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018 | Strategies for Achieving Wilder Success with Gwendolyn Wilder

business podcast success thesuzanneshow Jan 01, 2023

Episode Description:

In this special episode reboot from SuzPro Live, join Certified Business Strategist and Consulting Coach Gwendolyn Wilder as she shares her journey to success as an entrepreneur and business coach. Learn the three foundations of research, competitors, and dictators necessary for success in business, how to use words of encouragement instead of sympathy when dealing with difficult situations, and the SMART goal system for achieving success. Plus, discover how to use automation for your business and appealing words and visuals when creating products or services. Tune in now!

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This podcast conversation with Gwendolyn Wilder, a Certified Business Strategist and Consulting Coach, focuses on two ways to attract clients and achieve success. Wilder is a survivor of both domestic violence and sexual assault and uses her experiences to help others get out of similar situations. She explains the three foundations of research, competitors, and dictators that are necessary for success in business.

Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of using words of encouragement instead of sympathy when dealing with difficult situations. The speaker also introduces their Wilder Strategy which provides individual steps to facilitate these three things as well as setting sales goals by thinking of what is needed for personal and business goals. They discuss the SMART goal system which stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely in order to achieve success.

Lastly they suggest taking at least one day out of the week for self-care in order to maintain balance between mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of self. This podcast conversation focuses on the strategies for building a successful business. The speaker shares their experience of going to stores to promote their book and doing a SWOT analysis to determine what worked and what didn't.

They suggest picking up the phone, moving around, asking questions, and sending surveys to get more information. Additionally, they explain that a target market is a group of people that you want to try and reach out to while an ideal client is someone who would benefit from your product or service.

They emphasize the importance of providing free services and products in order to build relationships with potential customers, as well as investing in yourself and your business. Automation is also discussed as a key factor for success, with the speaker sharing how they use Kajabi for automation purposes.

Finally, they discuss the need for sex appeal in words and visuals when creating products or services as well as energizing an audience when selling them.

The Imperfect Transcript:

Welcome to another episode of The Suzanne Show, where I talk a little online business, human resources, personal development, chronic illness, and whatever else I decide to chat about. I am so excited that you are here and I love to hear from my listeners. Please feel free to reach out to me on my website,, or on all the socials where I'm also Suzanne Proxa.

And don't forget to put that K before the S. Let's move on with the episode. I can't wait for you guys to dive in. Hey beautiful human, just a quick note that the episode that you are about to listen to is from my former show, Suze Pro Live, but it is so good that I just wanted to make sure that it was still being shared. So enjoy.

Suzanne Proxa here, business strategist and consultant for another Suze Pro Live. And I am with Gwendolyn Wilder. This girl is on fire, totally on fire. I'm so excited to have her today. She is always full of energy, always full of insight. She's got so much going on. She is a Kajabi addict just like me, and you are absolutely going to love her.

So I'm going to do what I always do and toss it over to her to actually introduce herself and tell you all of the things that she's up to. Oh my gosh, first of all, thank you so much.

Seriously, I don't think you really grasped the magnitude, I'm not going to intro, but I don't think he grasped the magnitude of how phenomenal it is for me to be here with you right now, because I was stopping you.

And I'm seriously, you, Kristin, and there's a couple other people that I'm just like, how do they do that?

Do you remember me just emailing you or just like, hey, can I do this?

So you are quite responsible for this craziness right here. So know that. And that's why it's like really important for me to be able to just be here and be in this moment and just be appreciative. So thank you. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I really appreciate it. You are welcome. I am thrilled. You got that little teary-eyed sound there too, because I get really emotional because I'm very brave.

So who am I?

Okay. So I'm Gwendolyn and I'm an author of Certified Business Strategists and a Consulting Coach. And basically in my life, the problems are around two things, helping victims, abuse victims to transform from being victims into what I call kick-ass survivors. So I want to help them build self-awareness, self-confidence, gain certainties and become entrepreneurs. So gain advantage and defend this by becoming entrepreneurs.

And then I also just work with businesses, whether it's someone who already has a pre-existing business or working with corporate, helping them to create positive corporate results. And that's what my life is pretty much all about and that's what keeps me busy. That would definitely keep you busy. Especially this week with the whole Me Too movement.

Oh yeah, I put my Me Too in there.

Yeah, I definitely put my Me Too in there. And I literally, I had an interview before this one with our local television station, because you know, October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

And so we were having that conversation where people just do not understand this like this huge movement about sexual assault right now because it's a little hard to be, you know, white assume being, but you know, really usually people talking about domestic violence and you know, it's just as impact and it's just as powerful.

And whether or not people want to hear it, I'm going to hit you with some statistics really quick. But the CDC says that every minute there's 20 people that are impacted by domestic violence.

So can you just imagine, you know, just imagine a room full of people that you know, 20 of those people are impacted in some shape, form, or fashion, either they experience it or they know someone that has experienced it and that is just too much.

