The Blog How Women Can Thrive in Male-Dominated Workplaces with Mayda Poc (HHR EP47)

How Women Can Thrive in Male-Dominated Workplaces with Mayda Poc (HHR EP47)


From Wall Street to your podcast playlist, Myda Poc spills her secrets on how women can conquer the corporate world and leave a trail of success in their wake.



In this episode, we dive deep into how women can thrive in male-dominated workplaces, featuring insights from someone who has navigated the challenging terrains of Wall Street and transitioned into a career strategist and executive coach role. The discussion covers an array of topics, each providing valuable takeaways for women aiming to excel in their professional lives.

Self-confidence is a crucial factor, beginning with reflecting on personal achievements and learning from mistakes. Often, people fail to see themselves objectively. When viewed from an outsider's perspective, many realize that others admire them. Embracing this external admiration, even if it isn't immediately apparent, is vital for self-assurance. Knowing you've done well so far lays a strong foundation for continued growth.

Feedback, especially unsolicited feedback, can be daunting. It's essential to understand that self-promotion isn't about compromising integrity but about advocating for oneself. Self-advertising plays a meaningful role in personal growth and goal attainment. Establishing boundaries and avoiding people-pleasing behaviors to prevent conflicts are also emphasized. The professional environment's evolving dress code is acknowledged, encouraging women to express their personal style through accessories like jewelry and makeup while maintaining professionalism.

Interestingly, every word, email, and sentence serves as PR for oneself. Although it might seem selfish, making others work late isn't a direct result of one's actions but rather the job's demands. Being mindful of one's perception and consciously deciding how to present oneself is crucial. Additionally, mentoring juniors offers a way to guide and improve their work efficiency.

The episode highlights two significant workplace challenges for women: the environment not being designed for them and a structured schedule aligning more closely with masculine norms. This setup often clashes with women's cyclical mental, emotional, and biological rhythms, impacting energy and motivation. Adapting to such schedules poses unique challenges.

At the outset of their careers, the speaker didn’t concern themselves with being recognized as a woman in their role but quickly earned respect. In previous finance jobs, the speaker was surrounded by women, a factor that didn’t inhibit their ability to ask for what they wanted or express anger. Their communication style varied with men, being assertive and unafraid to confront annoying behavior directly.

The podcast stresses the importance of recognizing that staying in any situation is a choice, advocating for exploring available alternatives. Confidence in the workplace can be bolstered by acknowledging both personal and professional accomplishments. Everyone, including top executives, experiences doubts and fears about making mistakes, a sentiment echoed by discussing impostor syndrome. Seen as a potentially healthy voice, impostor syndrome can help question decisions and highlight areas for improvement.

The investment banking sector, which has traditionally been challenging for women, has seen significant progress. The percentage of women in the field has increased exponentially due to growing opportunities and changing mentalities. The outdated "locker room" mentality is gradually being replaced, contributing to a more inclusive environment. Sharing a successful collaboration with a Latina client, the speaker illustrates how embracing cultural identity can advance one's career.

Despite facing derogatory comments and sexism from senior colleagues, many women remain passionate about finance. Their skills and dedication enable them to thrive in the industry despite barriers. This episode serves as an empowering guide for women in male-dominated workplaces, advocating for self-confidence, setting boundaries, embracing personal style, and seeking growth opportunities.


From Wall Street to Career Strategist and Executive Coach.   After more than 16 years in the financial industry, in Paris, London, and New York City, and a 'life happens' event, Mayda Poc left Investment Banking to become an international career coach, focusing on helping executives find more zen, fulfillment, and purpose in their lives and careers.   As your typical overachiever, Mayda holds multiple certifications and accreditations, speaks 4 languages, having spent part of her childhood in Syria then in France.  She now resides in New York City.



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