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43 Chaos is the New Clarity with Chelsea Rosner

Episode Description:

In this episode, Suzanne chats with Chelsea Rosner about life's chaos and why it makes you a success, not what keeps you from it. So often we view being the black sheep or our chaos as a negative in life .. when in reality, the things that mold us are the very tools we use to unlock our own clarity and gifts.

Guest Bio:

As a Business Chaos Strategist & Clarity Specialist and Certified Master Life & Performance PUSH Coach, Chelsea Rosner works with ambitious women to help them fast track success based off their unique experiences and individuality. As the founder of Badasses Unite and programs like the Entrepreneur Elevator and Crack Your Own Wellness Code, Chelsea uses her unique skills and degrees in lifestyle redesign, kinesiology and business rehab techniques to help ambitious women entrepreneurs identify how to showcase their most authentic self in their online presence, bring light to what's holding them back on both micro and macro levels and show them how to navigate from where you are in business currently to leveling up their alignment and letting a successful business be a by-product of a badass life. Chelsea currently lives in Georgia with her husband, two kids, and two giant dogs and is usually day dreaming about some kind of DIY project or where the families next trip/vacay memories will be!

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In this episode of The Suzanne Show, host Suzanne Proksa welcomes guest Chelsea Rosner, a business chaos strategist and clarity specialist. Chelsea works with ambitious women to help them find success and alignment based on their unique experiences and individuality. She uses her skills and certifications as a life coach to help women embrace their authentic selves, eliminate self-imposed limitations, and navigate their way to a successful business. Chelsea shares insights into how she got into this line of work and discusses the importance of recognizing the connection between our subconscious minds and the alignment we seek in our lives.

The conversation focuses on finding clarity from chaos, which is a common challenge for women juggling multiple responsibilities. While society often advises seeking balance or practicing mindfulness, Chelsea explains that these approaches may not address the specific ways in which women's brains are wired differently. For women, chaos feels different and requires a deeper understanding and solution. Chelsea helps women bridge the gap between knowing what to do and actually executing it, as well as recognizing the impact of their accomplishments.

To gain more clarity in life despite the chaos, Chelsea emphasizes the importance of awareness. It starts with recognizing the stories we tell ourselves and how they shape our actions. Our subconscious mind searches for past examples and emotions related to our current situations, which can create a distorted perception. By becoming aware of these patterns and examining the thoughts that arise, we can start to shift our focus to the quiet voice within us that brings peace and alignment. Working with a life coach can be instrumental in this process, as they provide guidance and help us ask better questions to uncover clarity.

Chelsea also highlights the need to embrace our authentic selves and understand why we are the way we are. This self-acceptance allows us to raise our vibration and live in alignment, which ultimately leads to a successful business and a fulfilling life. By eliminating stigmas and judgments, both from external sources and from within ourselves, we can create a space where we can fully embrace who we are and how we operate.

Overall, this episode offers valuable insights into finding clarity amidst chaos. Chelsea encourages women to recognize the unique challenges they face and to cultivate self-awareness and acceptance. By doing so, they can navigate through the chaos and create a life and business that aligns with their true selves.

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