And so that's why, you know, being a survivor of domestic violence and a survivor of those sexual assaults, I decided to, you know, turn those crisis situations into an opportunity to be able to help myself because it's the narcotics, but then also how do I know other people to get out of that?

And so that's what gives me joy and that's what gives me fulfillment. And I believe that that's my life purpose and that's where God wants me to be. So I'm going to keep doing it until he says stuff. But amazing purpose and mission. Definitely. And I think we've seen the last couple of days that it is a huge problem. Yeah it is. It is.

So, and it's busy. It's busy. All right. I definitely say that it's not just our tool. Our tool is just the busiest love, but yeah, it's just to be on the grind. Yeah. I was in tears this morning. My whole news feed was full of it. Oh gosh. That's like, man.

Well, you know, and then here's the other thing too.

You know, I always try to tell people that you can't, you can laugh. You definitely can laugh your way through this stuff.

You know, sometimes we can, you just can't be in that well it's me state and you can't be the own person so sorry for you. You can't be like that.

You know, when you are in a victim state, we, when you're in a victim state, it's very difficult to jump out of that if people are always making you feel like the victim. And so that's why I think it's important for families and for workers to, you know, keep using encouragement instead of words of empathy and words of sympathy. Use words of encouragement and empowerment instead.

You know, because I think that motivates them, or at least for me, it motivates what I see and motivates people to like I'd say kick ass and to get out of this situation.

But yeah, I really understand what you're saying.

I mean, it's a, it's a terrible situation. I just like to try to put this into something positive. That's awesome advice and definitely something that I will remember when I run across that situation again. And hopefully, you know, yeah, hopefully I don't run across that situation. And if you, you know, like I tell people, tell it, you know, that's why I tell people it's okay to tell the story.

And if somebody people embarrassed and say, I don't care what you're talking about, sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic violence, any type of abuse, don't keep it in, tell someone about it. Just think of how many women would have been, you know, they would have avoided these situations if they just had the courage and the support that they needed to tell somebody about it. Exactly. Definitely. All right. Wow.

So today we are talking about two ways to attract clients and wilder success. And I know we were talking before we came on that my people, my clients, they, this is the big thing.

How do I get clients?

How do I attract clients?

How do I get out there?

So they're going to be stoked about this. So you know, the funny thing is I'm going to tell you, you know, I'm trying to make it super, super fast, but so a lot of people who may not know who I am before I got on this, I'm an author, consulting coach thing.

You know, I used to have another business and I learned that it was two, these are two completely different ways of operating. When you're working with government contracts and you work in this consultant, those are two different types of businesses and you have different types of clients.

And so really have to figure out how are you going to approach those people?

But before that, where the heck are they?

Like where do you find these people?

And so that's what I had to figure out the hard way because with government contracts and it's easy, I just went to the websites and everything is listed right there. And then I just, you know, put in a bid, I get awarded and life is great. Right.

But when I became an author, it's like where the heck are all the readers that I need to read this book where the people that, you know, interview me for guest speaking or skirt to me for consultations, like where do I find all these people?

And so that's where I came up with what I call the three foundations. And then those three foundations are supported by the, you know, love this, the wow, they're six steps. I know everything. I always try to create these little fun, like cool names and things, but my last name is just cool anyway. So I figured I'd just use that because it works.

You know, the acronym really does work. And so basically it's those are the two ways to attract the funds and I'm just going to go through them.

I mean, can you mind I'll just share a little bit and it's just a snippet or, you know, like I was telling you before, I have a class coming up next week about that. Okay. So the three foundations, research, competitors, and dictators. So with research, there's two parts. So I figured that you really need to know who you are and you need to know what your business is all about.

So for me, you need to know what is it that you're willing to do and what is it that you're not willing to do, you know, how far are you willing to go?

Because every friend that comes to you is not a good client or should I say every prospect that comes to your door doesn't necessarily mean that you need to work with them.

It's a, don't be blinded by, I need to take care of this bill. I had to take, you know, buy braces for little Sally or, you know, whatever the case may be.

So having that right money mindset and just having the right mindset period is a part of one of those strategies that I'm going to talk about in the wild or six steps, but just doing the basic research within yourself and knowing who you are as a person and what you're willing to put up with and what you're not willing to put up with is going to be key.

And then with the business is just understanding, you know, what is it that you truly want to get out of creating a business?

Why do you want to create the business?

Do you want to create it just because you want to get out of debt or do you want to make a global move?

You know, so just identifying that, doing that research within yourself. And then when I talk about competitors, which is number two, the second foundation, this is absolutely key. I see you have to identify who your top 10 competitors are and then figure out their squat and everybody should know what that is.

Use strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, right?

So understanding what they're really good at, how in the heck are they making that happen?

And then what is it that they're not doing so that way you can figure out a way to feel that boy. That is essential. That is absolutely essential.

