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45 Create The Confidence to Go After Your Dreams with Christi Pratte

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This is the episode on confidence and imposter syndrome that will change the game for you! In this episode, I speak with Christi Pratte, the founder of HustlePretty.Co (a digital women's empowerment brand) and Ghost Girl (a freelance writing service for female entrepreneurs). She shares her story and how you can create the courage and confidence to take a leap of faith in the pursuit of your dreams...even when you can't see how it will happen yet!

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Christi is a luxury brand copywriter, freelance ghostwriter/copywriter, and contributor to some of the top women’s empowerment digital and print magazines in the industry. She’s the founder of HustlePretty.Co, a brand centered around empowering women in their passions and careers to find unstoppable levels of success, as well as Ghost Girl, a freelance writing service for women-owned brands and businesses. Christi loves watching women reclaim their power and rise up into their fullest potential, all while leading the way for the next woman.

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In this episode of The Suzanne Show, host Suzanne Proksa sits down with the inspiring Christi Pratte to discuss how to create the confidence to go after your dreams. Christi shares her journey of having multiple jobs while simultaneously pursuing her passions for teaching, boxing, and writing. She started blogging in 2016 with the Passion Warrior Project, focusing on finding passion and avoiding burnout. Later, she rebranded as Huckle Pretty Co., where she empowers women in business and entrepreneurship.

One of the key topics they dive into is imposter syndrome and the power of Y-power. Christi explains that imposter syndrome can affect even experienced individuals, but being solid in your Y-power, which is the intention to help others, can combat this self-doubt. By anchoring back into their Y-power, individuals can bust through fear and noise and stay focused on their goals. Christi emphasizes that Y-power may stay the same even as career paths or external circumstances change, and it is empowering to know that it is always with you.

The conversation also explores the importance of following your intuition and passions. Christi candidly shares her own experience of feeling unsure and doubting herself, but having a deep passion for writing and a calling to pursue it more intensely than ever before. She advises listeners to get into rooms with people who are either farther along or on the same journey as them in order to achieve their goals. By surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals and exposing yourself to new environments, you can start thinking and believing differently.

Another important takeaway from this episode is the discussion on self-doubt and underselling. Christi highlights how women often lack confidence and undersell their intuitive knowing due to internal and external noise. To combat this, she encourages women to focus on their personal motivations, be intentional before sharing their dreams, and seek out supportive friendships and mentorship. Christi believes that every expert was once a beginner and had a mentor, so it's important to take chances, ask for help, and bet on yourself.

In conclusion, this episode of The Suzanne Show with Christi Pratte is an empowering conversation about creating the confidence to go after your dreams. Christi's personal experiences and insights shed light on imposter syndrome, Y-power, and the importance of following your intuition and passions. Listeners are encouraged to anchor themselves in their Y-power, surround themselves with supportive communities, and take chances in order to build their confidence and pursue their dreams. Suzanne Proksa and Christi Pratte provide valuable insights and inspiration for anyone looking to step outside their comfort zone and go after what they truly desire.

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