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013 | How to Leverage Free Content for More Sales with Michael Kelly

business content content marketing marketing podcast thesuzanneshow Jan 01, 2023

Episode Description:

In this reboot of one of my top SuzPro Live episodes, I speak with Mike Kelly, Founder of Membervault, about how your can leverage free content for more sales using the Membervault platform. Even today, this outside of the box thinking can make a huge different in your income! Who wouldn't want more eyeballs on all of their offers with very little effort?

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In this reboot of one of my top SuzPro Live episodes, I speak with Mike Kelly, Founder of Membervault, about how your can leverage free content for more sales using the Membervault platform. Even today, this outside of the box thinking can make a huge difference in your income! Who wouldn't want more eyeballs on all of their offers with very little effort?

This podcast conversation between Suzanne Proksa and Michael Kelly, the co-founder of Membervault, discusses the concept of content and sales funnels. The speaker expresses their dislike for the term "funnel" as it implies a lack of control. They explain that Membervault can be used to house content such as videos, text, PDFs, or e-courses in order to help customers find what they are looking for more quickly and easily.

Additionally, they discuss how data can be used to measure engagement with content and how Membervault can be used to track user activity and automatically tag users in email systems such as Active Campaign and Drip. They also suggest upcycling or repurposing existing content as a way to build trust with an audience and start building a list.

Finally, they conclude that this strategy can be used by new entrepreneurs as well as those at mid-level. This podcast conversation discusses the importance of content creation and how Membervault can help users create and distribute their content. It begins by discussing how Membervault evolved from user feedback and now includes features such as tags, exposing content, and gamification with leaderboards and badges.

The Imperfect Transcript: 

Welcome to another episode of The Suzanne Show, where I talk a little online business, human resources, personal development, chronic illness, and whatever else I decide to chat about. I am so excited that you are here and I love to hear from my listeners. Please feel free to reach out to me on my website,, or on all the socials where I'm also Suzanne Proxa.

And don't forget to put that K before the S. Let's move on with the episode. I can't wait for you guys to dive in. Hey beautiful human, just a quick note that the episode that you are about to listen to is from my former show, Suze Pro Live, but it is so good that I just wanted to make sure that it was still being shared. So enjoy. It's going good so far.

You haven't broken anything.


I haven't said any bad words yet, so we're off to a great start. You're on.

Well, actually, you know, the bad words might come from me. Just look at the towel. Well hello everybody. I am super stoked to be here for another Suze Pro Live. I am here with Michael Kelly. This guy is awesome. I think I found him in the new Screw the 9 to 5 community and he is just completely rocking it out. He is like the king of visibility.

I swear you see him everywhere and he's doing all the right things, but that's actually not what he does for a living.

He actually has a company called Member Vault, correct?

Did I say that correctly?

Yeah. He's going to talk about that today and he is going to talk about leveraging your content, which I hear my followers talk about all the time. They have no idea how to pull this off. And so he's going to help us today figure all that out.

So why don't you first of all talk to us about what you do and how you got into it?

Yeah, perfect. Perfect.

Thanks, Suze.

Yeah, so I mean, Member Vault, all this stuff, I'm a developer.

So I'm a nerd, right?

This is like paramount here. Like I'm a super big nerd, developer. I built software for other companies for years and years and years. And my wife and co-founder of Member Vault as well is an OBM. So she works in the online space with a lot of entrepreneurs as well. Adrienne Dorson is like one of her like biggest like their, you know, two P's in the pod.

And so, yeah. And so this need came up. They were using Zippy courses or something at the time. I forget what they were using. And this is over a year ago and it was like, ah, it wasn't like working and it was like, wasn't doing exactly what we wanted to. And of course she's telling me this like, oh, like this sucks.

And of course me being a typical developer, I'm like, I can make that in like a weekend, you know, I can build my own. So naturally a weekend was a year.

And so we, but we went ahead and we built Member Vault.

And what's really exciting is it's a content, like it started out as a course platform, right?