And so, and that's, I literally did that. So for instance, in my first business, I was doing investigations for a lot of discrimination and sexual harassment. My number one competitor was the EEOC.

Now, there's no way I'm going to compete against the EEOC.

I mean, they're like huge, right?

So what I did was I joint ventured with them. I became an infinite contract for them. I figured out what it was. I came out from the gate and was like, look, I'm trying to start my own business. This is what I want to do. I'm not trying to think you down. I'm not cooling in, you know, the barberry and I'm going to turn and just roughhouse you.

But I want to start my own little place in the world. And this is what I want to do and how I want to do it. And then I figured out something that was really impactful and powerful. They were doing all of the really amazing stuff with the investigations and the reports and they had tons of funding, which I didn't, but something that they weren't doing.

They weren't able to connect that human factor and provide self-awareness. And so self-awareness is really key. You go in and do the investigations, you get the report and then you're like, all right, see it.

Well, that's where I come in and I picked up the pieces from there. And then I take them through that after the investigation portion. I think you heal past that point. I do you connect the team with team building, with counseling and trading, additional trading. That's where I came in. I picked up the pieces.

So that's what I'm telling people is identify what are the weaknesses that your confederate is not doing and then knock it out. Add that to your programs or products and then make that.

And then the third part of the foundation container, you've got to have a product or service, but how are you going to bring it out there to the line?


Like I want to sell fruit. What you're going to sell the thing, you're going to put them in containers and then sell them individually or even selling by the bundle.

You know, so you need to know what is that you're going to provide to the world and how are you going to provide it to the world?

I can't tell you whenever I have a new client that comes in and you're like, yeah, I want to do so myself. Okay.

So how are you going to facilitate that?

How are you going to get that thing that we're talking about to these people?

Are you going to individually keep it to them or are you going to drop ship it?

Like how does, how does that work?


So those are the three foundations. And in order to make sure that those work, that's where I come in with the wilder strategy. So there's individual steps to facilitate those three things. Somebody says so far. It does. So you know, I know one thing that people are probably thinking and I don't know if this is like a big secret that's, you know, in the course and stuff.

If it is just say, no, not telling you, but, but I bet you people are out there going, how do I know who my top two competitors are?

Well, yeah. It's in there. Yeah. I'm telling you because you know, think how much do you want to say without saying, okay, so I'll say me.

You, well, you know what?

Yeah, let me think.

How do I say that?

I'm going to wait until I get to the I parks and that we'll kind of talk about it a little bit and just remind me when I get there because let's start seeing it. I see what she's saying. Okay. It's Monday. So the first part is the W which is we're going to smart clean.


So now when you hear the word smart and think of, oh, smart goals, specific, measurable, right, and all that, the table realistic and all that. So I just took those and I just converted it or made it into my own thing.

So you're still being specific with the ends, right?

But you're being specific with your sales goals. Now usually people say, oh yeah, okay. I want a sales goal of $10,000 a month. Okay. I don't work like what I do is I figure out what is it that I really want to have for that month. So I need a new laptop.

I need a new mic or I need a new set of gear because you know, I tell you, I have this new television series, right?

This will be starting next month. Like so excited. I need new clothes for that.


I can't wear the same outfit like every week. So you know, you take a look at what those things are that you want to vacation. I was here. I only can rotate stuff so much and make us wear on with it or something. So you think of what those things are that you need to facilitate.

I need a new VA where I need to add, you know, a publisher to my team or whatever.

How much does that cut across?

Then it's going to tell you how much money that you need to make. And then you need that. Oh shit.

Like cushion, right?

Because something always the way I put it. So you know, I always say, do you need to have like a little bit of money just to, you know, in there floating around, you know, maybe one or $2,000 just kind of like, oh gosh, let me just make sure I got something here. So that's what the sales goals looks like for me. So I'm not saying no, don't have like a number.

I'm just seeing truly think of it. Think of it in the aspects of what is it for your personal and your business goals that you want and then put dollar amounts to those. So you've been identified. This is the target number and then how are you going to, and we'll talk a minute about how are you going to achieve that, but still have an ocean cushion fund add to there.

Well, and I like that too, because then that kind of goes along with the whole law of attraction thing too.

So girl, yeah, see, you just see, like I'm saying that for it's late. It's like two more, two more. So then the next one is M for measurable.

So how is it going to happen?

So you know, okay, here's my sales girl and here's the products and everything that I need to create.

Well, how's all this stuff going to come together?

So essentially you're figuring out who's going to be on your team and what are the tools and products that you're going to need to, or products with these systems and structures are generated to fit in place, right?

To facilitate that. So I like to think of it as I'm a super checklist kind of person. So I always like to have tracking systems and have like a project management database and you know, these are the things that keep me warming up. It's in keeping me just, you know, I know what I need to do and where I need to be.

