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25 Stepping Into Parenthood with Nikki Steele Osborne

Episode Description:

Listen to this podcast with Nikki Steele Osborne, the Scottish Soul Sister, as she shares her journey with postpartum depression and offers tips and tools for improving mental well-being. Learn how to simplify your life, use humor to manage difficult emotions, and embrace evolution rather than trying to bounce back. Plus, find out about Nikki's program Stepping Into Parenthood.

About Nikki:

A Scottish Lassie married to an American guy with a Montenegrin rescue dog and a wee boy with a huge personality. Nikki's journey to becoming a coach, speaker and course creator has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows, relocations, post partum depression, running her own businesses and navigating the challenges faced with this transient lifestyle. Becoming a mum was her catalyst for change and it is Nikki's passion and purpose to share all she has learned with you.




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Nikki Steele Osborne, otherwise known as the Scottish Soul Sister, is a coach, speaker and course creator who specializes in supporting maternal mental health. This podcast conversation focuses on the importance of mental and emotional wellbeing for those transitioning into parenthood.

Nikki shares her own journey with postpartum depression and how she has gone down a rabbit hole of learning to pay it forward by sharing tips and tools that she has learned along the way. The conversation covers the six human needs and how they can affect our mental health when not met, as well as how the internet can lead to overwhelm.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of keeping things simple and implementing sustainable habits in order to improve mental well-being. They also discuss postpartum depression, which is not discussed enough, and suggest that prenatal classes should include more information about mental health in order to normalize talking about it. Additionally, workplaces should provide practical support such as discussing workload expectations if someone is reducing their hours, as well as flexibility and understanding during this time.

Nikki then shares her main practices for creating better mental health such as communication within a household, scheduling time, establishing a morning routine and getting outside. This podcast featured Nikki, a guest who discussed her experience transitioning into parenthood and offered three key takeaways for listeners. She encouraged them to simplify their lives, use humor as a tool to manage difficult emotions, and embrace evolution rather than trying to bounce back to pre-parenting life.

Nikki also mentioned her program Stepping Into Parenthood which is designed to provide support and guidance for those struggling with postpartum depression. 

Finally, she encouraged people to seek medical advice if they or someone around them is struggling.

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