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3 Things to Think About If You Are Going to Be Using Facebook Ads in the Future

3 Things to Think About If You Are Going to Be Using Facebook Ads in the Future

If you are expecting to use Facebook ads in the future, check out my tips on 3 things you should make sure you are doing now to ensure that your audience is laser focused and you aren’t tossing dolla bills out the window. 

 1. Make sure your Facebook Page likes are your ideal clients or customers.

In the future, you will likely be using this audience to do two things including marketing directly to them and creating look-a-like audiences from them.  Therefore, you want to make sure these are your ideal peeps or Facebook will be targeting people who are not your ideals (aka you will be spending money on advertising to people who will not buy from you). 

When inviting people to like your page, make sure they are the right people.  You want quality over quantity.

 2. Get your pixel installed on your website, lead pages, training sites, etc.

Another audience that you will...

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5 Steps to Get Over Your Fear of Facebook Live

5 Steps to Get Over Your Fear of Facebook Live

Fear of doing Facebook Live…well the struggle is real for many people.  Whether it be because we are afraid of what others might think or feeling like we need a diva light and some crazy ass white or green curtain thing because an expert told us so, it can be a real barrier to growing our businesses.  Here are 5 steps to help you get past that fear:

1. Embrace your expertise.

This alone will boost your confidence.  In the beginning, focus on what you are an expert on and what lights you up so that you can give your very best presentation which will leave you feeling like a boss!

 2. Stop worrying about what other people think.

Comparisonitis can be the killer of dreams.  Listen.  If you are comparing yourself to other people in your field who have been doing it a lot longer, there is little room for you to expand.  Sure you might be like them in a couple years but right now, your best asset is...

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Do Your Offers Focus on What People Want?


I always talk about my epic fail as a health coach when I was creating offers with what people needed rather than what they wanted.  The result was a seriously empty bank account.

People purchase based upon wants and perceived needs.  My people didn’t want gut healing help (which they truly needed).  Their perception was that they just needed some minor dietary changes and minimal movement to help with their inflammatory issues.  They wanted to be able to do things with their families again but they didn’t want to put in much work.  Sad but true.

My offers involved a lot of work and several changes.  They were far from what people wanted both in content and structure.

Talk to your people.  Find out what they really want right down to how they want it structured.  If they aren’t thrilled about what you’ve come up with, find out why and dig deeper to find out what they will...

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