26 The Power of a Brand: Learn About the Five C's of Branding with Kim Rozdeba

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Unfortunately, today the world is flooded with brands jamming every communications channel with the hope of gaining prosperity and fame. As a result, connecting to customers is almost impossible—they hear, see, and engage only with the brands they understand. Branding is a process, not a goal. The goal is to surpass customers' expectations at every touchpoint so they feel the brand's love. Kim Rozdeba is passionate about branding and eager to share his three decades of branding insights and his five C's of branding. He has broken down the process of branding into five easily understood principles. To illustrate the principles, he uses real examples and results that anyone can follow and learn from.


Kim Rozdeba has lived a storybook life, from Europe on 10 dollars a day for a year to a Fortune 500 corporate leader, Olympic torch runner and founder of Youth Ag Summit, amateur chef to oenophile, Mousquetaire, snowboarder, and blogger to mentor. Now his time is as husband and father, VP of Communications at one of the top 100 global brands, and author of the new book Branding Queens: Discover branding secrets from twenty incredible women who built global brand dynasties. He has over three decades of strategic planning, branding, and executing advertising and marketing campaigns, PR, and corporate communications in the agriculture, pharmaceutical, petroleum, airline, telecommunication, and automotive industries. His goal is to share his branding knowledge and wit with those eager to listen and learn. He resides in Calgary, Canada, with his wife and has three adult children.



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This podcast conversation featured Suzanne Proksa, an HR and business strategist, and Kim who has written a book called Branding Queens. They discussed the importance of branding for businesses and the five Cs of branding: commitment, construct, who, content and consistency. Commitment is the why of a brand which involves its promise, cause or vision, values and purpose. Construct is the what which covers identity elements such as logo design, color scheme etc.

Who refers to customers as well as advocates and amplifiers of the brand while content covers advertising and marketing efforts such as public relations or sponsorships. Finally consistency is the how which involves governance models for production quality control among other things. The speaker used Elizabeth Arden's face cream as an example to illustrate how understanding a company's purpose beyond just its product solution can be beneficial for customer satisfaction.

He then introduced his book Branding Queens which features 20 entrepreneurial women who built iconic brands ranging from 18 years old to 200 years old such as Barbara Nicole Cliquot (Champagne), Anne Bissell (vacuum cleaner company) and Madam CJ Walker (millionaire black woman in the United States).

These women included Elizabeth Arden, Coco Chanel, Margaret Rudkin, Olive Beach Aircraft Ruth Handler Anita Roddick Catherine Graham Mary Kay Queen Elizabeth II Lillian Vernon among others. This podcast conversation focused on the success stories of several female entrepreneurs, including Liz Claiborne, Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey, Debbie Fields and Tori Burch. The speaker was inspired to write a book about these women after discovering the story behind Vouv Cliquot's "widow" branding.

It was highlighted that these women were hardworking, perfectionists, and had a strong intuition. They also used their talents to create products that customers wanted and had empathy for their customers. Additionally, they were socially conscious and focused on consistency and quality in their products. Kim Derrick joined the podcast to discuss the importance of brand and how it can make customers feel.

Kim shared that his website is a great place to learn more about his book which is available in ebook, soft cover, hard cover and audio formats on Amazon and Kobo. He encouraged readers to leave reviews on Goodreads or Amazon after reading the book.

His two main takeaways from the discussion were that a brand should focus on understanding what customers need or even anticipating their needs better; as well as understanding why you are doing what you are doing - this is what customers want to know. 

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