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008 | 4 Struggles That Come From Lack of Clarity

business clarity marketing podcast thesuzanneshow Jan 01, 2021
lack of clarity

Episode Description:

Lack of clarity in business can be the killer of a lot of dreams. Today I'm discussing four struggles that can come from a lack of clarity and give some guidance on what to do to fix it.

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The Imperfect Transcript: 

Welcome to another episode of the Suzanne Show. I am Suzanne Croxa, your hostess, business strategist and coach for women and businesses with visions and missions for themselves and others that make them leap out of bed in the morning. I talk a little business, a little personal development and whatever else I come up with. If you love the podcast, tell your friends and please do give me a rating.

Hello, we all need those, right?

So let's move on with the episode. I hope you love it.

Hello, I am pumped to be here today.

Yes, I am back at it again. A lot of you know I took a very extended break and I am back. So I am super excited to talk to you today about the four struggles that come from lack of clarity. This is going to be for you if you find yourself struggling to create content and come up with program ideas. You just struggle and struggle with creating those posts, creating those blogs.

When you go to create a program, you are like, oh, I just don't know what to create and what to put in this thing. If you feel like you are all over the place with your business, hello.

Listen, when I was unclear on what the heck I was doing, you would find me in Canva day and night.

Does this sound like you?

Canva or making my website pretty?

Oh, my goodness gracious. The hours spent in Canva.

Next, you never seem to follow through on anything with your business. Just tons of grand ideas and then you get going and you are like, oh, I don't know where to go next with this. This is too much, et cetera. If you are still with me, thinking this is going to be for you. If you don't know who I am or even if you do, I will reintroduce.

I am Suzanne Proxa, I am a business strategy coach for time strapped women ready to tap into some leverage visibility and strategy so they can stop feeling like they are getting nowhere and finally see some rewards for all of those efforts and actually have some time for themselves and not be spending all of their freaking time online or gag me in Facebook groups. That is who I help and what I do.

I am also a self professed, first of all, dork, taco obsessed, Marvel obsessed, Mandalorian obsessed, getting ready to watch Wonder Woman kind of person who embraces every little bit of Irish that I have in me.

And yeah, you can tell. So you can find me on social media just about anywhere at Suzanne Proxa. Even my Facebook group, when you go to search for groups, my actual URL has Suzanne Proxa in it. I have made it easy across the board. And if I can ever get into clubhouse, it will be at Suzanne Proxa as well. The struggle is real with that.

Even with an invite, the darn thing will let me in. So I don't know. So some of you are watching live today. Some of you are listening on the podcast. So know that either way, if you are more of a visual person, you will be able to catch the live video. If you're part of my Sue's crew, I'll tell you how to get in there next.

Or if you're a podcast person, you're probably overjoyed. You can head over to the podcast once this episode is uploaded and you can just listen.


So let's talk about the four clarity struggles. And I'm sure there are more. But these are the top four that came to mind for me. And they're in no particular order.

All right?

So number one, what offer to create. This often happens with a lack of clarity on who your ideal client, customer, whatever is. And when you're not clear as far as what they want. And we have to remember, you've probably heard this time and time again, that what they need isn't always what they want.

I remember when I was a health coach, and it was for people with chronic illness, fibromyalgia, things like that. Basically the things that I have that I've worked on and had success with.

And you know what?

They didn't really want to do the things that were necessary.

You know, they wanted something, a quick fix, something simple. What they really needed were a lot of dietary changes and life changes and things like that, that of course a lot of people just aren't willing to make. So you really have to, if you know your audience, this actually becomes really easy. If you're really clear on your audience and you have that time with them, this actually becomes quite easy.

It's amazing when the switch gets flipped. Like you just know, like you're just like, oh, it's, oh my goodness, this was an all along kind of thing.

And you really, you know, once you figure out who the person is, then if you can just start paying attention to what are they talking about?

Because they post about it. They talk about it. And I guarantee if you're in Clubhouse or get into Clubhouse, if you really listen, you're going to figure this out real quick. Listen to the people who meet your ideal customer avatar, whatever you want to call it. And in 30 days to visible, we're absolutely going to dive into this a lot more.

So if you are somebody who's like, oh my gosh, I just don't even know, you know, where to start with this. Don't worry, we've got you covered in 30 days to visible. We will talk about this and help you out. So number two, where to get visible. Oh my goodness, the struggle is real on this one. Okay.

So I think that, you know, this is a result often of not knowing your audience, you know, not knowing where they spend their time online, not knowing how they absorb content. Once you get those things figured out, the angels sing once again, and you just know where to go what to post and all of that.

