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40 Spring Cleaning for your Body: The Importance of an Elimination and Detoxification Program with Christina Martin

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Find out why we should all care about detoxing the body every year for optimal health now and in the future. Learn about the beauty of a temporary elimination diet and the gifts that it can give you. By incorporating the two practices during Christine's 21 day program, people are finding untapped energy, getting out of pain, getting in 100% power around food choices, sleeping deeper and symptoms that they had are disappearing.

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Christina has been in the health and wellness field for over 25 years. An acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, wellness coach, meditation teacher, maker of magic and a detoxification specialist. Currently, she’s most passionate about the beauty of detoxification and how it can lead to great change in all aspects of your life. After guiding many Tao to Wellness patients through elimination diets and detoxification over the last 15 years, the program expanded nationally and became virtual in 2021. Christina holds a Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a nationally certified Diplomat of Acupuncture, a Fellow of the Acupuncture and TCM Board of Reproductive Medicine and a licensed Co-Active Life Coach. In general, she’s been an avid seeker and student of Buddhism, spirituality and personal growth over the last 25 years. For fun, she’s recently become a meditation teacher on Insight Timer. Christina is based in New York where she splits her time between Manhattan and Long Island. Her husband, Sean and two teenage stepsons, Reed and Race keep her plate full of all the things!

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This podcast conversation featured Suzanne Proksa, an HR and business strategist, and Christina Martin, an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. They discussed the importance of spring cleaning for your body and how environmental concerns such as toxins from cities or even farms can negatively impact people's health. The conversation highlighted that toxins can be found in food, water, beauty products, plastics, and even emotional toxicity.

It was noted that when the body is overburdened with toxins it can lead to an increase in free radicals which can cause oxidation inside cells and open the door to diseases and cancers. The conversation also touched on people who have food sensitivities or allergies but may not be aware due to a lack of medical attention given to this issue.

This podcast discussed the benefits of an elimination diet which is a temporary diet that eliminates common intolerances, allergies, and inflammatory foods for 21 days. After the 21 days are complete participants can reintroduce these foods one by one to see how their body responds. The speaker leads a program every year in the spring that helps people reset their bodies and get rid of bad habits they may have picked up during the pandemic.

Benefits of this program include getting rid of toxic overloads so people feel unstuck and better overall.

This podcast conversation discussed the benefits of detoxing as well as providing support through recipe books full of detox-friendly recipes daily videos on topics such as swaps and substitutions why we care about detoxing how to keep your toxic load down This podcast conversation discussed the importance of community and holistic health practices as an alternative to drugs and medications.

Christina shared her 21-day detox program which includes nine days of preparation, 21 days of detox, and 10 days of reintroduction. Additionally, there is also a portion of the program dedicated to meditation for finding peace and tranquility. The three big takeaways for listeners are to get rid of industrialized seed oils, take antioxidants every day, and meditate regularly in order to reduce stress levels.

It was noted that meditation can shrink the amygdala and thicken the prefrontal cortex which can reduce stress and inflammation in the body.

Overall, this program provides participants with an opportunity to create new neural pathways through healthy eating and gain insight into their food choices.

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