And so that's what I'm talking about here is you need to be able to track all of that stuff and have people that are going to help you facilitate because yeah, we started out as one, but in order for you to be a successful business person, you cannot continue to do this by yourself.

You just can't, you need a OVM, you need a VA, you need, you know, so many different people on your team to make it all come together. So if somebody figured it out and they could do it by themselves, let me know. Then it would be really cool. And then what you're just talking about the law of attraction A. So this is the A in the smart card.

So I believe that in order for you to be successful in your business, you have to attain management.

And what that means for me is practicing like, trust me when I tell you, I have every secret book that's here, you know, the magic or head roll of it, right?

Because I think it's important to practice mindfulness, gratitude, understand your levels of stress and I'm a big component of driving a balance between the four aspects of self.

So mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. And so I specifically have practices that I do every single day. And then there's some that I do every single week. And this is where I pull out all my books from the secret and then, you know, I'll practice all these different things.

You know, I read my Bible, you know, I talk to God, you know, and you don't tell people, you know, you have to have some type of connection with source. It doesn't matter what your source is, mine just happens to be God. I love God. I believe he, you know, says I need to be on this mission and he supports me on this mission.

Whatever your source is, you need to have one. That's why I refer it to the secret because it is the practices in the secret to me, they kind of go hand in hand in line with God's promises in the Bible to me, you know, kind of go together. So I just think it's important for you to be aware of all those things and try to balance all of that.

So that's totally with you or having the right mindset because that's where the force goes really heavy in here into understanding using the right mindset, whether it's for money or whether it's for peace and calm. And then I talk about me time and why that's important as well. Yeah. But that's self-reporting.

You know what I do?

I make each of my clients, I make them choose one day that is a me time day. And then they have to tell me what it was that they did on that day. So I make them have fun at least one day out of the week. I know they did something that is relaxing and enjoy because you know how it ends.

You first did find her just super excited because you know, we're ready to get this thing and then they don't know it's going to be this roller coaster of emotions from that point. You're all this like, yeah, it's stressful and everything's going to be fine. And then I'm like, hello, you just got no idea.

And I just keep them going and positive energy because I want them to understand that this is an amazing dream, but you don't have a plan. Just really nearly just look for it. You literally have to have a plan to make all of this come together. So this goes with the R in smart, realistic, have realistic goals. Stay in your lane. Okay. Stay in your lane. I can't listen.

I have a cousin. She's a share. Right. And what she does, like she's shopping and she's like perfect. She could dream it. She can cook it. I can't do all this way. She doesn't. Right. My name is to get the gab. Okay. I work with people. I talk with people. That's what I do. And so I advise people have realistic goals based upon your expertise and your educational experience.

So if you are really amazing at public speaking, writing, whatever it is, stay in your lane and focus all the rent and get really amazing at one thing. That's it.

You know, and then you, if you don't have the, if you don't have something, for instance, one of my clients is a fitness instructor. Okay. You're really great at exercising your body. Instead of looking like bam, boom, you know, until you get your certification, you know, focus on building your credibility with your past experience.

What it was you did in your prior job and how you worked with clients in their past experience. Right. So that's how you continue to build realistic goals. So you don't lose that energy. That's what I kind of focus on there. So and then timely is that last little part there.

So having, there was a term when I used to be in the air force back in 1930, there was a term I used to use called estimated completion date. It's real easy to D right. And so that's what I tell people is you need to have in order for accountability, you have to have an estimated completion date.

This is why you need to have team members because you can hold each other accountable, right. For getting to whatever the goal is. So this is why, you know, I go here with my checklist and my project management database because I want to be able to see, Oh my gosh, I got three months and I still haven't been yet.

You know, I'm a freaking an early off, but it's good to have those timelines because it really helps you to stay focused on what it is you need to do and not get distracted because you know, your vision is not going to come to fruition unless you stick to what those goals are and they're just there and they pop up.

And so I live by my phone, my iPad, because the visually are like, hit me in a bit.

It's like, did you know, you're not two more weeks before Liz, you know, they're kind of thing. So that was the W that was just the W. Oh wow.

No, right. There's a lot of moving parts, but that was just the W. And so just think how it would be like in the class, but this is the short version of just the W and then the I, right is identification.

So earlier we were talking about identifying, I didn't know who your people are, right?

Your clients, the staff, right?

And your competitors. So the I is for identification. So identify your target market, your ideal client, your competitors, your items in the value. So when you talk about identifying who your competitors are, that's a Google.

That's exactly what I already, now keep in mind in my first business, I already knew who they were because I was already in the industry, right?

So I already knew, but when I started my second business, which was becoming an author, I Googled number one author dealing with books on domestic violence for you, right?

And then I booked and then I drilled it down. So I went globally and then I went all the way down to my city. So when I decided to go here, here's a little trace of yours. So when I decided to start my book tour, I literally Googled Vinglass, the number one author that had the most book tours in my city. So I could figure out where they went.