You know, and I'm talking about like even we have a real a real thing with people thinking social media is the only way to market and there's just so much more out there. I think you have to think about all the ways that people consume content. Now obviously most of us aren't going to be advertising or getting out on like news stations and media stations and things like that.

But some of us are. Some of us are.

And then there's publications, you know, are they are these, you know, more online readers?

Do they go to blogs?

Do they look at online magazines?

Or are they still doing the old school thing and picking up those magazines at the grocery store and they're checking out, you know, are they going to Barnes and Noble and looking at that magazine section, which is droll worthy, you know, how are they consuming that content is something that you really want to consider because let's face it, like after this election cycle there are a lot of people you can you could just watch the mass exodus like in the business community.

Like all of a sudden there's these people who are like larger than life, always in Facebook, blah, blah, blah.

Moving over to Instagram or moving over to TikTok, which is a whole other discussion and thing that we we talk about in 30 days to visible, you know, where you where you should be going and where your strategy should be that kind of thing because I'm sure we've all seen some of these amazing people who are freaking bosses like on Facebook or YouTube or wherever it is Instagram, excuse me, and they are like over struggling with TikTok because some expert told them that they had to be on TikTok.

It's like, no, you don't have to be on TikTok if you don't want to be on TikTok. All right. Is it great for some people have so freaking lootly the lady who I can't think of her name. She it was definitely in her wheelhouse like she's animated. She's fun.

You know, all of that loves the camera.

I mean, truth be told, I'm kind of that way, too. So I get it. She she took to teaching TikTok right away, right when it was new. And I'm sure she's making bank right now. So just all depends on, you know, your expertise and all of that.

And again, we'll cover all that in 30 days to visible. But I just want to mention some of these things to get your wheels turning. OK. And so again, once you get clear and you know where your peeps are, it's so much easier. Number three, confidence.

OK, so let's face it. First of all, 2020 hot mess. I think we can all agree on that. I actually tend to lean toward trying not to complain about it a lot because it's just one of those it is what it is scenarios and we know it's a dumpster fire.

And what can you really do other than to do whatever you can to keep yourself happy, keep your people and things all going in the right direction.

But not only that, but then we also have all of these mindset issues that we have, whether it be from just upbringing or just being a normal human, you know, comparison, it is and worrying about what our family is going to think, you know, the fear thing, being afraid to put ourselves out there.

You know, some people hurt my heart because they they don't want to get on camera because they don't feel like they're attractive enough or whatever that is. That just hurts my soul. But so we have all these things right.

And then we add to it a lack of clarity, a lack of clarity on who our people are, what they want from us, what they want to hear us say, what they want to hear us put out into the world. And that just adds to it and creates a snowball effect.

So then reasonably so, if we think about this, you know, getting clear on what they want to hear from us, how we can help, how we can make an impact, as most of my followers want to make some kind of an impact. So you'll hear me use impact often. This raises your confidence because you're so much more sure about what you're doing and putting out into the world.

And then of course, you have to work some more on some of those other things that we come in with in the first place, you know, worrying about what our family is going to say and all of that shenanigans. And once again, you know, 30 days to visible, we talk about that, you know, getting that confidence worked up, you know, worked out and things like that.

So not being clear just adds to the mix, right?

The poop storm. Number four, what content to create.

So oh, content creation blocks. Hello. I think we've all been there. If you're brand new, you probably definitely have it. I can't tell you how many times once again, ended up on Canva, somehow sideways, because I just couldn't figure out what to write what people wanted to hear that day. And it's absolutely because I just did not know my audience. Okay. And of course, this was when I was new.

And then also, in my business, like a lot of people do, I had the whole struggle with the identity crisis, like, do I let them know what I'm really like?

Do I let them see all of this animation?

Or do I do stodgy professional?

I started with stodgy professional. Lord have mercy people, my videos as a health coach, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, I was reading, I had to read, I have not always been like, able to just rattle stuff off, you know, I was not always that confident, or have that level of expertise where I could just blah, blah, blah talk. It was awful. Okay. So didn't know what they wanted.

Didn't really know who my people were. Totally confused on my own brand.

Again, another clarity issue. So I was trying to be all stodgy. And the interesting story is that once I decided I did, I've been so blessed, you guys with the coaching and everything that I have received.

I'm so blessed to work with a branding person, actually a couple different people go through the surveys and stuff that kind of get you your personality and that kind of thing, was finally able to embrace all the kooky and goofy. Hallelujah. Because you know, life for me is about fun and humor. And if I can't do that, I struggle. And so making content was a real struggle in somebody else's voice.

That's exactly what it was. I was trying to create in somebody else's voice. Once I started using my own voice. Oh my gosh, so much easier. So what you can see here, you know, if you look at what I have on the slide, content roadblocks can often stem from clarity issues or even strategy issues.

