5 Steps to Achieve (Im)Possible Goals as a Busy Female Entrepreneur

5 Steps to Achieve (Im)Possible Goals as a Busy Female Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is no joke, especially if you are juggling multiple things in life – being a momma, working full-time, or both. This can make our goals seem impossible and cause us to wave the white flag on our dreams (which are there for a reason by the way).

In this article, I’m going to talk about a technique that will have you reaching those goals and finally exclaiming, “I did it!!!”

I’m going to break it down into steps for you.

1. Pick one thing to tackle.

First, you want to look at which item or items on your to-do list for your business will get you the most traction. Is it that book? Is it that course you can’t seem to get created? A program that you have stuck in your head that will help thousands of women? Or even a Facebook live promise to yourself – 30 days straight or bust? Let your intuition guide you…it’s rarely wrong.

2. Figure out the...

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7 Reasons People Aren't Buying Your Offers

7 Reasons People Aren't Buying Your Offers


Lately, there has been a lot of talk from frustrated entrepreneurs who can’t get people to actually pay them for the services and programs.  It’s disheartening and can make even the most badass of entrepreneurs want to throw in the towel. 


When we go to try to diagnose what is happening to make our biz efforts bomb, we have to be open to looking within and how we may be sabotaging our own efforts.  Only read on when you are in a place where you can embrace this and empower yourself to make some changes.


The first 5 things I’m going to discuss are typically where your “I can’t afford it” people fall.  And I am referring specifically to those who actually can afford it but they aren’t investing.  Let’s dive in!


  1. They aren’t in the right stage of change. I’ve been educating people on this for a while.  If you haven’t read...
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How Understanding the Stages of Change Can Boost Your Business

How Understanding the Stages of Change Can Boost Your Business


Whether we have been the ones to put a hault to something that could make a miraculous change in our life or it is someone who is considering becoming a client, it is not uncommon for people to exhibit this kind of behavior.  There are stages that people go through when there is a problem in their lives.

It is important to know this information so that you understand how to help your client or if they are in need of space to proceed to the next stage.  I suggest doing a general categorization of your potential clients so that you know where to start.  Following is an overview of what these stages look like:


Stage 1 – Pre-Contemplation

This is where people are in denial and can’t even see the problem.

The future or what might be is not a good enough motivator.

The “Why” is not strong enough.

The likelihood of getting them to work with you are slim if they are in this...

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5 Things Developing a Brand Does for Your Business

blog brand Mar 31, 2018

5 Things Developing a Brand Does for Your Business


I had the privilege to be involved in two amazing brand exercises and the result will be life changing for me and my business.


Contrary to popular belief, your brand is NOT your logo and colors.  It is what you stand for, who you help, your beliefs, and the feeling you want your potential clients to get.


Now I always tell my clients to “just be you” so they attract their ideal clients and quickly realized while doing my exercises that I was only about 70% of the way there myself.  True story.  Having come from a stodgy government job it took me MONTHS to get to the point where I felt comfortable doing what I thought was being me. 


And so, I did the work.  Revamped my one liner, created a mission statement, developed core beliefs, got more clear on my ideal client, and named my brand personality.  I now have a clear brand and mission from which I can develop every...

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5 Signs You Lack Clarity in Your Business and How to Fix Them

5 Signs You Lack Clarity in Your Online Business and How to Fix Them

As a business strategist, one of the first things I look at when someone is struggling in their business is whether or not they are clear on who they are serving, their mission, their core values, and where they should be focusing their efforts.

More often than not, people exclaim with glee that they are clear on all of those things and have all of the necessary pieces in place.  And more often than not, they really don’t have those things and it is a hard pill to swallow. 

 When we go into business, we often have a beautiful visual of how it’s going to be and we go into it wanting to help all of the people.  Health Coaches, for instance, often go into the field wanting to help women lose weight.  Way too broad and snooze worthy to boot.  It’s not their fault.  It’s just our strong desire to make our mark and impact on the world has us reluctant to narrow...

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