I want to say for me, but you know, where she went and like how many places did she go?

What was receptive?

Cause sometimes people put information. Yeah. You just go. The internet is like my best friend ever. Nice. Yeah. And that's how I figured it out.



So where did she go and then how did it work for her?


And then where did she not go?

So I went to the, went to the stores that I went to and was like, Hey, I want to, you know, I'm this new author. I'm going to put my book out there. Can I come and do, I get to my book tour and I come to a book reading or a book signing.

And then I said, Hey, do you know authors?

Have we ever been here?

And they're like, yes and no.

How did it go?

What did they bring?

And then I did a SWOT analysis.

See what I'm saying?

Like I'm figuring it out.

What did they do?

What didn't work?

So you don't need like a big ass spreadsheet trying to figure out, you know, who your favorite people are. I just picked up the phone. I moved and then I picked up the phones and then how I figured out, you know, who the person was. And so then from there, it was just a matter of trying to build that piece of what didn't happen.

And then I just asked them, okay, the person that was the most successful this year at your store, what did they do?

What did they bring with them?

And they'll tell you, they'll tell you. I literally just did a four book tours last week and, and this is essentially what I said.

So how did it go with the last one?

What happened?

What didn't happen?

And then when I do my client surveys, I always send a survey to where I go and saying, okay, how do you think that, what can I do better?

What would you like to see me do differently?

That's another way to get that information and get that market research. I went way too far on it. I wouldn't wait to. So then identifying your target market and your ideal clients. So sometimes people say, oh, I know exactly who I want to serve.


Don't you really?

Because I think that there's two different, at least in my world, in my brain, there's two different things. I think a target market is a group of people that you want to try and hit, or you want to try and market to.


So for instance, for me, you know, author writing books about domestic violence and management. So my target market are people that are suffering or dealing with abuse. That's the general, that's the group of people that I'm trying to get a hold of.


So my ideal clients, you know, like with my books would be people that were victims or survivors of domestic violence. So and specifically women. And then in terms of bringing down more demographically from there with age and so forth.

But the group, people, people, you know, or I can say the shelters, right?

Because that's another big group.


But there's tons of shelters out there.

So then how do I break it down?

Like shelters, shelters specific for women of domestic violence or shelters for men dealing with abuse.

You know what I mean?

So that's how I break it down.

Well, you know this, but like the people, I feel so weird telling you this, but this is like your stuff. So funny. Funny. It was like, so then I teach them the, the rest of the I is two things, item and value.

So for the item again, yeah, and you know what your product or service is, right?

You need to have more than one. I think it's great to just have like one thing that you're really great at, but at some point people get tired of eating just apples every time they come see you.

So you want to have different, you want a green Smith apple?

Do you know what kind of apples do you have?

You just got red apples. Like you want to spice it up a little bit.


So I tell people that you shouldn't have like these two signature, you know, programs, products, so that way people have some options. Right. But get really great at like that one thing and make sure it's like slamming. And then you could introduce like that Nixie, but no matter what you do, which is the last part of the I in add value.

So I do believe that if you gear, then you will see. So the more you give, the more you receive. That's why I'm providing, you know, free stuff, a free ebook, you know, with this interview that we're doing today. But I tell my clients, I didn't start out making like a billion dollars. I did a whole lot of free guest speaking.

I did some free book tours, you know, I even getting some books in life for free because I knew that it was going to come around, you know, on the back end. And so that's what I tell people. And you have a method to don't get me wrong. So be it just great. I hope it works.

Well, I know it's a play for that too. But all of that to say, you want to make sure that you're giving because definitely it will turn around for you from the back end. And people are going to start investing into you. You're going to see the quality of the work and how dedicated you are to that product or to that service.

And they're going to see like, wow, you know, this is amazing. It's really good information. I want more of that. So I know you like it sister. Which is my favorite part learning automation. Oh my God. I just tell you how many nights I would spend and how many days I would spend creating email sequences. And I love writing emails. Like that's a new program. I know.

It's just like, what?

I'm telling you for me, it's like crack candy. It is so like, this is like my theme. And I did. So here's how I would do. So in the beginning, like I just think sometimes I sit back and I think at how advanced the differences between my first business and my second business, because I didn't know in my first business about email automations.

I was literally typing out emails, right?

Like sitting literally typing them out, putting them on Word and then every day copy pasting, like that's what I would do.

Well, when I started this business, I was nobody. I'm doing these different this time around. Like I need to figure out because this is a whole new ball game.

And so, you know, like I did, I looked at my competitors and you know, I went to who now is one of my mentors and I love her the neck, Jessica Nazarelli.

And you know, I was like, she's swinging her wings, you know, like, she's doing what she does and you know, and I went through one of her programs and I was like, what is this automation thing she keeps talking about?