I got to tell you, if you know what you're trying to accomplish and who your audience is, content creation gets a lot easier. And so this is why the canned content calendars and stuff like that don't work for a lot of people.

Of course, you don't hear from those people, because you know, everybody's putting their positive testimonials up there for these things. But you know, here's your content calendar for 365 days. Here's my content system that you too can use. Believe me, I've bought those. I've looked at those. I've bought canned content up the wazoo as a health coach, which is absolutely freaking ridiculous because I actually am certified, went through a very pricey program.

You know, the content in the world, but again, all these other things that we just talked about. And so there's a reason why this stuff doesn't work, because it's not geared toward what you're trying to accomplish. If you're just putting stuff out there to put stuff out there, it's just going nowhere.

You know, so like, it's like putting, I don't know, pins all over a map, and not really knowing your destination.

I mean, how are you ever going to get to your destination, if you don't have some kind of a plan?

And how are other people going to know what the destination is, if you don't have some kind of a plan?

You know, it's the same, it's the same concept here. Once you get that clarity, once you get that strategy reeled in, then the clarity comes. And this is another thing that I am just beyond pumped to teach in 30 days to visible as well. Because I just think that there's so much that you can learn and narrow down just by getting some clarity and some strategy together.

I tell you, I think there's a lot of people who have been terrified to get out there, or who feel like they're just getting nowhere and nobody's paying attention to their content.

You know, people who really just have no idea how to strategize, who are going to just completely thrive after this program. Oh my gosh. And you know, people who listen, listen, I love Gary Vee, I follow him, I absolutely do pay attention to what he's got going on, Neil Patel, you know, all of them. Because I like to see all the new platforms and stuff like that.

Obviously, I'm into visibility, I'm also super techie, super techie. And so that interests me. But what the problem is, is that a lot of new entrepreneurs, you know, will see that and they'll see that Gary Vee is like, follow me on TikTok, follow me on Instagram, follow me on Facebook, follow me on, I think he's still doing Periscope too.

You know, follow me here, follow me there, oh, YouTube, I mean, the dudes everywhere. And he should be because he's got a staff of like a bazillion. But that isn't necessary. And doesn't work for everybody. And so we're going to talk about that when we cover, you know, things that are around number two, you know, where to get visible and that kind of thing.

So hopefully, you got something here that made you think, oh, my gosh, that is that is probably where my problem is, I need to figure this out. So clarity is the first step.

All right, I think clarity is so freaking valuable. When you're in business, you know, flapping around like a fish out of water, throwing shit at a wall, whatever phrase you want to use, I just I it's painful. It's painful, painful to be the person in it. And it's painful to watch from the outside.

And you can just see it like I see people putting questions in Facebook groups and stuff like that that have absolutely no purpose. And I just so badly want to help them because it just it happens a lot more than it needs to.

Okay, so first thing I want to mention, re-mention is that this will be in my SUSE crew hub and also the slides for it as well, or at least the transcript. So if you're SUSE crew member, you'll have this in the resource hub.

If you are not a member yet, you can go to SUSE, you can see that SUSE with a Z and get yourself signed up and then you get access to my resource hub. You get tips and trips, tips and tricks from me. You get an invite to my Facebook group.

You also get to you get invoice invites to different training sessions, master classes, challenges, whatever it is I'm doing at the time. And then you also get sizable discounts for programs. And you'll get you know, on a whim, I'll send out a discount on something else. So you're the first to hear about things that come out. So all for free. So I would get in there today.

And then I keep talking about 30 days to visible. Right now until January 2, it's open for founders rate. So the normal rate is 797. And founders rate, you need a coupon code that is action taker, all capital letters action taker. And that will get you $300 off. So you can get in as a founder for 497. And you get like all the updates.

Okay, so that's what that's the benefit of being a founder for for something if people do it the way I do is that of course you know this is going to get re released and improved over time. And you will get that all that new stuff.

Okay, so and then you're also going to get a significantly discounted if you actually want to just take part in, you know, the live portion of it. When I run it again, I mean really significant because you're already going to have access to the materials. And so the way I've set up the founders is that you are in a product that is just going to keep getting updated. So can't lose. Okay.

So hope to see you in their 30 days to visible calm I made it super simple.

And yes, this beautiful screenshot is what it will look like on the inside. So I thank you so much. I hope you enjoyed the live today, holler at me in the comments.

You know if you're listening on the podcast, you know, make sure you join the Sue's crew make sure that you get into my Facebook group and roll with me on social media so that we can talk and and connect and all of that good stuff. Okay. So thank you so much. Hope you found this valuable and I will talk to you guys soon.



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