And it still is very much a great course platform. But what we've actually learned is it's a better content platform. So it can kind of host all of your content, whether it's free content, whether it's paid content, whether it's teaser content, whether it's like a link out to like book on one-on-one sales or something like that.

But it's like your like kind of personal cloud where you can kind of have all of your stuff. And we got this just by having users get in there and use it and like, see how they use it. So like we built the tool and then our users kind of got in there and told us how we're going to use this thing.

And so this is what's been pushing a lot of our messaging and it's been pushing a lot of like what I've been posting in Screw 9 to 5 and all that kind of stuff. So we're really kind of flipping this whole content delivery thing up on its head and saying, well, hold on a minute. We have a better way to do this.

And so that's kind of how this all got born and is continuing to evolve. That is absolutely amazing. Now I will say that I know that I do have quite a few followers who are, they're new. They really don't understand the whole content thing. Maybe they don't even know what content means or what that looks like. And they struggle, they don't know much about funnels and things like that.

I know that you have different terminology for how that works and everything.

Is that something that you would be able to give an overview on just like what some of that means and what it looks like?

Sure. So you were right. You said the bad word. You said the F word, funnel. I personally hate that. Like I've always hated that term. And it's just like, just like sheep being like going into a funnel. And you're just like, it's so impersonal, I don't know. But here's the deal. Right. And I think we've all experienced this.

Our whole goal out there as business owners, as entrepreneurs or anything is to kind of get exposure, build trust, and then make the sale. That's kind of like whatever gizmo or gadget that you do, it all boils down to those kind of steps. And we try to accomplish that with all different ways.

Well, the typical way to do that, the accepted way to do that right now is this whole thing called sales funnel idea. And that's like, and I signed up. So I am doing all the research, right.

And we've all kind of had this experience, I'm sure, where there's this coach I really liked like this fitness coach, like this guy was cool, right?

He's like Pacific Northwest, all bearded and obviously there's some connection there. And then I signed up for his free like five day challenge thing or whatever. Right. But like it was all walled off.

Like, so I signed up for that. And sure enough, he sent me the emails over the next five days. On the first day, I was a cool, I'll watch this. Second day, I was like, all right, I guess I got time.

Third day, I'm like, ah, now, fourth, I mean, so I just dropped it. Right. And the sad part is, is that I never got to see what else he offered. And so like after like the six day or something, I got an automated email, you know, going through his funnel. And he's like, Oh, hey, I hope you enjoyed the video video series.

Like, here's the next step. And you know, so it's just very much as guided tour kind of thing. And the thing is, is that I'm impatient and I don't want to wait through that whole thing. Like I wanted to see everything that guy had, like when I first signed up, like that's when I want to see what this guy is about.

And so we built member vault to house like all of your stuff.

So how he could have done this in member vault, right?

He would have got way more sales. He would have had his free like series in there and you can drip it out over days if you want to. But you log in and they're like, that's your kind of content area.

So content just means anything, right?

And you like, if it's a video, if it's text, it's a PDF that you want to deliver to download or something like that. Or if it's like a full blown e-course, that's all content, you know, and that's what it all builds out to you. Like our goal is to get that into the hands of our, of our, you know, audience of our users.

And so, you know, that's how we do that. And so with member vault, we kind of build an area where you can kind of add somebody into there and then they can see all the other things that you have available. So it kind of surfaces all that and you don't even have to, basically users can log in after they get your freebie and they can help themselves to all your paid offers.

And we've seen just like incredible numbers, like around that, like how many conversions it, you know, that it actually, you know, incurs, like it's, it's amazing. Interesting.

Do you know any of those off the top of your head, Virgin?

Is that too much?

I mean, yeah, yeah.

Well, I don't have them in front of me, but I do know that like, so there, there's two things that we do really well.

So we're, we're leveraging that like, you know, surfacing that, you know, we did.

So last week we did, we did, somebody had a member vault course up and she was actually selling paid courses, right?

But she really wanted to book this kind of big event, like this big network event that she was doing. Right. So like sales tickets, you know, ticket sales for that were, you know, way higher. And of course there's no way to like, I guess you could build your list and you can email them about the event or something like that.

