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36 Is It Really Your Hormones? The Gut-Hormone Connection with Chelsie Ward

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Join me when I talk with Chelsie Ward, a registered nurse, FDN practitioner, and spiritual healer, as she shares her personal story of digestive issues and hormone imbalances. Learn how poor gut health can lead to digestive issues, allergies or mental health problems. Discover the main hormones in the body and how nutrition changes along with stress reduction techniques can help address these issues naturally. Plus get actionable takeaways on liver detoxing and adding nutrient-dense foods to your diet for optimal cortisol levels and melatonin balance.

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Chelsie Ward has been a student of the human mind and body for over 20 years. She has a background in Applied Behavior Analysis, is a Registered Nurse, FDN Practitioner, and spiritual healer. She works with independent, driven, fun-loving women who are tired of hiding from life trying to figure out digestive and hormone imbalances on their own and supports them with a personalized plan so they can love themselves and feel good in their own skin. She is the author of “Healed His Way” where she shares natural healing techniques that have been used by many others so they can experience health the way it was intended.

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This podcast features Chelsea Ward, a registered nurse, FDN practitioner, and spiritual healer. She shares her personal story of having digestive issues since she was born and being diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, IBS and hypoglycemia at a young age. The conversation dives into the gut-hormone connection and how nutrition, stress, and poor digestive health can lead to hormone imbalances.

Chelsea explains that poor gut health can lead to digestive issues such as diarrhea, constipation, bloating or irritable bowel syndrome as well as allergies or mental health issues. Additionally she discusses the four main hormones in the body; insulin which regulates blood sugar levels; progesterone; estrogen; and testosterone which are involved in growth and development, metabolism, reproduction, and responding to stress.

Imbalances in any of these hormones can lead to health problems such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, infertility or mood disorders. Poor gut health is a major culprit when it comes to hormone imbalances so nutrition changes along with stress reduction techniques may be used depending on what is going on in the body. This podcast conversation discussed the connection between gut health and hormone balance.

It was highlighted that an imbalance of bacteria in the digestive system can lead to mood disorders, weight gain, skin problems, autoimmune conditions such as Hashimoto's thyroiditis and hypothyroidism. To address these issues naturally, people should remove inflammatory foods such as sugar, gluten and dairy from their diet for a period of time to see if they have any food sensitivities.

She also recommended doing a liver detox to reduce excess estrogen levels and adding beets, grapefruit, dandelion greens and other bitter foods to one's diet while removing inflammatory foods.

Lastly, she emphasized the importance of getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night for optimal cortisol levels and melatonin balance. Chelsea Ward also offered her program Go With Your Gut which is a holistic approach to digestive issues, immune issues and hormone imbalances through nutrition and lifestyle as medicine.

Her two to three actionable takeaways are: 1) Nutrition is medicine - remove gluten, dairy and sugar for 30 days; 2) Fuel your metabolism with nutrient-dense foods; 3) Access the metabolic guide on her website for more information.

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