You know, because she uses the evergreen files and I was like, oh my God, this is amazing. And that's where I really fell in love with creating email because once I realized that this, I love creating content. I love writing a number.

I love writing, but now I really, I get to write the emails and enjoy writing them because I don't have to write them like just sit there all day and just write it and it's going out to the universe, right?

I don't have to like follow up with people when they send me stuff. You go into a different sequence depending on what it is that you do.

And that's where I teach my clients because if you're not doing that, you're wasting, you're losing kind because you're spending too much time out there hustling when you could be working with those high end clients instead of creating emails or, you know, working on things books.

I mean, that's ridiculous sitting there posting everywhere, creating images, Instagram, and then like post another thing, you know, over here on Twitter. That's like too much. It's too much. So it knew all that to say automation is people's best friend. So I just take them through the whole process of how I use that and Kajabi was a life saver.

She actually, she introduced me to the job and I was like, so I immediately got rid of where I was before.

And now, you know, I mean, they have all these new features that they keep rolling out and I'm like, oh my God, you can't make my life so much easier. Yeah.

I mean, they're new features. Seriously. There's nobody else. Yeah. I didn't get paid for promoting them or something. I should too. I'm always out there. Yeah.

Yeah, and so I think I need to, and so I constantly, I'm telling people go to Kajabi one cause it's cheap cause I was on a budget, right?

And once I realized how amazing those freaking landing pages are. Yeah.

Well, and it's funny too, cause people think it's too expensive and I'm like, well, it makes us bounce off of ClickFunnels.

Well, oh my gosh. Now I don't even, I never actually use ClickFunnels and I don't deviate.

Well, I don't tell people not to go there cause I don't know. I don't know. It's a serious bullet.

You know, it had changed their own. I don't know. And then the D in Wilder is design on kickass containers. So all right.

So when I, so people ask me, right, okay, you have a book. Like what's so special and just has it out of book. Can't you just put it like in Barnes and Noble and then that's it. It's done or Amazon, whatever.

Now like, okay, but you got to continue adding value, right?

So like with my books, I give away one less free VIP book club access because I want to do a book reading for the book. I create eBooks like the eBook I'm going to give, you know, for people that watch this interview.

But it's all about making this sexy, right?

And making it pop and making it fresh. And so I think that when you put these products and these services into things that are visually appealing and informationally appealing, that's what drives them to buy whatever it is that you're selling.

You know, if it's like, does the boring, just, I have this book, buy this book.

Is it?

Is it something?

Has it started like, I don't know. This is just something that seems to help you in any shape or form of fashion. So I think, you know, it has to be fresh and top and like I said, just be, you know, has to kind of sex appeal, not just visually, but the words as well. And where you frame the words.

I learned so much about the place of words, like literally the placements of words and then whether to capitalize the words and where you should capitalize the words and how impactful that is. So these are the little tips that I learned that word that I just share with people because I'm like, did you know that if you like, if you just have like a continuous cross paragraphs, that's boring.

Nobody wants to read that, chop that shit up, right?

Like I call it the chop black temple.

Like just, you know, you got to spice it up in there. And you know, it's like dating. You don't want to just sit there listening and saying dry, you know, conversation. Nobody goes to read a boring, dry and just looks the same formats. But some pictures there, you know, put some pictures in your smile.

You know, I had a client in my, he was like, Oh, she, you know, I've got pictures on my page and I'm going, but she don't have any pictures of your products. I put pictures of what it is that you're selling so people can see it, you know, because you have put his line in this amazing business where he builds like these fountains and I'm going, put your stuff in the fountains.

So people say what it looks like when it's done, right?

Like, yeah, that is amazing. Like awesome. So you should do that. And then the E, which you were talking about earlier, energizing your audience.

So for me, you have down to stay like a 100, like all of the time, nobody wants to buy anything from someone who was like, Oh my gosh, I have this amazing book that you should read.

You know, everybody wants them and it starts with the sales pitch, whether your sales pitch is verbal or whether your sales pitch is written. I think it's important to keep that in mind and keep that energy. That's why you and Kristen were like, I'm serious. I stopped off like never.

Like, why should they do that?

Like, how do they get the people's?

I remember when I heard like five people in Facebook, like, I don't know how many now, I think it's like 3,800 or something like that. But I don't know.

It was like people, like, how do you get so many people?

Like how do you do that?

And y'all were just like, start us with you. All right. Yeah. Yeah. It's just my funny faces. Yes. Now you know what it is. You just screen them. Like you just, you know, there's no pretend this is just, it's just you. And I think that's what people forget is just be you like, like, you know, my son, Tom's when he's like, mom, you cool, but you Corey.

So I accept that, that I'm cool and I'm clarity, you know, that not, I tell like one good joke a year.

So I, I focus on that because I'm like, okay, I give you a whole bunch of like serious stuff. And then I'll tell you like one good joke and then I'm done. Right. So you got to, you know, focus on what you're really good at, but that's right. And keep your people energized.