Well, we had suggested there, she's one of our VIP clients. So we had suggested, Hey, listen, let's take that and put it in your member vault as an available content and people will help themselves. Humans are curious. I'll click on, you know, when you log into something, you click on everything else.

Like if something's kind of great out, you're like, what's this over here?

Like let's, you know, like you always look in the corner.

So, and so people naturally do that. And it's crazy in one week, she had 110 people click in and look at that. So there's 110 eyeballs that she would have not had on that content.

Now how many made it to the actual sale?

I, you know, I, I don't have those numbers, right?

But I do know that 110 people saw it when they might not have from before. And that's huge.


So then, you know, making the sale and converting them to, to that, you know, to, to actually buy is a whole different, you know, that's a whole different ball of wax, but getting it in front of them is the key, you know, and especially when you're fresh on their mind.


So like you've just given them this free content, they've consumed it and they're already in your area. They're already building trust. They're already like, okay, yeah, I feel this person. Like that's when you need to make the sale. Not like next week.



I mean, you're absolutely right. You made great points.

I mean, how many people drop out of a challenge after a day two or a day three?

And then, you know, they're like tired of the email. So they're just hit and delete. Cause we all know what's coming.

We all know that the challenge, right?

Something, right?


I mean, granted, I've actually done some before that don't lead to anything. They're just trying to get the, you know, no, like, and trust up, but still most of them lead to something. Right.

Of course, of course. Yeah.

But it's a challenge, right?

So like, if you're getting something for free, it's because it's a chance for exposure for XYZ. That's like, I don't think anyone feels super icky about that. Like that's, that's, you know, that's cool.

So I mean, essentially, I mean, the whole theory with what you're doing is everything is in one place. It's just actually kind of interesting. I'm going to do a live on what I just did with my website.

I'm going to make people just cringe and go, oh my God, did she really do it?

I'm telling you, I put every darn thing starts with my website. You want a freebie of mine, you can go get the whole thing left.


Yeah. Yeah. So for what you're doing, it's genius because it's a one-stop shop.

I mean, yeah, I always get, yeah, absolutely.

And here's the best part is that because they're logged into their member, you know, because they're logged into your member vault, like, so they don't see other people's offers, right?

This is your private cloud. Maybe your own subdomain.

It's your area, right?

So it's very much your stuff. The cool thing is, is that we track everything that the users do in there. So we know what they look at, like when they look at it, like if they come back to look at it, like, and we have, we have invented this thing called an engagement point. So like if someone looks at it, they gain a point. They mark the lesson as complete.

If it's course, they gain a point. If they complete the whole module, they gain another point. So we're gamifying it as well. And the cool thing is, is you, as the content creator, you can log into the backend and we have these blown out, like sexy graphs where you can look at like your engagement over time.

Sexy graphs, who doesn't like, I know, right?

There's nothing sexier than a line graph.

I mean, with bar graphs underneath of it.

But for us data nerds, we love it, right?

Because this will show actually engagement over time, right?

So you get to see like, oh, I did this push then like, that's when, you know, I saw the spike in activity, but then you can also look at your content and you can see who's engaging like with what content.

So like, let's say you have like a freebie with like four lessons in it, like, and people can hunt and pick and choose whatever they want.

Like you can now see really quickly one snap, you just log in, you can see, all right, what was the most popular content?

Like what did people, what did people look at the most, right?

So we've actually used this for like, for validating ideas too.

So like, if you want to like, say you're kicking around a couple ideas, you don't know what's most important to your clients, right?

Like maybe you have four different directions you can go with something. You can create a free, you know, just a free opt-in in member vault, go ahead and put those four options out there, give access to your whole list, they'll log in and interact with it and you can see, like you can see which content is performing the best. And that's again, that's huge insight. No kidding. That's genius.

So you can give access to something to your whole audience to say, here's access. We did it with a VIP client.

Oh, I'm sorry. I guess I get so excited.

All right, go ahead. So that's amazing that you can actually see what they're interested in because that's absolutely true.

