38 Ditch the Rat Race and Find a Career That Works for YOU with Mabel Bachini

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So you hate your job, but how do you actually make the change to find something you better? In this episode, Suzanne talks with Career Transition Expert Mabel Bachini to discover how women who feel unfulfilled, uninspired, and burnt out in their careers can transition into meaningful, fulfilling work that allows them to do something they love AND prioritize their wellbeing at the same time. Find out how you can create a career you love and look after yourself along every step of the way in this episode!

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Mabel Bachini is a career transition specialist and wellbeing coach who’s journey of career fulfillment has taken her across the world from The UK, to Bulgaria, The Netherlands, India; and now the little town of Lancaster Pennsylvania, where she runs her coaching business helping clients all over the globe find purpose and happiness from their work. After leaving her international Business Development career in 2019, Mabel went on to study career transition coaching at the Life Purpose Institute; travelled across India to study fulfillment; created The Career Compass Method (a framework to take people through every step of the their career change journey); trained in mindfulness teaching with Time Magazine features Wellness Works in Schools, and coached dozens of clients into new careers and most importantly OUT of the rat race, and into a career that feels fulfilling AND energizing.

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This podcast conversation featured Mabel, a career transition specialist and wellbeing coach. She discussed her experience of leaving her job in business development to pursue a career in coaching. She explained how she had to let go of her old identity and be in the discomfort to move forward with her career. Additionally, she emphasized the importance of having a strong support system when making such a big change.

The speaker also talked about shedding socialized beliefs so that we can find a career that is true to who we are, by analyzing the beliefs of our socialized self to determine which are true and which are false.

This will allow us to rediscover our essential self and tap into the skills and talents that come naturally to us. This podcast conversation focused on the importance of finding one's essential self and shedding layers that may be holding them back from achieving their true potential.

Mabel, a career coach, discussed her own journey of layer shedding and how it led to her current successful career. She emphasized that career transition is an ongoing journey and encouraged listeners to look for new people who will understand and support them as they go through it.

Mabel also explained her approach as a career specialist which includes taking time for self-discovery to figure out who you are, what kind of life you want, and then finding a career path that fits into that. Additionally, she recommended taking action by trying new hobbies or starting new habits in order to uncover elements of a career that make someone feel energized and alive.

Finally, Mabel wants listeners to walk away from this episode with the understanding that successful people have coaches and it is okay to seek help when making a career transition. This podcast episode focused on exploring different career options and finding a network of people who have done what you want to do.

The speaker encouraged listeners to follow what excites them without worrying about whether it is productive or useful, as this can help them find clarity in their career path.

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