And so while you're doing this and you're giving them like little tidbits of funny and you know, give them some types of, you're telling them why they need to come to you, why your product is the best.

How's it going to change your mind?

Cause it's all about transformation.

I don't care what you, if you're selling golf clubs, you're going to make them like this buffer on the golf course because your golf club is going to do ABCD, right?

So it's all about transformation. So that's where I think people forget them.

And so you have to, what we're thinking of sales pitch and then are that this is the last one, right?

This is it. I know while there's a long dance me, but that's what, and it's the most simplest. It's revised. It's revised.

Oh, I was messing up review, revise, repeat. So essentially just go for everything and tweak it if you need to tweak it and then do all of it.

Just do it all over again and I know it sounds like it's a lot of moving parts, but it really is just, you know, three pieces research competitor, container, right?

So research who you are, research your business, know who your competitors are.

I say at least that if you only have one break, but at least two, I know there's probably two of them out there that are doing what you're doing, right?

And then your container, what product or service do you have in Hydro-Maker Kegax?

That's the key.

And then just use those wilder steps, right?

To just work a smart plan, identify, learn automation, design Kegax containers, right?

Which is what I talked about. I would then energize your audience and then review, revise, repeat. I know this a lot, but the class is like really in doubt, but that's the gist of how I go about attracting clients is implementing these foundations and the strategies.

Well, and like for you then, which of those things, like what are the top two that you think got you to where you are?

Like the top two of those?

Shwing tank. Yeah. So I would probably say the identification one for sure. So knowing who your target market, your ideal client, and know who your competitors are. That was like for real, no kidding.

And then value, right?

Because I'm always trying to figure out what type of value that I can add to the individual and how I can transfer them.

So for me, you know, because I'm an author, I want people to get education about whatever it is that I'm talking about.

Abuse, business, narc, whatever, right?

And then how are they able to help someone else with the knowledge that I gave them?

So I'm not only just adding value to them, but I'm helping to further my overall mission, which is globally, right?

So how can I help them take that information and help somebody else?

So you read the book, you learn the warning signs, and the basic violence. Now you can share it with your school or your spouse, your friends, your church, whatever. I wrote a book about business acumen. Okay. So now you can take that and you can share this with your clients, your coworkers like that.

You see what I mean?

Absolutely. So those are the two pieces for me, identifying, you know, my ideal client, my target market, and then value. Awesome. Now everybody talks about value and people battle it like crazy, but I don't want to give everything away for free.

Oh, we got through that to you. You've had to. It's like the right of taxes being an entrepreneur. I swear every book I've read lately, they talk about it. Every single book. Yeah.

So if you look at the crazy baby and stuff, it's like, if you believe in the program, the product and service that you're doing, that whatever it is, you know, it should, it shouldn't matter giving away the book, whether it's a tangible book or an ebook.

It really, it shouldn't matter because you know, in your heart, you should believe that this is going to turn into, you know, whatever, stuff recession or consultation, somebody buying this product or, you know, engaging in this program or whatever. Oh yeah.

I mean, it definitely works.

I mean, I dropped five grand work with Melissa Farr after she gave away, I mean, every time she launches U2U, it's a challenge after challenge, after webinar, after freebie.

I mean, she gives away so much stuff. I still dropped that along with 50 other women. That's mindset.

You know, I have this new thing that I started, right?

And it's only been a month, but I'm telling you, my life has changed.

Well, actually it's going on two months now. My life has changed so much. I literally, every day, remember seeing how I practice, I call it practicing gratitude.

That's why I call it, right?

But everybody has their own way with how they practice their me time and taking care of themselves. Something that I do is I call myself the seven figure business woman because that's what, that is what I'm doing.

That is what I'm going to achieve, right?

And so in order for you to become a whatever seven figure business person, man, woman, whatever, you got to act like that. It's more than just thinking it and you have to act their way. So making an investment, like you were saying, you know, 5,000 here, 10,000 here, that's a necessity in order for you to upheaval yourself.

You can try to invest that type of money because through it, a C double that on your return. That's how you have to think about it. Because I ended up in some people going, Oh my gosh, I can't believe you want your, you know, coaching packages, like $3,000. Yes. But think about this.

If you put that money, then you've listened to what it is and I'm showing you and I go here like deep into like this is I'm showing you screenshots. I'm going live. I'm showing you exactly like, for instance, the Facebook, the Facebook video that I was talking about earlier and it's 19.7 thousand views. And I promise you, I wasn't joking when I said, wait, somebody says like, Oh, actually already you did it.

And I was like, shit, how did I do it?

So I'm just, you know, I literally went back and wrote down like step by step, like what it was that I did to see, you know, like, how did I get to that point?


And so now that's what I teach people is how did I get there?

Like, how did that happen?