I mean, I don't, I don't know if people realize I've got like 18, 19 years training background. And so to be able to know what people are actually looking at and what they actually need is huge. Not to mention when you go to create further offers, you know exactly what to zero in on.

Yeah, because what do we do, Suze?

Like what do we all do?

Like we run a course or we do something like that and then we'll send a survey like afterwards and we're like, Hey, what did you like?

What didn't you like?

And like, and that's cool, right?

So like that's that is data, but that's not the real data.

The real data is who like who actually interacted with like how much engagement did this part get?

Like what was my drop off?

You can look at all your lessons in like this linear way and you can see like engagement course always starts out really strong and then starts to drop off and you can see, Hey, at what point, like by module three, people are losing it, right?

Like, all right, maybe it's too long or maybe there's something wrong with module three. Like now at least you have that information.

Like you don't need to like, if you send them a survey saying like, what module did you like the least?

Like that's not useful. Like who's going to be like, yeah, module three suck. Well in plus not everybody completes a survey. And then on top of that, so a question for you. So somebody like me tends to, okay, so maybe somebody like me tends to overdo and they'd maybe Oh no.

Well, never rainers know that you have to get all the learning styles. So I'll do like, I have the slides available. I'll do a video with voiceover, you know, videos of this. And then I also send by audio and workbooks and all of that.

Can you actually see what people consumed out of those things?

Absolutely. Yeah.

So, you know, you just encapsulate those things inside of eight lessons, like the smallest chunk in member vault. And then you can see like, again, we break it down by engagement per module and then engagement per lesson.

So like, yes, you can get, you can get really fine tuned with this and you can run it over whatever dates that you want.


So you can say, oh, just for the month of October, like what was my engagement, you know, and all this stuff. Now here's where it gets even cooler, but there's more. I feel like an infomercial, but, but no, here's, here's where things get really cool too.

So remember I was talking about that guy that like sent me the, like the videos, right?

I watched two of them and then I just deleted the rest.


Well, like on like day six, he was like, oh, so glad you completed all the videos.

You know what I mean?

Like, because he doesn't like, they don't know, like they have no idea that any of this was completed.


So one of the things we do in member vault is we know that, right?

Because now we know if they viewed this content, we know if they've consumed it. And so now we can reach out and this happens automatically. We'll reach out and we'll tag those users in your email system, active campaign drip, like convert kit, whatever, whatever you're using. Yeah. So tags. And so you can tag them and say like, you know, it's like, oh, this person completed this module or something.

This com this person.

So now you know, right?

So like it makes your email list a lot smarter. So now instead of just blindly emailing everybody like, oh, I hope you enjoyed the five days. Like I didn't consume the five days. Like now that looks kind of stupid, like, you know, like I wish you would have known that.

Like, cause you could have reached out and been like, I get it.

Life is, you know what I mean?

Like, but it's never too late to get, like you could have targeted me a lot better if you had the data, but they don't have the data. And so that's what we're doing here as well.

So again, so we'll reach out and we'll tag users based on activity or inactivity, or like they start a course and they drop off or if they sign up and they never log in, these are types of activities that we'll actually tag for and what it does is it enriches your email list and you can have automations, blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, I'm sorry. That's funny. Cause you just, you just answered my next two questions.

Oh no, I'm sorry. I'm asking, ask him about that. But seriously, if somebody takes advantage of that and they have an email system like active campaign or drip, those as far as I'm concerned are the two superheroes out there. I agree.

So I mean, if they can actually connect this with what active campaign and drip can do, oh my goodness. That's that's cool. You don't even know.

It's crazy, right?

It's crazy.

So we just did this for a VIP client, right?

Where, and her email list was 18,000, right?

So we're talking 18,000 people.

What we did is we created just a free, just a free gimme course, right?

So we were nurturing the list. So you know, you sell to your list for a while, but you like, you had to give them something too. So this was great. So we had like, we had this idea. We built this like mini course and we went ahead and automated added her whole list to this course.

Like we just gave them access to it and emailed them to say, Hey, we appreciate you being here.

Like here's access to this course, right?

Totally free. No strings attached. There was no strings attached.

