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41 How to Uncover Your Purpose When You Don't Know Where to Start with Trang Nguyen

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On this episode of The Suzanne Show, host Suzanne Proksa speaks with purpose and performance mentor Trang about the importance of living a life of purpose. Trang shares her personal journey of leaving the sports industry to pursue a life of impact, and emphasizes the crucial role of purpose in leading a fulfilling life. Listeners are encouraged to write down takeaways and apply them in their daily lives, such as starting with the end goal in mind, staying connected to their purpose, and overcoming imposter syndrome. Take the first step towards fulfilling your heart's purpose with this transformative episode.

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Trang is a Purpose and Performance Mentor who helps you as you pivot, redefine your career, or transform your life to live out your purpose and potential. In her mid 20's, Trang experienced a quarter-life crisis that led her to leave the sports industry so she could contribute to change at a more comprehensive and global scale. Now, Trang is determined to help other women step into their greatest power and thrive in their lives of impact. Because ultimately, when enough individuals are thriving, then humanity will thrive. And when humanity thrives, then the world can thrive for all forms of life and future generations.

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In this episode, the host of the podcast interviews Trang Nguyen, a purpose and performance mentor. Trang began her career in the health and sports industry, but eventually felt a deep sense of guilt after accidentally stepping on a snail while out for a run. This event led to a quarter-life crisis and a desire to make a career change that aligned with her heart's purpose. From this experience, Trang learned the importance of starting with the end in mind and asking oneself what really matters in life.

Throughout the episode, Trang emphasizes the importance of living a life aligned with one's heart's purpose, rather than simply following societal conditioning or current routines. She offers a "creation method" that involves emotionally and spiritually connecting with one's purpose and vision, and then becoming more and more micro until planning out one's week and day. Trang also stresses the importance of consistency and perseverance in achieving one's goals.

The episode also touches on the common experience of impostor syndrome and offers strategies for overcoming it. Trang emphasizes the importance of crowding out negative thoughts and feedback with positive reminders of one's strengths and successes. She also encourages listeners to do the best they can and to not doubt their capabilities or worth.

Overall, this episode offers practical strategies and insights for living a life of purpose and fulfillment. Trang's personal story and experiences provide relatable examples and inspiration for listeners looking to make a change in their own lives. She emphasizes the importance of staying connected to one's purpose and using that connection as a force of change towards a life of abundance and purpose.

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