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12 Sharing Your Story and Finding Your Voice with Tammi Morrison

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In this episode, I chat with one of my faves - Tammi Morrison. Tammi shares with us the importance of sharing your voice no matter how hard it is and the impact it can have on others.

Tammi Morrison is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She’s is an amazing healer, on a mission to help women rewrite their story after the 3 D’s (Divorce, Death, and Disease) by being a soul guide, helping them find, connect and pursue their dreams., and assisting women in finding their voice through sharing their story. She is also a passionate writer and co-author of the powerful #1 Bestselling anthology, "Unchain Me Mama," her own powerful story, "Walking Away" and the newly published ebook, "Michelle:Dying for love." She is a prolific storyteller and stands in the sacred archetype as a high priestess.

In her eyes, there are really only 2 stories: ”How you see yourself and how the world sees you.”

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In this conversation with Tammi Morrison, we explore how to find your voice and strength to share your story.

We discuss the importance of being true to yourself in order to create meaningful work that resonates with readers. We also talk about the power of storytelling as a tool for healing and transformation. When asked about her writing process, Tammi says that it starts with finding a quiet place where she can be alone with her thoughts.

She finds solace in nature or in a room filled with books – places where she can be free from distractions and focus on her craft. Once she has found this space, she begins by writing down whatever comes to mind without worrying about grammar or structure – just letting the words flow freely onto the page.

Once she has written down all her ideas, Tammi then goes back over them and begins to shape them into something more cohesive – adding details here or taking away words there until it feels right.

This process allows her to create stories that are both personal yet universal – stories that speak directly to readers’ hearts while also exploring larger themes such as racism, sexism, poverty, love, loss etc. When asked what advice she would give aspiring writers who are struggling to find their voice or strength to share their story Tammi says: “The most important thing is not worrying about what other people think but rather trusting yourself enough to tell your own story in your own way.” She goes on further saying, “It’s ok if you don’t know exactly how you want things to turn out – just keep writing until something clicks.” Tammi believes that everyone has a unique story inside them waiting to be told; however it takes courage and determination for these stories come alive on paper (or screen).

It takes time too. Sometimes years before you feel ready enough or confident enough in yourself as a writer/storyteller before you can truly express yourself through words without fear or judgement from others around you.

Ultimately though it is worth it because when we tell our stories we open up new possibilities for ourselves as well as others around us. We become part of something bigger than ourselves which gives us strength when times get tough and hope when things seem impossible. As Tammi puts it, “Your story matters because it is yours alone - no one else can tell it like you can so don't be afraid - just start writing!”

We hope this conversation with Tammi Morrison inspires you find your voice and strength so that you too can share your unique story with the world.


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