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39 How to Reduce Burnout by Using Days by Design with Brittany Dixon

Episode Description:

In this episode, Brittany shares how to create a calendar so it doesn't control you. She breaks down her Days by Design framework to eliminate burnout. Days by Design is the foundation for creating time freedom (and money) by building an organized digital workspace, putting life events first in your calendar before business, how to reduce digital clutter, and creating systems to help you get off the hamster wheel.

Guest Bio:

Brittany helps entrepreneurs build businesses without burnout by creating minimalist business & productivity systems to do more in less time. She organizes routines, time management & tech to work better for you! A former Event Planner & Professional Home Organizer, Brittany is now the Marie Kondo for Businesses with her Consulting, Coaching & Podcasting. As the CEO of Brittany & Co, she uses her organization skills to help business owners simplify to amplify their income, impact & influence! When Brittany is not helping business owners, she is raising her twin girls, Kenna & Layla with her Husband Steven Dixon, Camping & Learning the Art of Wine & Cheese!

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This podcast conversation features Brittany Dixon, a business and productivity strategist who helps entrepreneurs build businesses without burnout. She discusses the issue of burnout and how it can prevent entrepreneurs from achieving their goals. Brittany explains that burnout is often caused by people pleasing, saying yes to too many things, and not taking time off.

The speaker suggests that time management is the key to creating more freedom in one's day and encourages listeners to go through their calendar day by day and ask themselves if they are excited or dreading each task.

She also provides advice on how to wrap up your day without feeling stressed when you shut down your laptop with her "three P's of productivity" system which includes processing everything that happened during the day, planning out the next day, and preparing anything needed for the next day.

This podcast conversation focuses on how to design a day that balances both business and personal goals in order to prevent burnout. This podcast conversation discussed how to create a minimalist business that doesn't cause burnout. The speaker suggested setting clear goals in both business and personal life, being mindful of what is added to the calendar, blocking out time for admin tasks, sales tasks, family time, and lunch breaks.

Additionally, they suggested adding things that light you up and make you excited into your personal life calendar as well. They also recommended deleting physical clutter, tasks, emails, files, systems and softwares in order to become more minimalistic.

To create a minimalist business from a solopreneurial standpoint they suggested having an organized digital workspace with bookmarks, extensions and passwords; using one task management system; and having a CRM to keep track of potential leads and clients. The speaker then introduced their Days by Design framework which consists of four core pillars: purge and detoxing digital/paper clutter; setting up organized processes/systems; creating a plan/strategy; taking action for productivity on purpose.

This method helps business owners create days designed to their own liking rather than letting their business control them. This episode of the podcast featured guest Brittany, who shared three key takeaways for the audience.

She encouraged listeners to delete anything that does not bring them joy, reminded them that it takes time and effort to clean up their lives and businesses but they should enjoy the process, and shared her own story of growing up in a poor family and emphasized that if she could achieve success in entrepreneurship anyone can do it with grit, systems, organization and routines.

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