sabotaging success with nora luke

29 Is Your Fear of Being Seen Sabotaging Your Success with Nora Luke

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Discover how to overcome fear and self-sabotage in order to take risks and be visible with Suzanne Proksa, HR and Business Strategist, and Nora Luke, founder of Corporate to Calling LLC and Nora Luke Coaching. Learn how to create online events that convert without overwhelm, increase profits, build personal authority, and create influence. Plus get access to Nora's guide to 5K months!

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Nora is the founder of Corporate to Calling, LLC and Nora Luke Coaching. She is a Business & Marketing Coach, Proud Corporate Dropout, Mother of 2, and an Awesome Wife. After a 15-year career in Healthcare, Nora left the frustrations of the corporate world to pursue her entrepreneurial desires to build a business that supports other women who want to stop the corporate climb. As the creator of the Proud Corporate Dropout blueprint & the Showcase Series, she helps women establish their personal authority & enroll clients by harnessing the power of their voice through online events. Nora is passionate about empowering women to create their own version of having it all. When Nora is not working, she is usually chauffeuring for her young children around town or walking her dog. Fun facts: She enjoys traveling to Mexico, finding reasons to cheers champagne, all things cherry, strong coffee, & she never leaves home without lip gloss.

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This podcast conversation between Suzanne Proksa, HR and business strategist, and Nora Luke, founder of Corporate to Calling LLC and Nora Luke Coaching, focuses on how fear can sabotage success. The speakers discuss the fear and self-sabotage that can prevent people from taking risks and being visible. They suggest recognizing negative thoughts and turning them into positive ones.

Additionally, they emphasize the importance of getting one's message out there without worrying about having a certain look or sound.

Finally, they discuss how online events can easily increase profits by speeding up connection time with an audience, showcasing expertise, building personal authority, and creating influence. Nora provides her services as a coach who provides support for those looking to create events that convert without overwhelm. Nora Luke and Suzanne Proksa discussed the power of having a voice and showing up to share it.

Nora has created a guide to 5K months which can be found online, and encourages people to host their own events as a way to increase credibility for their business. She also emphasizes that online events do not have to be complicated or follow any rules - they can be unique and still convert.

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