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28 How Sleep Habits are Sabotaging Your Health/Weight Loss Goals with Robynn Powers

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You've been doing all the things to reach your health and fitness goals, like getting your workouts in and eating the right foods a majority of the time, but you just don't seem to be making the progress toward your goals that you'd been hoping for. Instead you feel worn out, frustrated and stuck. It's possible that all the effort you've been putting in has been sabotaged by the one thing that you haven't focused on, sleep! Find out how sleep can have a huge impact on your health and how you can turn that around for sustainable long term success.


Robynn Powers is a Health Coach with a BA in Psychology and a certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Pre/Post-natal Exercise Specialist, and Group Fitness Instructor who helps busy Moms implement daily strategies to improve their energy, strength, and confidence. She is passionate about helping Moms become the healthiest versions of themselves so that they can feel good in their bodies and feel free to live their lives the way they deserve to, without taking time away from family or making the journey to health too complicated. She is a Health Coach and a Mom, helping other Moms identify what is keeping them stuck and helping them transform their overall health...and get BIG results in spite of what they’ve been able to achieve in the past.




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This podcast conversation discussed the importance of getting enough quality sleep in order to maintain healthy habits. It was explained that there are five stages of sleep, which take approximately 90 minutes to complete one cycle and it is recommended that individuals go through five cycles, or seven and a half to nine hours of sleep, in order to get the full benefit of restful sleep.

The lack of quality sleep can lead to less motivation when trying to create healthy habits such as meal planning and exercise. It was also noted that relying on energy drinks or caffeine to get through a workout is not sustainable and can lead to worse health in the long run.

The conversation then shifted to how stress and lack of sleep are related in terms of health, noting that when we are tired and have low energy, it takes longer to do things, causes mistakes, and puts extra pressure and stress on us.

Lastly the conversation dives into what people can do counteract fatigue while still achieving their weight loss goals such as paying attention to how one feels in the morning after sleeping, understanding hormones like cortisol which affect hunger levels and cravings, avoiding sugary beverages which add empty calories into diets, and getting enough quality restful sleep each night. This podcast conversation discussed the effects of staying up late on health goals.

Suzanne Proksa highlighted how lack of sleep can lead to increased stress, hunger, cravings and mood changes. She provided tips on how to improve both quantity and quality of sleep such as having a consistent bedtime, turning off devices an hour or two before bedtime and naturally waking up without an alarm.

Additionally, she offered her program for moms which can be found on her website at and her free Facebook group, Motivated Moms for Health, Fitness, and a Joyful Life.

Lastly, she shared that those interested in learning more about improving their sleep can find a free checklist of 15 ways to do so at

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