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21 Embracing Your Inner Dragon as an Entrepreneur with Stephanie Smart

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In this episode of The Suzanne Show, Suzanne and Stephanie Smart discuss embracing one's inner dragon as an entrepreneur. They emphasize the importance of self-care, clarity of purpose, and finding joy in life while striving for success. They also provide tips on how to bring value to others and reconnect with one's passion. Listen to gain insight into how to make it a successful year!

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In this episode of The Suzanne Show, Suzanne is joined by Stephanie Smart to discuss embracing one's inner dragon as an entrepreneur. Stephanie has 30 years of experience in the alternative medicine and health field and is an instructor in various topics. They emphasize that it is important to look inward and reconnect with oneself, as well as bring together all the tools one has acquired through their experiences.

They talk about having a solid plan and foundation when starting a business, self-care, clarity of purpose, avoiding comparisons to others, understanding one's life purpose for taking the entrepreneurial dive, making a living doing something that brings joy, looking for moments of joy even when life isn't always easy, balance between striving for success and finding joy in life, and the symbolism of dragons in relation to transformation and revolution.

The takeaway from this podcast conversation was that we have a choice in our paths and it is important to stay grounded in who we are while finding joy in our business endeavors. In this podcast conversation, Stephanie and Suzanne discussed the importance of self care and how to bring value to others. Additionally, they suggest reconnecting with one's passion and why they started their business in order to get over any hurdles encountered.

Finally, they emphasize that there is a lot of talent out there and that it is important to recognize personal growth from last year and implement those changes into one's business for the current year. 


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