Well, 18,000 people got access to that course and they went ahead and they logged in and we're able to see what they were interested in. So now we were able to validate all this content that we had there. And the best part is, is that they were looking at all the other paid offers and we can see them clicking into it and we can tag them based on that as well.

So now we can go ahead and like what we did is we waited a few days and then with active campaign said, Hey, anyone tagged with like, like teaser content viewed, you know, like this teaser content viewed, send them this followup email. Cause now you know, they looked at it. You're not blindly sending it to 18,000 people. And it wasn't 18,000 people that looked at it.

It was a couple hundred, right?

So, but now you can send something really targeted to a couple hundred people versus blasting 18,000 people with like your generic offer.

And, and it's awesome. So that's why, yeah. So the stuff we're doing in active campaign and by, by merging, you know, by connecting to the email system, we're able to like add those tags and kind of get this really cool symbiotic relationship going on. To tech nerds on camera, wiggling their seats, talking about that to campaign. Oh my gosh. I love it.

I told you, I told you we're going to nerd out. It's bad. Absolutely. Super dorky. Yeah. It's a no.

Well, before I answer any more of your questions that you're about to ask, go. So let's say you've got entrepreneur out there. They don't have a lot of content.

You know, where would they start with something like this?

Any thoughts or ideas?

Yeah, absolutely. Right. First of all, first of all, I believe it's a huge fallacy falsehood. I don't know the word. I'm not going to be words. I'm a tech nerd. I don't know English.

And, but I think it's a huge misconception. That's a better word that we don't have content. I think all of us have a mountain of content that we're just sitting on. We might say, oh, that's old content or like, oh, that content doesn't really matter here. Or my favorite is that's not enough content.

Like, oh, that's not enough. Like I can't give that like, I can't even give that away. It's not enough. Like I call BS on that. Like that is not true. So upcycling or repurposing content is a huge thing that I think all entrepreneurs should do. I don't care if you're just starting out. You're a pro in something. That's why you're starting out.

So even if you use this just for like a list build at first, right?

So like put together a freebie and like start offering that, like start giving that out. I'm going to give one out at the end, at the end of this and people can go ahead and they can log in and they can consume the free content and then you can click around and see what else we're doing.

And, but like that's, but even if it was just that free content to build, to build your list and to build, start building trust with your, with your audience, like that's huge.

And like, that's what I talk about a lot in the Facebook group, the screwed in nine to five is like building like that trust and keep showing up because believe it or not, not everyone has like listened to me forever. Like you know, but we all know that when you start putting stuff out in the world for the first time, it's like crickets. Yes. Because there's no trust.

Like they don't know you yet. Like you have to keep showing up and you have to start building that trust. And one of the best ways to do that is you can offer free things and it doesn't have to be weird and scammy. It can be legitimately like, here you go. Here's a piece of my brain. You can have it.

And in return, you're on my email list and you're now in my, you know, member of all the account and you can see my other things that I have them.

And, but that's, I think it's a genuine like relationship. Like if my iPhone breaks, I go into the iPhone, I go to the Apple store, I touch all the computers that are in there.

Like I'm like, Ooh, what's this one?

Like, you know, and sometimes I leave with one like that's that they weren't scammy by doing that. Like they just showed me all their new computers and let me play with them. And then I took one home. That's what happens. Yeah. Nerd life. I'm bad with technology. I was just, I was just telling somebody the other day about my wifi must be just completely faxed to the max. Right.

Like you were like a hundred items hooked to it. Yeah. Yeah. Cause everything is anymore. Yeah.

Well, I mean, that was absolutely amazing. So it's something that new entrepreneurs can use. It's something that people of mid-level can use.

Obviously if you have Adrian, how in the world can you see my hands on my hips?

Oh, I saw, I saw the shoulders. So that was good. Yeah. Amazing. She is amazing. She's good people. Yeah. And you know, she, well, she was client number double Oh one.

She was, she was the, we pretty much built, we built member vault like for Adrian, like, you know, like a year ago and we just kept working on it. We kept working on it. We kept getting feedback. And I think that's the other kind of, you know, cool thing about like the member vault story is that we never really intended to like make it a product and sell it.