Because it was like overnight one day I went for five people at Facebook and now it's like, you know, 3800 people at Facebook and my video went from like just me and you know, my aunt looking at it, you know, cause I was like, does anybody know who I am?

And then all of a sudden it was like, okay, 10 people, you know, a thousand people, 3000 people, you know, each video just kept getting progressive. And so what I realized was this is kind of fluke. If you added a boundary again, like I said, you give and it will come give and you will receive. So you keep adding that value.

That's why I'm out there consistently doing face to the lives and doing those, you know, series. And I'm talking about this where I'm giving away this because it will come back, will come back, but you have to put in an investment.

So if someone says I'm going to, this is what's going to happen if you invest this 5,000 and they got a proof and shrug record, I mean, I mean, we'll figure it out somewhere. Exactly.

So you have a freebie for people, correct?

Yes, I do. Which you also have a course coming out soon that you have to mention as well. Yeah.

So this was a really, this was like really amazing and perfect timing because I was literally just waiting for Kanavi to, to, you know, this whole new feature thing that they, so I wanted to expound on this a little bit more because people were just asking me just, you know, again, how did you do this specifically?

How did you do this?

And I didn't have anywhere to talk about it. So I decided to create a three day training where I talk about how to attract clients to gain wilder success. So I use basic examples of how it worked for me. So for instance, I deemed, I think it was like $2,300 or $2,600 in an hour.

Like how did I do that?

And I didn't do anything.

I was, I wasn't even at home when it happened.

So, you know, that's where automation comes in, right?

And why is that so important?

So I talked about that and then, you know, how did I get those views on Facebook and how did I convert some of those people into clients than full pay?

You know, project pay is great too, but full pay is where is that when it comes to those grocery packages. So you know, and then because they are going to become those lifers because you build that bond with them.

And so in the class that's going to be coming up the three day, which I'm giving everybody the opportunity to join that I'm going to put a link thing at the end of this, right?

So I'm going to give them the link. If you just join my wilder success app, all you gotta do is just do it. It'll tell me, you know, go bing, here's this new person. All right. If you just join it, everybody that's in my app, they're going to get the opportunity to join this class and you're going to get the ebook.

So there's a free ebook that comes with it where I break down in mass detail, the foundations and the secrets that we just talked about tonight, because obviously I'm understanding we don't have enough time to get into it, you know, in this interview. So that's why I wanted to create the ebook.

And so all you gotta do is join and the ebook will be available on the day of training, which is October 26. Awesome. And so you're going to put, you're going to put the link in the comments later.

Okay, cool. Awesome. So if people are watching elsewhere, other than my Facebook business page, my business page is where you want to go to, to catch that link. That's backslash Sue's pro.

So anything else that you want to share with the audience today, or are we going to send you off to your wine?

You should still be here. Oh yeah. If people miss that beginning of that conversation, probably explain. I have a piece of wine waiting for me from a friend in his neighbor. I think the only other thing is if I can tell people about this awesome book. Yes. I did mention that I'm an author. So I'm going to put this here so you can see it.

It's okay to tell my story and it talks about survivor common law, domestic violence. The reason I definitely want to talk about this is because October is domestic violence awareness month naturally. Right. So the book discusses, it's a fictional book, but it's based upon our life story. And it's not like a male bashing book. It's got resources, actual plans, safety, you know, information in there, telephone numbers, tons of stuff.

And it discusses the relationship between childhood abandonment, domestic violence, workplace violence, and sexual assault.

How do you identify domestic violence and how do you get out of it safely?

And half of the proceeds from any other programs that the products, the services that I sell in the month of October, half of those proceeds goes towards the Family Violence Prevention Service Program. This is a show to our action news. We are listed in my domestic violence situation years ago. So just so they know they could just go to the link that I'm going to use.

Everything will be there in the link to the book, the link to the ebook, all this. So thank you for letting me share. That's amazing. Absolutely.

See, all of this started from a book. Yeah. You're right. I know. I can't believe, I mean, seriously, over the last few months, you have just blown up. I know. It went from a book to now I have a television series that's going to be coming out next month.

I'm like, I like- You know, ladies out there, if you think it can't happen to you, it absolutely can with work and building relationships. That is definitely one of her strong points is building relationships. Stock Suzanne, stock Kristin. Your sense of humor went through it all. It helped. It definitely helped.

Well, thank you so much for being on today. It was a blast. I absolutely adore you. And I know that you are going to definitely hit that million dollar mark way soon.

So, and then I'm sure that you're going to remember all of your friends when you get up there.

I was like, where are you at?

Come on. I'm telling you, I can't wait. You're in my top five. I already identified my top five people to be interviewed when the show starts. So I'm ready. Cool. I look forward to it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much, seriously, for bringing me on. I truly appreciate it. And hopefully people, you know, they enjoy it.

Oh, sure.

How could they not?

We're going to sign out. Have a great rest of the night and keep an eye out for this lady. 

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