanding the Stages of Change Can Boost Your Business

How Understanding the Stages of Change Can Boost Your Business


Whether we have been the ones to put a hault to something that could make a miraculous change in our life or it is someone who is considering becoming a client, it is not uncommon for people to exhibit this kind of behavior.  There are stages that people go through when there is a problem in their lives.

It is important to know this information so that you understand how to help your client or if they are in need of space to proceed to the next stage.  I suggest doing a general categorization of your potential clients so that you know where to start.  Following is an overview of what these stages look like:


Stage 1 – Pre-Contemplation

This is where people are in denial and can’t even see the problem.

The future or what might be is not a good enough motivator.

The “Why” is not strong enough.

The likelihood of getting them to work with you are slim if they are in this...

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