Like we were just kind of building it for like a one-off thing to like, you know, to make it.

And then people kept asking us like, what is this?

People kept asking Adrian, like, what is this?

Like, what is this platform you're using?

I'm using Teachable right now. I'm not really happy.

What is this?

I like this. And so like, it just evolved from that.

Like, no, I'm not here to talk.

I can't, I can't talk badly about anyone. There's spies everywhere. There'll be Teachable. Guy will come out of my truck. Yeah.

So, but yeah, anyway, so we build it for her and we just like, we kept refining the idea and we kept listening to our users and saying like, what's most important?

What's most important?

And we just kept doing that. And like over like, and it's been over a year now and now we have this like really refined product. And we just see our marker board for what's next. Like there's some really cool stuff.

So yeah, so it's just really fun.

You probably can't tell us any of it, can you?

No it's top secret. Top secret. Top secret.

No, it, hey, it all comes down to like, our whole, our whole message is boosting engagement. And so again, we're doing this by tags. We're doing this by exposing like other content. We're doing this by being like really like a user, fresh user experience. We're doing this a lot of ways and we're getting into gamification as well too.

So now people are going to be able to start earning badges based on like what they've accomplished and you can already, users, users in member vault can already start gaining engagement points and they can see a leader board of who's like winning. So like there, there already is the idea of gamification.

Like if you're on Adrian Dorsen's list, you can just log in to remember vault with your, you know, with your email address and like you can, you can see it, but you can see it on the leaderboard and you can see that you can gain engagement points.

And so we're taking that idea further and we're like doubling down on like all the gamification and all just like the really cool stuff that's coming down the pipe. Interesting.

You don't happen to do Rebecca Dixon, do you?

Not yet. Not yet. But I'll write that follow up. You should. Yeah. Yeah.

I mean, Hey, we're looking at, we're growing. We are growing. We're really happy. We're a small company, but we're really built a scale. The tech's proven. It's really built there. We have a small team that just does an amazing job of like customer support and just all that stuff. And we are, we're, we're slowly growing, but we are growing and I'm really happy with it.

So Well, and some of the best companies, I mean, some of my favorite companies to work with are the ones who are just, you know, they're relatively new because like you, they listen. Yeah.

Like Bill, I mean, really you could end up with something that's quite custom. Yeah.

If you, if you stick with it. So that's awesome. Yeah.

We're, yeah, we're super excited.

Is there anything else about content that you want the people watching to know?

Anything juicy?

Juicy, juicy content. I can't believe I just did that on video. I can't. That's why I invited you. You're like, you'll be a funny clown. Yeah. I hate that's my job.

I, you know, I am, I am one of the few like computer nerds that will get up and perform and I don't care, but I do, I genuinely love this stuff. It's so weird, but yeah, it's, it's fun. So content, I mean, just get it out there. Like I just, people, people sit on the ideas.

Like, like you're like, everyone's really good at something. Like you just are.

And I don't care if it's, you just want to change the world or if you want to like make a million bucks or if you want to whatever your motivation is for that, like, but you know something, right?

Like you, you, you can generate content. And then the other big thing is that like everyone thinks content has to be the same thing.

Like it, it, not all just video, like, you know, if you're better in, in word, you can go ahead and you can put out text-based, you know, we have, we have a user who's using a member of law as basically a digital textbook. And so they can update it, you know, so, but then they can see who's looking at what and blah, blah, blah.

And, but they don't have to like keep reprinting textbooks and stuff like that.

But even, even in a purely text-based environment, like you can do that. Like if you're a writer, you can go ahead and do that.

You can, who knows, you could be an author and maybe you want to sell books and you can go ahead and you can publish short stories in member of law and give them away and then have links to your, your books.

Like that's, that's content, right?

Like, you know, I'm, I'm really into like bicycles.

Like I, like I have a fast, I have a tech addiction, but I also have a bicycle addiction and like, and I build them and work on them and stuff like that. Like I could go ahead and I could create a mini course on like how to build your bike or how to like tune it up or whatever.

