how to quite your 9 to 5

24 How to Quit and Stay Out of Your 9 to 5 with Christine McAlister

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In this sheer gold SuzPro Live reboot podcast conversation, Suzanne Proksa and Christine McAllister discuss strategies for transitioning out of a nine-to-five job and becoming an entrepreneur. They provide tips on pricing, finding support, and investing in yourself. Learn how to replace a nine-to-five income with services or packages that are unique to you, as well as how to push yourself to put your offers out there. Get the tools you need to take control of your future!

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This podcast conversation between Suzanne Proksa and Christine McAllister focuses on the importance of recognizing and owning one's capabilities and resources in order to achieve desired goals. They discuss how it is possible to replace a nine-to-five income with services or packages that are unique to the individual, as well as strategies for pushing people to put their offers out there.

It was suggested that relationships are key, and it is important to talk with friends and family about the offer as well as post on social media. Additionally, they discussed how having a vision board and giving oneself permission to dream are important steps in achieving goals.

The conversation also focused on the systemic lack of confidence that many women experience when considering entrepreneurship or taking risks, which can be addressed by shifting from an "I can't afford it" mindset to an "How can I afford it?" mindset.

Finally, they emphasize the need for focus on one strategy and avoiding getting stuck in Canva, as well as understanding what strategies have been successful in the past when transitioning out of a nine-to-five job. This podcast conversation focuses on how to transition out of a nine-to-five job and become an entrepreneur.

They discuss the importance of taking a step back and looking at what has worked in the past before jumping into new strategies or tasks. She also provided tips for pricing. Additionally, she emphasized the importance of finding support in order to move past any self-worth issues that may arise.

Finally, she offered three tips for those looking to make the switch: 1) There is nothing wrong with you if you have the desire to become an entrepreneur; 2) Find someone you can learn from and do whatever it takes to hire them; 3) Take money to invest in yourself. She concluded by providing information about her own business, Life with Passion, and offering a free PDF on how to quit and stay out of your nine-to-five job.

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