33 Turn Your Biz Fear into a Profitable Opportunity with Gwendolen Wilder

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Turn Your Biz into a Profitable Opportunity. Learn how to attract a wider audience to your business using your biz fear, brand story and social media. This is the exact step-by-step framework Gwendolen used to receive a $5M joint venture contract, $12K private clients, $4K book sales in one day, $1500/hr guest speak and more. During this episode uncover the top 7 biz fears female entrepreneurs, steps to identify your #1 biz fear, how to effectively use your brand story on social media and hear about the roadmap to success you must start implementing today. These are the solid-proven steps of how you can find fabulous followers and make more sales.

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Gwendolen Wilder is a Christian, Mom. Retired USAF (21 Years), Certified Business Strategist, HR Senior Consultant and Best-Selling Co-Author who empowers struggling and overwhelmed female entrepreneurs to identify their #1 biz fear obstacles using her signature branding, marketing and sales strategies inside her 1.2K+ female entrepreneur monthly members club she lovingly refers to as the Impossible to Possible Women sistahood so they can become more self-confident and financially independent.

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This podcast conversation features Gwendolyn Wilder, a mom, retired United States Air Force member, certified business strategist, HR senior consultant, and bestselling co-author. The conversation focuses on the concept of business fear and how to identify and address it. Gwendolyn defines business fear as an obstacle or challenge that is preventing someone from reaching their desired level of success.

She shares her own experience of dealing with domestic violence while running a successful business and how it impacted her life. The speaker then explains that our perception of business fears is based on our socialization, which is determined by our interactions with our environment, work, home, and social life.

She identifies seven main categories of business fears that female entrepreneurs will come across regardless of their experience level: money blocks; mindset blocks; sales blocks; systems blocks; support blocks; visibility blocks; and lifestyle blocks. The speaker then provides steps to identify an individual's number one business fear by recognizing the feeling associated with it (anxiety or overwhelm) and identifying the root cause (visibility/credibility/confidence/money/time/perfectionism/comparison).

Finally, she introduces the Wilder Storytelling Framework as a three-part structure for creating an effective brand story in order to attract a wider audience and make sales. This podcast conversation focuses on how to effectively use a brand story on social media and the roadmap to success when using it.

Gwendolyn Wilder, the speaker, outlines her Wilder Success Strategy which consists of six steps to help identify business fears, incorporate them into a brand story, and position it on social media. This strategy involves understanding the client's situation and talking about how you are the go-to expert for them. Additionally, they discuss their V2 Client Attraction Strategy which is based on two frameworks: voluntary and given value.

To celebrate her birthday month in March, she is offering a special offer for her members club called Girls Trip to Success which includes access to 200 master classes, monthly masterminds, planners and workbooks as well as private coaching with Gwendolyn for anyone who joins during the month of March.

Recently, Gwendolyn was asked by national news media anchor Lynn Smith to join her team of go-to media experts and specialize in business coaching and domestic violence. She will be sharing her brand story and providing expertise on how to deal with the issues that all women in business face.

This podcast conversation focuses on how to write, tell, and sell a brand story while also providing an opportunity for women looking for support in identifying business fears and structuring their brand story through Gwendolyn's free Facebook group called Female Entrepreneurs Become Impossible to Possible Women or through her membership club Girls Trip To Success found at This podcast conversation focuses on how to become a successful media expert and increase lead generation.

Gwendolyn joined Garell to discuss four key takeaways for business success: creating a strong online presence, crafting engaging content, utilizing social media platforms, and having a roadmap to success. The main takeaways from this episode are: (1) identify your business fear; (2) incorporate that fear into your brand story; and (3) share your brand story on social media.

To learn more about getting featured on media outlets, increasing leads, and becoming a national go-to media expert, the speaker encourages listeners to DM them or email [email protected]. Gwendolyn encourages listeners to face their business fears, share their brand stories, create visibility, and find fabulous followers. .

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