Like I could, I know that like I can go ahead and like whip that up and put it out there into the world. Like there's nothing stopping you, you know, in this day and age. I know it and people just do it. I know just do it.

People, let's see if you can be more entertaining than me practically falling out of my chair yesterday on live video. You fell out of your chair. It was closed.

Was it one of those situations that scooted out a little too far and you didn't know?

I was just trying to adjust it and all of a sudden the chair dropped. Yeah. I had done live video, but it was on, we've got jokes, so people expect that.

Oh, right. Right.

Oh, were we supposed to be serious here?

No, absolutely not. I don't do serious. I still have jokes.

So, but tell people, so here, here's the good side, because people got to be excited about this and want to check it out. So you have like a free little course and you've got that people can sign up for. Correct. Yeah. So we can get a hold of you. Yeah. We'll see. Because we all have some long complicated funnel.

I mean, so you can check us out on Facebook and Instagram.

We also, we're full-time RVing right now. So like that's another weird, you know, crazy thing that we do. So we're on Instagram, Facebook, I think Twitter, I forget. I don't do that part, but is our site. And what we were talking about in the Screwed in 9 to 5 group is I don't like this word funnel. So we kind of came up with the term the content ladder framework.

So like let people climb your content ladder, like don't let them fall through your funnel.

You know, like I think it's cool. I think ladders are more empowering than funnels, but so anyway, we built a mini course talking about how to use the content ladder framework to make you better at follow-ups, like to make you better at following up with clients and make you more, you know, like knowledgeable at that. And so we're giving that away. That's our freebie.

And so you can get that at slash follow-up, all one word. So I'll send you the link, but yeah. I was going to say I got the, I got the other link in there.

What you had the, what link?

I did the website. Oh yeah. It redirects to the up viral thing. Yeah. backslash what?

Follow up all one word. And it's pretty, it's pretty linked. It'll redirect to an up viral thing, but anyway, totally free.

No, anything like that. Just pop in your email address and you can go ahead and you can grab that. And that will add you into our membervolve account. So not only do you get to learn about the content ladder framework, but you'll get to experience membervolve from a student, like from a user's standpoint. So it's even cooler as an admin, but you got to start out.

You got to start out with the student. I like the admin stuff. I know. I know. I know people don't really like that. Maybe if you're lucky, I'll send you some graphs.

Oh, that would be fantastic. Really nice graphs too. Yeah.

Hey, I'm just really impressed with the fact that I have a spreadsheet that automatically populates when somebody implies to present. And if I want them to present for me, I literally just type a Y in a column and it goes to active campaign and does everything. You are an automation nerd. That's so cool. Yeah.

Are you Zapiering?

Is that how you're doing this?

Yes, I am.

Ah, Zapier. Yeah.

See, we have an official Zapier app too. Yeah.

Oh, you do?

Yeah. Membervolve and Zapier as well. So you can automate.

This is the cool thing, right?

So to automate people coming into membervolve, you can literally use anything. Because that's one of the things at membervolve, we don't do the lead pages and you don't sell your courses through us. You use whatever you want. And then you can connect it with Zapier or whatever. Yeah.


I keep trying to get people to use it because my goodness. Zapier is pretty nerdy though, I will say.

My wife, she's like, every time I say Zapier, she's like, but she loves active campaign. So she pimped that out for days. So nice. Nice. All right.

Well, I don't have any more questions. No. I don't.

Can you believe it?

Me speechless. I know. Wow. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to break your podcast so soon. Oh gee. Yes. And by the way, everybody, if you didn't know, this is actually going to go up to my new YouTube channel.

We're going to be on YouTube?

We are going to be on YouTube. I don't think I've ever been on YouTube before. While you are now. Oh snap. Sorry. That's quite admirable. You're going to be YouTube famous. Oh man. Yeah.

Let's, let's hope not.

I'm like, I hope no one sees this.

No, no, it's exciting. Cool. I'm excited. Yeah. And thank you so much for being on. It was super fun. Thank you.




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