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Crafting Quality Content in Minutes with Mike Moreno (HHR EP07)

"Building a strong relationship with your audience involves regular communication about what your business excels at, showcasing behind-the-scenes operations, and highlighting the personalities behind your brand."   SUMMARY (AI ASSISTED) In this episode, we delve into the world of creating effective and efficient content with guest Mike Moreno, the owner of Much More Media, a content consultancy business. Mike and his wife, both with production backgrounds, assist busy ...

Two Easy Ways to Get Out of That Content Creation Slump Today (HHR EP03)

"By aligning your content with your goals, you can create teaser content, quotes, or simple posts to generate interest and drive engagement."   SUMMARY (AI ASSISTED) Are you battling a content creation slump? It happens to the best of us, especially when faced with brain fog or self-doubt. But fear not, as there are two easy ways to ignite your creativity and get back in the game. First, consider tailoring your content to a specific purpose, whether it's a new program ...

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