The Blog The Big Lie: What's Going on with Online Entrepreneurship with Rachel Allen (HHR EP48)

The Big Lie: What's Going on with Online Entrepreneurship with Rachel Allen (HHR EP48)


"The big lie is that you as a solopreneur or as a person who has a small team can and should do the same types of things that businesses with international marketing departments do." -Rachel Allen



The "Big Lie" is the notion that solopreneurs can achieve the same results that businesses with entire marketing teams can. Rachel explained that the rise of DIY courses, 90-day boot camps, and similar resources often suggest that solo entrepreneurs should be managing a wide array of marketing tasks that even large teams struggle with. These tasks range from posting daily on multiple social media platforms to producing weekly newsletters and sales letters, creating courses, and writing books. Rachel emphasized that it’s simply not feasible for one individual or a small team to do what international marketing departments achieve. This unrealistic expectation leads many solopreneurs to feel like they’re failing when, in reality, they are set up to believe in an unattainable standard.

Rachel pointed out that distinguishing genuinely helpful resources from those perpetuating unrealistic expectations requires self-awareness and a critical eye. Before investing in any resource, solopreneurs should ask themselves why they think they need it. If the answer is influenced by external pressures rather than aligning with a clear, existing strategy, it may be worth reconsidering. It’s crucial to focus on resources that teach adaptable tactics rather than promoting a one-size-fits-all solution.

A significant point Rachel made was the responsibility of seasoned entrepreneurs and industry leaders in promoting healthier, more realistic expectations. She urged transparency about the context in which their advice and methodologies worked, and the importance of not manipulating people through fear-based marketing tactics. Emphasizing the difference between strategy and tactics can lead to more effective and ethical guidance for newcomers in the industry.

Rachel also provided a fascinating analysis of the current trends and shifts within the online entrepreneurship realm. The generational cohort shift, post-pandemic changes, and the varying levels of experience among entrepreneurs have all contributed to a dynamic and challenging environment. Entrepreneurs are now finding that old strategies are no longer effective, and there is a greater demand for high-quality, craftsmanship-focused efforts. Rachel herself adapted by replacing the traditional newsletter opt-in with more engaging, value-driven offerings like free workshops, which have significantly increased her engagement and client base.

For solopreneurs wondering about the best course of action, Rachel’s advice is clear: bring your very best to everything you do. Human-to-human interaction and deeper engagement are more valuable than ever. Avoid large cohort-based approaches and be wary of anything promising a quick fix. Entrepreneurship is about constant problem-solving and adaptability. Those who thrive are the ones who embrace these challenges and focus on delivering exceptional value.

Rachel concluded with her top takeaways:

1. Understand that as a solopreneur, you cannot replicate the efforts of large marketing teams. Stop beating yourself up over it and avoid buying into courses that claim otherwise.

2. Recognize that this year has been particularly unusual in business, with many shifts and challenges. It’s not always this tumultuous, and things will eventually settle.

3. Focus on human interactions and quality craftsmanship. Building genuine relationships and delivering high-value content will lead to deeper, more rewarding client relationships.

Rachel Allen's wisdom and pragmatic approach provide an invaluable perspective for anyone navigating the online entrepreneurial space. Her emphasis on authenticity, realistic expectations, and human connection offers a refreshing and actionable blueprint for success in this dynamic field.


Rachel Allen makes words make money. The owner of Bolt from the Blue Copywriting, she’s worked with some of the some of the top names in the entrepreneurial world -- including Jonathan Fields, Todd Herman, Shaa Wasmund, Marsha Shandur, and Mara Glatzel -- as well as influencers, brick-and-mortar businesses, and non-profits around the world in 21+ countries. She's consulted for clients in industries ranging from accounting to astrology, and her work has directly contributed to phenomenally successful launches, books that end up on airport bookshelves, and in one memorable case, a client getting an MBE. She's also run a phenomenally popular session at the World Domination Summit and regularly speaks to audiences of all sizes about effective communication.



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